New Metallica Album Could Take Until 2015

Lars Ulrich would be surprised if their new album is released before 2015, if not later.

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The new Metallica album could take until at least 2015 to be released, according to Lars Ulrich.

The band started writing the follow up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" last year, and last week bassist Rob Trujillo said they've been writing "too many riffs" between their work on a forthcoming 3D movie and curating their new Orion Music Festival, but progress has been slow so far.

"It would surprise me if the next full-length Metallica record would come out before 2015," said Ulrich. "It takes us awhile to make records, and we're also so busy with so many other things. But we'll get around to it eventually."

In the same interview with Channel 24 (via Blabbermouth), Ulrich talked about the secret behind having a long and prolific career like Metallica have had:

"When you're younger, you're a bit more fit for fight, or ready to kind of ... it's either your way or no way. But I think as you get older, you start realizing that what you have is special," he said.

"Metallica is the sum of all parts, so if all the parts are not there, it's not Metallica. So you have to find a way to kind of give and take and balance and compromise, and sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow, and sometimes you dig your heels in and other times you let go. It takes some time to figure that out."

Watch the full Channel 24 interview with Lars Ulrich here:

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    I wish they would let Trujillo's bass a little higher and give him more credit for songwriting. He did an awesome job with Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves.
    I think he had writing credits on all of Death Magnetic if I'm not mistaken
    They still need to put him a bit higher in the mix. It'd probably make their sound more powerful too.
    Yeah, with the bass so quite and the lack of layers on Death Magnetic, it sounded a lot more like Metallica recording a high quality demo in a garage or something.
    Yeah the sound was not the yellow from the egg (word by word translation )
    Listen to what he did on Light Camera Revolution and listen to what Metallica lets him do...
    So co-writing credit on all 10 songs on Death Magnetic wasn't enough? Geez, you set the bar high! Agreed about the bass, though. That really was my one major disappointment with DM; I was expecting a really nasty, growling bass sound.
    Trujillo is the only reason i still care about Metallicas new records besides nostalgia. I wish he would be featured as prominently in the studio as he is live.
    Robs just getting the Jason treatment, he's a hired hand not a true part of the band. Everything outside of James, Kirk, Lars is contracted. If Rob wants to bring a great idea to the table then more then likely he has to have his legal reps talk to Lars legal guy and so on and so forth. Rob is the guys standing on the outside looking in, IMO. He probably can't speak in public unless lars says so. Metallica used to be, what once was!!!
    Dey can lite hes base on fiar if thye wunt Metlica is stil siht
    -reads comment- -sees avatar- -suddenly becomes ashamed of being a Radiohead fan-
    80s 4 Albums 90s 3 Albums 00s 2 Albums 10s 1 Album? Looks like we're only getting 1 album this decade.
    I can already see people beting money on which one of Chinese Democracy 2, Metallica's next album and Tool's next is going to coming out first.
    *Sees "beting" misspelling* FFFFFUUUUU-
    Yeah, but Tool's album can't suck. You either love Tool or you don't. They're just incapable of writing a less-than-stellar album, so in no way will Tool EVER come close to writing something as bad as Chinese Democracy.
    I just repeat my words over and over: take until f'n 2020 if you guys need to, but bring a good album, without repetitive riffs and crap mixing and production.
    That "fit for fight" line is telling. It's easy to be hungry when you ain't got shit to lose. This is why ALL bands best work is the "old stuff".
    It is complete insanity that they allow themselves to be so lazy. I think they would be better if they put a little pressure on themselves to get things done. All the time and money in the world do not make a better record. If it takes you 4-5 years, you obviously don't have the drive for it any more.
    Exactly, they really are treating Death Magnetic like it's their grand finale or something. They've released FIVE live DVDs from Death Magnetic. FIVE! Fucking ridiculous.
    It's OK, Metallica. I've got other metal bands who are more dedicated to their craft and will be releasing albums between now and then. I'll live, and hell, maybe I'll even pass on buying the new album. Do whatever you want, but stop ****ing with us on the timing.
    The LARS ULRICH DRINKING GAME!!! Watch a Lars Ulrich video interview. Every time he says 'um' or 'uh', do a shot. Winner is anyone not dead of alcoholica poisoning at the end of the interview.
    They're working on new material. They don't know how long it'll take to turn it into an album. The sooner interviewers stop asking Lars to pull a date out of his arse, the sooner these pointless articles will stop.
    How come I'm not surprised? Oh, I forgot, the movie is far more important than making some REAL MUSIC. I'm disappointed.
    i agree with you on that, but unfortunately Metallica is so huge and they make so much money they can essentially do whatever they want. we should be seeing a new album now, not a movie.
    Metallica is a business which probably has a market analysis department. They won't release an album until sales start to slide.
    Metallica is no a Kiss.... They are a business.
    Metallica is not a Kiss.... They are a business.
    This is kinda sad. Come on guys, we need new music. Save us from this horrible music industry.