New Dream Theater Album Out This Summer

Their new album will be out this year, and guitarist John Petrucci says fans will be "freaked out" by new drummer Mike Mangini.

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Progressive rock heroes Dream Theater will release a new album this year, to follow their 2011 release "A Dramatic Turn of Events."

They're currently in the recording studio, and bassist John Myung says if all goes to plan it will bout out at the end of this summer.

It will be the first album that new drummer Mike Mangini will get a chance to write his own drum tracks, after replacing founding drummer Mike Portnoy late in the recording cycle for "A Dramatic Turn of Events" in 2010.

Speaking about Mangini, guitarist John Petrucci says he's been amazed by the drums being recorded for the new album:

"First of all, it's been going great with [drummer Mike Mangini, who joined the group in 2010], and as much as we've been a band together for about 15 years, we haven't really experienced that process together. We've been in the studio for a few weeks now, and he's been amazing," said Petrucci (via Blabbermouth). "Amazing chemistry is great, the writing process and the whole vibe is great, and his role is to let his personality shine as a drummer, creatively and to have his input and his musical personality really come through. "When people hear the drumming on this album, they're gonna be pretty freaked out. On the last album, he did a great job, but he wasn't there for the writing process and he was interpreting drum parts that I had programmed. Even though he used his creativity, of course, to change them up and do his thing, I feel like now he's just Mike Mangini unleashed. It's all him. It's all his creativity, all his decisions and ideas and man, the guy's an animal."

Meanwhile, the band will release a live DVD/Blu-ray of "Live at Luna Park" in May. The performance filmed over two nights in South America last August will also be available as a 3-CD album.

