New Guns N' Roses Album Nearly Complete

The band confirms it's nearly ready and are aiming for a 2014 release, if all goes to plan.

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The new Guns N' Roses record is nearly complete - and it's only been five years since "Chinese Democracy" was released.

If five years seems a long time, it's nothing compared to the wait for their last album which took 15 years to release after 1993's "The Spaghetti Inccident?."

The update on their new record came from guitarist Richard Fortus, who told Noise 11 that the band have been busy in the studio and that most songs have been completed. He says it won't be released this year, but fans can look forward to a 2014 release if all goes to plan.

There's no sign exactly how many songs have been completed, or how many tracks will appear on the album, but it's the best sign yet that the production process is finally coming to a close.

And considering that "Chinese Democracy" cost a reported $13 million to produce, the new album is probably coming in under budget too.

Meanwhile, Gn'R have been posting new US tour dates, and are preparing to release a 3D concert film of their Las Vegas residency from last year, featuring bombastic performances of 34 songs spanning their whole career.

Can you hold your excitement for a new Gn'R record? If not, spill it out in the comments.

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    I think this is a typo, they meant ready for a *2041* release.
    By that time Axl probably will be inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Shame
    Hey I'm looking forward to this. I don't care about the line-up they are a talented band and I think some of the song writing on Chinese Democracy was great my main issue was it sounded thrown together since it was recorded over such a long time and pieced together with so many stand in etc. This album should be tighter.
    I agree. The last one had some gold on there, but sounded a little scattered, with most tracks sounding like a different group of people, save for Axl's vocals. While variety is great, having a "band sound" is really important, too. By the looks of it, as you said, it seems more like a proper band than it has in a long time and I'm keen to see what they pump out. While I think there's some merit in the public opinion that it's "not really GNR", if they make good music, I can put up with whatever they call it.
    Agreed with all of this. I'm excited for the new album, and Chinese Democracy had some good stuff on it.
    just listened to CD 1-2 weeks ago after a long time. beside 2-3 tracks, this record is crap. and i really love G`n`R
    Glad to see more people who enjoyed the last album. Really looking forward to this
    What a pleasant surprise, I was beginning to doubt that we would ever get a follow up to Chinese Democracy
    I liked damn near every song on Chinese Democracy and can't really understand why a lot of people don't it. It's funny that many people say its about the music, but when it comes to GN'R you get 'It doesn't have Slash...'
    Chinese Democracy didn't work because they were 15 year old songs that had been through endless lineup changes and production disagreements. Since this new album will be written and released under a consistent lineup, maybe the songs will fit better within the band's chemistry. Just being hopeful here.
    Wow man, great point really. I never thought of that. There were a few songs on the record where it brought back some nostalgia, but it was disappointing to me but thats what happens when you let the pressure build for 15 years. The expectations were way too high. I truly think this record will be of higher quality, yet written in 1/3 the amount of time of Chinese Democracy.
    Rose N' Roses would be the more proper name to this band
    I think that always would have been name, considering Tracii Guns left during the band's early years of its existence
    I'll believe it when I see it...
    Same. I really can't see them putting out a new record anytime soon, but hey, maybe I'm just being negative. We will see...
    5 years later The album is almost done! 10 years later Okay seriously though its like completely done now. 15 years later The album is finally released. And it manages to be worse than Chinese Democracy.
    Newsflash in 2019: "The new Guns N' Roses record is nearly complete." Newsflash in 2022: "The new Guns N' Roses record is nearly complete." etc...
    it's not like anybody's gonna buy it anyway
    I went to Best Buy a few weeks after the last one was released. I counted 97 copies of it. Only Chickenfoot had more at 131.
    New Guns N' Roses album?? pff, it's a lie... it's a new Axl Rose album!!!