New DragonForce Album to Feature Matt Heafy, Johnny Cash Cover

Listen to "Defenders" here.

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DragonForce has announced details of their sixth album, "Maximum Overload," which is due to be released on August 18th.

As Revolver notes, the record was produced by Jens Bogren at Fascination Studios in Örebro and Varberg, Sweden.

The album will feature guest appearances from Trivium's Matt Heafy, who has a long standing friendship with the band. In a first, the band has also included a cover song on the record. Surprisingly, it's a version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," as guitarist Sam Totman notes:

"Just before the last Australian tour, our manager suggested it might be interesting to do a cover for the next album, something we've always refused even to consider. Because we had all had a couple beers every band member wrote down three songs each and we compared them all, just for a laugh. I wrote down 'Ring Of Fire' by Johnny Cash, an idea which the rest of the band loved, so we've DragonForce-ized it!"

You can check out a demo of new song "Defenders" below.

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    Not to knock Defenders but "The Power WIthin" will be a hard album to beat. That album was good enough to change me from someone who had previously sworn off dragon force into a fan practically overnight.
    Defenders are way better than most of the songs on "The Power Within" probably because they know Marc Hudsons vocal better this time.
    "DRAAGGOONS! THHUNNDER! VICTOORRRY!" and then unleash the whammy torture! Jokes aside though their last album was definitely an improvement and i'll give this one a listen.
    This is amazing, it sounds a bit like Helloween at parts! This is coming from a disenfranchised "When-I-was-18" Dragonforce fan.
    The first time I ever listened to these guys was on ON Demand, music videos. Operation Ground and Pound. Back in 2006, about 10th grade. I had smoked my first blunt too. Of course it was the weed that heightened the sensation but the video blew my mind! Hahaha I watched it like three times. Good times.