New Fall Out Boy Album Promises Many Guest Stars

Band recruiting friends to "Save Rock And Roll".

Ultimate Guitar

As we reported back in February, Fall Out Boy are back with a new album titled "Save Rock And Roll". And, while a number of Ultimate-Guitar users have questioned how much saving of the genre Fall Out Boy will actually be doing, the band still persists in making more announcements about the record. Specifically, Pete Wentz took to FoB's official webpage yesterday to announce that he's thinking guest stars... lots of guest stars:

"So I was thinking about some of our past features (ones that stuck with me): Jay-Z, Brendon Urie, John Mayer (guitar), Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne, and Elvis Costello. The features that we have on 'Save Rock And Roll' will be just as diverse - we are fans of all different kinds of music and the features will reflect that. If anything we have gone farther..."

Who will be appearing on the band's latest album remains to be seen, although the group have already been joined by rapper 2 Chainz on their comeback single, the concisely titled "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)". We await further announcements...

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    How are rappers going to save rock and roll?
    We have Black Sabbath... And Alice in Chains... And Megadeth to do that... So yeah... I agree... Rappers are not rock n roll and cannot save it.
    Rock was at an all time low sales point and then bands like Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Linkin Park, Korn, Staind, Papa Roach did songs with rap/rappers or rap covers and shit started selling like hot cakes, those bands are still relevant today even if their music now features little to no rap. Trends usually repeat every 15-20 or so years.
    Rapping over rock is not a huge trend at the moment just because Fall Out Boy is doing it. That's like saying grunge is a huge trend right now because Soundgarden made a new album.
    By being really closed-minded, like you.
    Fall Out Boy aren't rock n roll and they ain't saving sh*t. So let them collaborate with rappers. Their 13 year old fans might like it.
    Don't think these are the right guys to "save rock and roll," but I respect that they are trying in their own way.
    I look at Sting as someone I respect. The music he's made over the years? I haven't listened to it, but the fact that he's making it, I respect that. - Hansel
    Sid McCall
    FYI, the band has specifically stated that the album name is tongue-in-cheek. They named it that to rile up the exact sort of folks on this website, and they've said that they're proud of how much it's been driving kids nuts. Just thought y'all would like to know you're being trolled.
    While I'm definitely not a fan of the band, they at least have a better chance of saving rock and roll than kesha does.
    Many guest stars.... hopefully one of them is an actual decent band.
    Apparently Elton John will be appearing on the album. I don't know about you, but I consider that to be a pretty good guest.
    I suppose they'll have to lay out lots of cash to make that happen, then... lots.
    I'm gonna give this record a fighting chance but I'm afraid it's gonna be absolutely horrendous.
    I have always had a special place in my heart for these guys because they were my first cd i ever owned, but this reunion is just too much...
    what will it take to "save" rock n' roll? is there like guidelines or something?
    They say they want to save Rock and Roll, by releasing a song that is meant to be catchy, featuring 2 Chainz, and make a video burning guitars and drums. Yeah that sounds like saving Rock and Roll alright, if Rock and Roll even wants to be saved.
    Actually, he said this on HIS OWN WEBSITE. Jeez, it took me 10 seconds to see it wasn't on the official band website. Also, "Still persists in making more announcements about the record.." You sound like they're giving out nuclear bomb codes instead of promoting an album. If this website is going to begrudgingly do FOB articles, at least make it look like you tried?
    Sheep Shagger
    Deep Purple have put out TWO new songs and instead, UG would rather post articles about this shitty band???
    Rock and roll is doing just fine, fallout boy. It doesn't need your help... You dudes can go back into obscurity now, nobody misses you.
    Sorry, Tool and Porcupine already done that a while ago. And thank good they came when they did, the last thing rock music needs is the likes of FOB shitting all over it.
    matteo cubano
    the damned things have a much better chance of saving rock and roll. fall out boy's a different story.
    Ah great here we go again with the 'saving rock and roll' crap. Seriously how long are people gonna keep pushing this 'rock is dead' crock and then credit some lame indie band as the 'saviors of rock and roll', like always? Besides aren't these guys emo or summin?
    I loved From Under The Cork Tree, I enjoyed the next two albums, but this? No. OB has so much talent, and I can't begrudge them for following their new style, but a) they need to rename the album and b) they should kill Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.
    Judging by their latest single, they need some guest stars to stand any hope of releasing anything good.
    i would have some hope for this album if it wasnt for the single they released which was one of the most anti-rock pieces of shit ever
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