Are you excited about hearing a new Dream Theater album? Will Mike Mangini outdo Mike Portnoy's renown drumming skills? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Definitely excited to hear what freshness Mangini will bring to the band!
    I want to hear MM just unleash his full skill on at least one of the tracks. Just go apes*** on the kit.
    I'm just trying to not be biased or slightly unhappy about Mike Portnoy leaving. I'm sure it'll be good though.
    Mike Mangini is the best thing that could have possibly happened to the band imo. Dramatic Turn of Events is incredible, it breathed new life into a band that had started to become stale, and brought them closer to their roots. Extremely excited about the next one
    idk bout stale, but him joining was indeed huge
    I thought Black Clouds was rather stale and forced sounding. It wasn't -bad-, but they definitely needed a change.
    I would go further and say Black Clouds and Systematic Chaos were both very weak albums, and as a long term fan I was so relieved with DTOE. I have no idea how much Portnoy's exit from the band had to do with the return to form though...
    After reading this comment i immediately went onto your profile to check your age.. I also remember when i was 17 and thought Metallica were the best band in the universe.
    I get the feeling that you really don't know anything about Dream Theater or how they approach music. Maybe you should actually get a good taste of a band before you start bashing them.
    K I'm probably the biggest Metallica fan there is and even I think you're an ignorant little kid. DT is a solid band and even though I prefer Metallica over them (Personal opinion), I believe this album is going to kick ass and I can't wait to see what Mangini is going to bring to the table. And I also believe that Metallica is taking wayyyyy too long in between DM and this upcoming album. I just hope it is worth the wait! =D That is all!
    Darth Crow
    Yummy, been waiting for this for a long time! I can't wait!
    anvil is god
    I cannot state how excited I am. My only wish is that they don't have many ballads.
    I don't know, if you can call it a ballad, but I wouldn't mind something along the lines of "Another Day".
    Or even Solitarty Shell again not really a ballad, but a very melodic song. I would also like another song like Another Day, but then again I would also like another album like Images And Words.
    Metallica album get "pushed" back to at least 2015, and Dream Theater releases an album in a matter of months. Sorry, Metallica, but DT has stolen my hype.
    Dream Theater are definitely one of those bands where you know the music isn't going to sound like anything else, so imaginative. Completely stoked to hear Mangini's additions as well; I really thought that Minniman would have been their new drummer back when they said they were gonna announce one. They have made an excellent choice with Mangini though. Basically, I cannot ****in wait for this. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC THIS YEAR!
    I'm actually quite happy that they didn't go with Marco Minniman. I really enjoyed his playing in the Aristocrats and I don't think he could have done that if he joined DT.
    Ya they play fast, they also play melodically and very technically, I love Metallica but they're not nearly as great as Dream Theater. Listen to The Best of Times and Petrucci's outro in the song, it's technical and easily the most beautiful guitar solo I've ever heard.
    Mangini and Portnoy are both great drummers. I really hate when these articles do that. If Mangini kills it on all these tracks (as I'm sure he will), does that in some way take away from the great drum tracks Portnoy has done on past albums? I think not.
    Mangini in beast mode, a new instrumental..add a bass solo to this album, and it's going to be an incredible experience. Can't wait !!
    I personally love this guy. After reading his trolling on the Metallica story today, it's obvious he's either a 17 year old mouth breather or an expert troll. Either way, I'm entertained and that's what you all get for feeding the troll haha.
    I have loved every album, and absolutely on the edge of my seat with Manginis musical talents in the mix.
    YES!!! Can't wait. And Mangini is a beast! Meanwhile Metallica said it has written a riff and it will fine tune that riff for the next 12 years. LOL. These guys are machines... they just keep cranking out the most complex music one after the other.
    after dramatic turn of events, and seeing mangini live with DT, i'm insanely excited for this album!
    I didn't really like the last album much. But they have had some others in the past I didn't like either so heres hoping this one will be awsome.
    Lets hope its better than the last few. I think the whole Portnoy v Mangini thing is a red herring - they're both great drummers. I have been a DT fan since Awake and I would say that they peaked at Train of Thought. Since then they have been too wrapped up in their reputation as the musicians musicians and they seem to think that they have to overdo the instrumental passages. A lot of the stuff is just dense, note ridden shredding by numbers. Personally ( just my opinion) Jordan Rudess hasnt been a great addition - his stuff doesn't blend - he's another soloist vying for the spotlight.....Kevin Moore and even Sherinian worked better with the band. Come on guys lets get some musicality back and do whats right for the song. We know you can play at a hundred miles an hour but show us that you have soul as well as the chops. I do hope that we get a good DT album rather than something that is instantly forgettable.
    Lol at the people comparing DT and Metallica. Granted, they have their similarities, but they're far from being directly comparable bands. They're also both quite good at what they do in their respective genres.
    Metallica are my favorite band, but you are in denial if you think Kirk is more talented than Petrucci or Lars more than Mangini. Granted Metallica are better songwriters but as far as actual talent on their respective instruments, Dream Theater are the winners by a mile
    "Granted Metallica are better songwriters but as far as actual talent on their respective instruments" lolwat? Are you actually saying Metallica are better at playing their instruments than DT? 'Cause that's downright silly. I love some Metallica, but that's silly.
    Mr Winters
    Actually, he said the opposite. "as far as actual talent on their respective instruments, Dream Theater are the winners by a mile"
    I prefer DT's songwritting by a mile, but I don't think you can compare their abiliy to write songs. It's just too much different. Edit : How can Metallica be better songwriters if they take 5,6 or more years to write an album ? I'd say their method is not the best.
    Hopefully it's better than the last album. I've recently lost interest in DT, but ya know, fingers crossed still.
    If it wasn't 11 in the morning and I didn't have morning wood anyways, then this article for sure would have put me up!
    Is it too much to ask for a release date for the live album? Come on guys, May starts tomorrow, I want to have my calendar marked for the release date!
    Maybe John won't bury Mike in the mix this go round. Sorry but the last album blew in terms of drum mixing. Portnoy's drums were always crisp, clean, and well mixed. Mike's on the last album were buried, period.
    The problem *I* have is that everything new is always the best ever with this entertainers. "These drum tracks are the best we ever had, this new guy is MUCH better!". Ok, so issue a public guarentee that Mike will NEVER return to the band, and that this guy is THE guy going forward. Also, release his contract info, so we can tell if he is a contracted employee, or an actual partial controlling member of the band. Of course, we all know no band will ever do either. The boys love Mike leaving, it's more of the pie for them, with a hired gun behind the kit.
    Mr Winters
    Except he didn't say the drum tracks will be the best or that Mangini is much better than Portnoy.
    I wasn't a big fan of the last album, because it's too much of an acquired taste, but I would love to hear how this turns out!
    I love DT and look forward to their new release as well as what Portnoy does. In retrospect, they would have breathed more new life into the band if they had replaced LaBrie. He records OK but live he's been disappointing over most of the band's history. Whether in the early days of overdoing it and at times just screaming, or in the last few tours protecting his voice with a faux operatic style, he's consistently the weak link of the band. Portnoy and Petrucci seriously considered replacing him 10 years ago, and it seems like it would have been the way to keep things interesting. He records well and the studio releases are enjoyable, but whatever the music sounds like, the vocals will keep the sound distinctly the same as the others. It will be a surprise if the new release is very compelling despite the supreme drumming skills of Mike Mangini.
    Must be a personal thing, because I think he has always been a very good live vocalist, especially when you think of the depth of the vocals on DT releases, and on recent tours he has been better than ever.
    Obviously Portnoy and Mangini have different styles but they are both great drummers. I am really looking forwards to this album with the freshness Mangini brought to the DT.
    I really hope Mangini brings a real breath of fresh air to the band. I haven't really enjoyed an album by them since Octavarium and Train of Thought.