New Foo Fighters Album Is 'Almost Halfway Done', Says Producer Butch Vig

Garbage man promises Grohl and co's new LP will have "a different sound and a different feel."

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Producer Butch Vig says Foo Fighters' new album is "almost halfway done," NME reports.

"Nevermind" producer, who also plays in the band Garbage and is thought to be co-producing with Steve Albini, says the band are experimenting with some challenging recording techniques to keep everyone focused, likening it to the process of recording 2011's "Wasting Light," which was made in Dave Grohl's garage.

Speaking to Kerrang, Vig said: "We've been recording at some different locations, but we're almost halfway done with the recording and it's going well. It sounds different – we've thrown a few things into the mix, in the recording process, that are going to give the record a different sound and a different feel. It's been a challenge, but it’s also been exciting."

The band revealed in January that sessions for their new album were "f--king on" by posting a picture of a row of master tapes labelled "Foo Fighters LP 8" to their official Instagram.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, Grohl said, "I know what it sounds like and I honestly think the entire concept is really going to take people by surprise and it sounds nuts."

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    I'm sure whatever this mystery album is I'm going to love it. Though I am curious and maybe even a bit nervous. In Foos We Trust.
    I cannot wait for this album, and the next tour. I think this will be album of the year... GET IT OUT THERE.
    Great to know Butch Vig is the producer, Wasting Light was absolutely amazing. (not even considering the other incredible albums he produced)