New Foo Fighters Album Release Month Revealed

The band's eighth LP will come out in November of this year.

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The new Foo Fighters album will be released this November, it has been revealed, NME reports.

Earlier today new information was revealed about the as-yet-untitled record. Stating that the album is longer than anything they have previously released and may also feature horns for the first time, frontman Dave Grohl says, "Like, I couldn’t just write a three-and-a-half-minute long KROQ jingle and film it for the finale of an episode about the history of music in New Orleans, ya know? We really had to step up what we do. The music is a progression or an evolution for sure, but it’s a Foo Fighters record."

The new album was recorded in eight different studios in eight states across America. It will be accompanied by mini series "Sonic Highways," broadcast on HBO, which will document the recording progress. Grohl will operate as director on the project, following his "Sound City" documentary of 2013.

Opening up further about the "cinematic" sound of the album, Grohl continues: "You'll recognise Foo Fighters in this record but you'll also be surprised by us. We're doing things that we've never done before. Honestly, there are sections of songs that will really take you by surprise."

The ever-productive Grohl also disclosed the fact that he has already come up with a "f--king crazy" idea for the album after this one. "I already know what we’re doing for the next Foo Fighters record and that's even f--king crazier. I came up with this idea a month and a half ago. The guys were, like, 'Dude, we have to finish this first.' I know, f--k!"

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    Seems like the Foos are going a little proggy with this one judging by what he's saying about track lengths. Yes please.
    I'd be interested to see if they could play prog, being the rock semi-punk band they are.
    Taylor has played some fairly proggy stuff in his side-project, Birds of Satan. Also, he and Grohl are huuuuuge Rush fans so if there's some of that on the new record I will be tremendously happy.
    I will say, Birds of Satan is probably the best band name I've ever heard.
    YEEESS! Gonna be a great birthday present!
    Dave Growl!!! Rarr! Rarr! Rarr! (Going for the serious downvote)
    I want to see if their claims that they're making a Radiohead-ish album are true. Bring it on, mates.
    And in other news, Tool announce album release decade. The teens. Maybe.
    I respect the band, they obviously work hard but I find most of their stuff pretty generic sound wise. Every now and then they have a gem.
    "Earlier today new information was revealed about the as-yet-untitled record. Stating that the album is longer than anything they have previously released" will there be three cd's in this new album?????
    when will all the hype about poo fighters be over?
    Never. They're gonna release the album, tour, do tv stuff, make another album, tour, do something amazing no ones ever heard of, hiatus for TCV, tout with them, back to foo, new album, etc. It never ends, deal with it
    When they stop being good, so don't hold your breath.
    The spoken words of an eloquent, mature, respectful and sophisticated man.
    Dude, you're making BFMV fans look bad, shut the **** up. And don't go bashing me either cause I like virtually every song they've put out (with the exception of 2 or 3)
    Worst ****ing band I swear to god
    Ah, always good to see the Godwin's law working its miracles.
    Godwin's law states that the internet goes too far with Hitler comparisons, thereby cheapening the Holocaust. It does NOT say that if you mention Hitler in any discussion you lose. But since he was joking anyway we're probably both overthinking this.
    Godwin's Law states that any internet argument will end up with someone mentioning or being compared to Hitler, not that the internet champions the Holocaust.
    Godwin's law didn't make bangbang!! win the discussion. But the fact that he sarcastically compared Foo Fighters' music to Hitler's actions is a clear example of the manifestation of that law. Yeah, we're overthinking this. I need a break, brb.
    I like foo fighters but interesting and creative? they play very middle of the road radio rock thats massively influenced by bands 3 decades old. there's nothing creative about them - they're just good at execution
    That's a fairly accurate description of their singles , yes. But at the same time, it's always clear when you're hearing the Foo Fighters, whether Dave is singing or not. Their style isn't way out there, but they don't sound exactly like anyone else. They do what they do better than anyone else.
    no thats an accurate description of all of their tracks. i've listened to every foos album (and like most). Arlandria being one of my favorite songs.....the band aren't create or innovative in the slightest. its VERY straightforward radio rock.
    I respect your opinion, but listen their songs live, live versions such as Aurora, Stacked Actos, Monkey wrench, Times like these, Have it all, My hero, The pretender etc are not so flat (not saying that they are a prog band and they are really creative because that's not clearly what the Foos are all about)
    whats creative about those (mainly) three chord + 1 riff songs that are all 3-4 minutes long? extremely generic radio rock
    If that is what you think describes every Foo Fighters song then you have clearly never gave them much of a listen. No offense, and everyone is allowed their own opinion, but that is a straight up lie.
    I've listened to all of their albums. very few of their songs are complex or different in any way
    Says the troll representing the guy that released Temper Temper... Not sure whether to laugh or cry
    I guess you're just too 'brutal' to admit that Temper Temper is an amazing album. If I dont say so myself
    As both a BFMV and Foo fan I am split lol. Foo Fighters are a great band, I don't think anyone gives them credit for their unconventional guitar parts, and Taylor Hawkins is a hell of a good drummer/backing vocalist. Temper Temper was only seen as shit cause it wasn't heavy enough. As a hard rock record it's great, not a masterpiece but I very much enjoy each track.
    Glad your enjoyed Temper Temper my loyal fan. But get ****ed for liking Foo Fighters. Theyre horse dung
    I don't think they are the worst band. Infact they are far from the worse. I may get a lot of heat for saying this but I think their music is pretty bland. It seems ok but nothing fantastic in my humble opinion. I will give them credit because they keep releasing music on a regular basis though.
    It's so nice that with one interview UG has managed to write three f'ing articles that just say the same thing.