New Kings of Leon Record Has QOTSA Moments, Says Nathan Followill

Drummer talks upcoming album "Mechanical Bull" and group's permanent breakup stories.

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Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill named a few unexpected influences on the upcoming record "Mechanical Bull," revealing a set of Queens of the Stone Age and Sly and the Family Stone moments.

While chatting with Rolling Stone, Followill pointed out that the four-piece is more than familiar with the music-making routine after 14 years together, just to shift towards the new tunes subject.

"There are a couple songs that could be considered country ballads, even though they're not country songs," he said. "One song has more of a Queens of the Stone Age feel. Another one sounds more like Sly and the Family Stone. It's all across the board."

The stickman also addressed the rough patch Kings of Leon went through couple of years ago, underlining that permanent breakup was never a consideration.

"No," Nathan said when asked about the split. "People ask us that, and if you ask any one of us, we'd say, 'No way.' Being a family band, we were bound to have that awkward first time hangout at a show or at Christmas or Thanksgiving. There's no avoiding it. If the band even stopped, we're still a family and would see each other. So that wasn't a thought in any of our minds. We all knew we needed a break, but we knew it wasn't over," he concluded.

"Mechanical Bull" is scheduled for September 24 release via RCA Records. The album was previously announced with the "Supersoaker" video, as well as the latest single "Wait for Me."

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    Try "moment", not "moments" when he says one song has a QOTSA feel to it, U-G.
    Loving the QOTSA and the Sly inspirations on Mechanical Bull, can't for this record! Supersoaker is one of the most fun tracks they've ever made in my opinion. The music video is awesome too!
    I came to this article expecting a lot of positive energy in the comments section, people peacefully respecting each other's music. I'm an idiot.
    If you don't have any balls, your best move is to imitate a band that does.
    Thrice Capades
    Truly, they are the eunuchs of the rock world.
    Really? Is that why they are one of the few bands actually making decent albums?
    Thrice Capades
    Matter of opinion, obviously. But if you ask me Come Around Sundown was watered down rock, and their live shows are very, very, boring. So...yeah...I think they lack testicles.
    Where have you gotten the idea that they are trying to be some crazy, over the top, testosterone fueled band? Maybe they are exactly where they want to be. I personally think they sound great doing what they are doing and live they give a very moving atmospheric performance.
    Thrice Capades
    Umm...Mitch made a joke about testicles. And then I made a joke about testicles, because I like making testicle jokes. Then you got upset. So... Testicles?
    Ha! I got upvotes for making a statement and you got downvotes for agreeing with me. LOGIC!!!
    That "QOTSA song" is "Don't matter" for sure. They play it on this tour.
    The 14 year old girls of the world will be overjoyed. They'll have to google who sly and the family stone are though.
    When i saw them live on their last tour I was the youngest person in the crowd by a long way and I was 17 at the time. Everyone seemed to be at least 25+
    I like kol better than qotsa, Caleb's voice is fantastic. They have released some shite tunes tho.....and then songs like closer and charmer that are unreal.
    I can't believe the trolls are being fed... First rule of dealing with trolls - do not validate their opinions. Kings of Leon have always been a good band, and they certainly know how to create atmospheric music, their last two albums being evidence to the fact. I'm really looking forward to their new album, I'd like to see what taking a break did for their creativity.
    It's not trolling. It's fact.
    Nothing is "fact"
    2+2=4 Music is objectively good and bad. Anyone who thinks otherwise has an issue with sentiment clouding their analytical competence.
    Nice big words there at the end (sarcasm). Now please, tell me exactly what is "clouding"my analytical skills... I'm very curious
    Supersoaker is such a ripoff of The Gaslight Anthem. It isn't even funny, and he's not even half the vocalist that Brian Fallon is. I'll take The Gaslight Anthem over any band mentioned in this article, mind you.
    If you are talking about "American Slang", then its obviously two completely different riffs... learn the fretboard
    I'm talking about the overall sound, and the quality of the two bands in question. Kings of Leon couldn't carry Gaslight's jockstrap.
    Some of you people are so sensitive. There is no comparing Kings of Leon to The Gaslight Anthem. That is that. Get over it.
    There's only 12 different notes. Stopping trying to make a scene. KOL have been around a long time and if you haven't listened to their first couple of albums, you're a turd eating cowgirls' fan.
    No matter how long they've been around, they're ripping off other artists, particularly in the song I mentioned. That's all I said, and a couple of people decided to shit a kitten over it. Also, I'm actually a Vikings fan, but who doesn't love DeMarcus Ware?
    Can you name any song that was NOT influenced another, or happened to sound like another? Honestly. I'm pretty curious... As far as "The Gaslight Anthem", they are a decent band. I can't say a single bad thing about them. Except for the fact that most people will respond with "Who?" when someone mentions The Gaslight Anthem. Oh, and the name sounds like a boy band or a song about when you first got your drivers license.
    Sure, but does that influence have to be so damn blatant? You throw Brian Fallon's vocals on Supersoaker and the only reason people might realize it isn't a Gaslight song is because KoL's lyrics are nearly as good as Gaslight's.
    Dang. Are you head of the "Brian Fallon" fan-club or something? I haven't heard a lot of Gaslight, but from what little I have, the dude's lyrics are nothing special, ESPECIALLY compared to Caleb's. But either way, it is technically subjective I suppose...
    No I'm not, but I do know the difference between an excellent band an a massively overrated band. And you aren't reading their lyrics, if you don't think they're better than KoL's