New Korn Single 'Never Never' Out in Mid-August

artist: Korn date: 07/31/2013 category: new releases
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New Korn Single 'Never Never' Out in Mid-August
After revealing details of their upcoming record "The Paradigm Shift," nu metal veterans Korn recently announced new info regarding the album's lead single. According to Blabbermouth report, "Never Never" is officially set to drop on August 12 as the record's first single and its track No. 7. "'Untouchables' used to be my favorite, but this one's mine now," singer Jonathan Davis told the Pulse of Radio. "You know, it's just all those years of work and being able to be in a band this long with the guys. And having 'Head' back bringing, you know, that ole chemistry back with him with Munky on the rock side and I was on the electronic side. It was good having the compromise on both sides. It was just good for the creative process, I think." "The Paradigm Shift" will come out on October 1 as a follow-up to 2011's "The Path of Totality" and the first Korn release to feature guitarist Brian "Head" Welch in a decade. With a total of 11 new tracks, the album will drop just as the band marks their 20th anniversary. "The Paradigm Shift" track list: 01. Prey for Me 02. Love & Meth 03. What We Do 04. Spike in My Veins 05. Mass Hysteria 06. Paranoid and Aroused 07. Never Never 08. Punishment Time 09. Lullaby for a Sadist 10. Victimized 11. It's All Wrong Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 12. Wish I Wasn't Born Today 13. Tell Me What You Want
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