New Fall Out Boy Album Promises Many Guest Stars

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 03/14/2013 category: new releases
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New Fall Out Boy Album Promises Many Guest Stars
As we reported back in February, Fall Out Boy are back with a new album titled "Save Rock And Roll". And, while a number of Ultimate-Guitar users have questioned how much saving of the genre Fall Out Boy will actually be doing, the band still persists in making more announcements about the record. Specifically, Pete Wentz took to FoB's official webpage yesterday to announce that he's thinking guest stars... lots of guest stars: "So I was thinking about some of our past features (ones that stuck with me): Jay-Z, Brendon Urie, John Mayer (guitar), Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne, and Elvis Costello. The features that we have on 'Save Rock And Roll' will be just as diverse - we are fans of all different kinds of music and the features will reflect that. If anything we have gone farther..." Who will be appearing on the band's latest album remains to be seen, although the group have already been joined by rapper 2 Chainz on their comeback single, the concisely titled "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)". We await further announcements...
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