New Kings of Leon Record Has QOTSA Moments, Says Nathan Followill

artist: Kings of Leon date: 08/28/2013 category: new releases

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New Kings of Leon Record Has QOTSA Moments, Says Nathan Followill
Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill named a few unexpected influences on the upcoming record "Mechanical Bull," revealing a set of Queens of the Stone Age and Sly and the Family Stone moments. While chatting with Rolling Stone, Followill pointed out that the four-piece is more than familiar with the music-making routine after 14 years together, just to shift towards the new tunes subject. "There are a couple songs that could be considered country ballads, even though they're not country songs," he said. "One song has more of a Queens of the Stone Age feel. Another one sounds more like Sly and the Family Stone. It's all across the board." The stickman also addressed the rough patch Kings of Leon went through couple of years ago, underlining that permanent breakup was never a consideration. "No," Nathan said when asked about the split. "People ask us that, and if you ask any one of us, we'd say, 'No way.' Being a family band, we were bound to have that awkward first time hangout at a show or at Christmas or Thanksgiving. There's no avoiding it. If the band even stopped, we're still a family and would see each other. So that wasn't a thought in any of our minds. We all knew we needed a break, but we knew it wasn't over," he concluded. "Mechanical Bull" is scheduled for September 24 release via RCA Records. The album was previously announced with the "Supersoaker" video, as well as the latest single "Wait for Me."
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