New Linkin Park Album Is 'Maybe the Loudest,' Band Ever Made, Mike Shinoda Explains

"We need to weed out the emo," the singer points out.

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Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda discussed the band's upcoming album "The Hunting Party," once again stressing the need to go back to raw rock sound and dubbing the effort the band's loudest.

"Dude, what am I doing?" Mike asked himself regarding the radio-friendly approach the band's been taking in recent years.

"We need to weed out a lot of the soft, emo kind of approach to our music, and we need to weed out anything that feels aggressive for aggressive's sake," the singer added. "We're not 18-year-old kids making a loud record - we're 37-year-old adults making a loud record. And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day."

Noting that the new stuff will have a hard time getting radio airplay, Shinoda pointed out that first and foremost he believes in music.

"We didn't make the heaviest record of all time," he noted. "I'm very aware that there are super, super heavy bands out there that make music that is really, really gnarly. We didn't make a Botch record. We didn't make a Meshuggah record. We made a really loud and aggressive Linkin Park record, maybe the loudest we've made."

Previously discussing the state of rock and indie scene with Noisey, Mike didn't have a hard time in opening up. "It's stupid. It's so f--kin' dumb," he said. "It's the same thing when 'alternative' happened. An alternative to what, y'know? It became pop. The alternative to alternative was, like, nu-metal. Which, again, became dumb. All these scenes ... I don't know, man. There just becomes a point where people are playing monkey-see, monkey-do, and it just cheapens the whole scene. That got weird."

"The Hunting Party" is due out on June 17. More info here.

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    Oh man I am super psyched to hear this new record. Tbh, I am one of the fanboys who only really liked their Meteora and Hybrid Theory sound.
    Aren't we all?
    "And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day." So instead of screaming out lyrics about their parents beating them and being unloved, they'll scream about their kids not doing their homework or how the dishes pile up. Can't wait for this record.
    Every time a band says the exact thing I'd like them to say, their end product never lives up to the expectations their words have built up in my head.
    I'm considering listening to this, given the balls Shinoda has shown in the last article.
    Shinoda's keepin' it real in these interviews, and that psyches me up even more for the new album.
    I don't expect Hybrid Theory out of this, but hopefully the album will be more friendly to a rock music listener
    It's great for a lot of people that they're going back to a heavier sound, but why bash the sound of the previous two albums? Have the guts to stand behind your own choices.
    I hope the rest of the album is a step up from Guilty All The Time. The music sounded good, but Chester's vocals were weak. Here's hoping things pick up on the rest of the album.
    Good for them not letting radio or past efforts dictate today. I haven't been a fan since Meteora but I heared Guilty All The Same and was thorough;y impressed, very well written I think
    Wait.. If there's no emo going on.. Then where will angsty 13-year olds listen to?
    matteo cubano
    where will angsty 13-year olds listen to? you should write for UG
    Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse and Black Veil Brides... unfortunately
    AA, if I may be so bold, seems to be stepping away from their angsty teenage fan directed music. I personally found their most recent effort refreshing and let it run a few rotations on my stereo. All though it is by no means as amazing as: Lamb of God, 80's Metallica, Megadeth, Way of the Fist 5FDP, or Battlecross, which recieve constant rotation in my stereo, I feel as though the band is beginning to mature and grow up; notice I say beginning.
    Year Zero
    This is the same guy and band who follows every trend out there. The proof is in the records. First they were nu-metal , then numetal /emo hybrid, then they went electronica. All have been trends and they switch at any sign. Mike Shinoda is a tool. By the way rap again its the only thing your half way decent at.
    They were never nu-metal without emo, and there's been at least some rap on every album.
    Well, A Thousand Suns appeared in 2010, when album rock and THAT kind of electronics were quite unpopular.
    loudest band ever made? Courtney Love huggs Grohl? Ahh, who am I kidding, the monkeys are just typing away at UG.
    they're not saying they are the loudest band, they're saying is the band's loudest album... learn to read