New Mayhem Record Scheduled for Early 2014 Release

Norwegian black metal icons kick off the new record's mixing process.

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Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem have officially kicked off the mixing process of their new album, a follow-up to 2007's "Ordo Ad Chao." As Blabbermouth reports, the effort is tentatively scheduled for an early 2014 release. Asked in 2012 on whether the band's working on new material, bassist Jorn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud told Total Rock Radio: "I think that we are not a traditional band in that matter, that we make an album every year and then do a tour with that. 'Cause we don't feel it's necessary to do that - we do an album when we feel like doing an album." He continued, "It's true - all the guys have some other projects also; like Hellhammer [drums] has Arcturus, Attila [Csihar, vocals] has Void Ov Voices and Sunn O))). It takes time to come up with some good stuff, and we don't wanna rush anything." As the band's fourth studio effort, "Ordo Ad Chao" peaked at No. 12 on the Norwegian album chart, earning Mayhem their highest chart spot ever. The record was also honored in the "Metal" category at the 36th annual Spellemann awards ceremony, the Norwegian equivalent of the renowned Grammy Awards.

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    Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem have officially kicked off the mixing process of their new album
    That is so not kvlt. True black metal production is placing a cassette recorder in the middle of the rehearsal room.
    Sorry but its actually not 1988 anymore, everybody has a computer.
    Sorry but it's 21th century, everybody has a sense of humor.
    And that joke was ssssstraaaaight out of 2002. Way to go. Real comic genius over here come check this out ladies & gents.
    "I think that we are not a traditional band in that matter, that we make an album every year and then do a tour with that." Also not a traditional band because your members murder each other.
    With Mayhem it's like... they're not really Mayhem anymore. It would be like if Ringo got together with Pete Best and a couple of random so-and-sos and released new music as The Beatles.
    That's one way to look at it, and I can see that too. Still, I don't think it matters if the music is good. I'm one of the rare breed that loves Grand Declaration of War as much as their classic works. Maybe I'm an idiot, for I also think that Soulside Journey is Darkthrone's best album.
    How many of you still have the original Death Crush album?? Going to have to dust that one off tonight!!!
    Right here! I have the "DSP Anti-Mosh 003" second edition CD pressing. That, and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ("DSP Anti-Mosh 006"). Love 'em.
    NICE !!!
    It is, but also kinda sad because it's all the Mayhem I'll ever need to own (as well as Live In Leipzig, which is OK). I don't like anything else they've done, including Ardo Ad Chao.
    Mixing? I was not aware that Black Metal bands mixed there albums.
    Of course they mix their albums. They make sure to turn the guitars very loud and the bass very quiet and make sure that the drum kit has some extra pillows in the bass drum to make that hard to hear as well. Then they also make sure to turn up all of the electronic devices in the house and turn down the lights and open the windows to make the sounds of winter more prevelant in the final mix. If the final album sounds too good, they run it through a 7 band EQ pedal and filter our all of the lows and the highest highs and overdub some extra white noise and wind, though with cassetes recorded with the tape neck's built-in mic, this is rarely necessary.
    Wow such an involved process, where did they learn all the studio tricks? University of Kvlt?
    I miss Euronymous guys. But thats okay, I will still jam this record.
    Same here..... I'm also in love with your icon. I got a copy of that album in my computer desk right now with my other CDs. It's a first US printing from Earache so it's the same age as me. (the US copies were released in March of 93 and I was born in March of 93)
    I'm not sure that the band would have been able to evolve with Euronymous still at the helm..
    Nice! Can't wait to hear that! I hope that Blasphemer's departure won't affect the songwriting too much though.
    the chalky one
    The success of this album will al depend on one thing: Can the singer of this band NOT eat the brain stem of a fellow band member?
    I agree with a lot of you. They are riding on the name like other bands Kiss, Slayer, Lynard Skynard, just to name a few. They died with dead died
    Ordo was a fantastic album, and the acts of two former members do not discredit the band.
    Ordo Ad Chao was awesome, so i've been looking forward to a new album for quite some time.
    F.. .u all. this is not Mayhem.... they only released one album then every one important either died or was jailed these guys just cash in on the name cuz they wouldn't sell other wise
    not to discredit.....this Mayhem discredit s the original Eurononymous wrote all of Mysteriis these guys are frauds who should change their name
    Yeay, can't whait for this. I hope they try to create the black metal new!