New Metallica Album To Sound Like 'Death Magnetic'?

Lars says it was criticised less than other albums, so they'll continue on the same path. Meanwhile, their forthcoming 3D movie takes inspiration from Led Zeppelin's 1976 film "The Song Remains The Same".

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Metallica say their next album will continue on the path that 2008's "Death Magnetic" set upon, and that their forthcoming 3D movie will take inspiration from Led Zeppelin.

In Zeppelin's 1976 film "The Song Remains The Same", live footage was merged with several "fantasy sequences" for each band member.

"There are similarities [to The Song Remains The Same]," Lars Ulrich told ClassicRock. "It's a full-length movie, and there's a lot in this film that does not take place onstage.

"The major difference is that the stuff that takes place offstage in the Metallica movie does not feature any members of Metallica. It's two separate worlds a Metallica show and a story that unfolds in a parallel universe and at some point they intertwine."

The as-yet-unnamed movie is expected to launch this summer.

Meanwhile, Lars explained how "Death Magnetic" has drawn less lasting criticism than their other records, so they're going to continue to explore its sound on their next release.

"'Death Magnetic' is one motherf-ker of a record," Ulrich said. "There aren't many Metallica records that sound as good as 'Death Magnetic' four years after they were made. With a lot of the other records, there were questions: 'Why did we do that?' or 'What was going on there?' or 'Why didn't somebody say to turn the snare on?' I don't feel like that with 'Death Magnetic'. What we're doing now certainly sounds like a continuation."

But contrary to recent rumors, they're not decided on a producer yet. "I love Rick [Rubin, producer of 'Death Magnetic']. We all love Rick. We're in touch with Rick constantly. We'll see where it goes."

Can Lars promise the new album this year? "It would stun me if the record came out in 2013," he said. "We've got to finish this 3D movie, which is what we're doing right now."

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    I hope Lars meant the music overall, not production wise.
    Please, please don't use Rick Rubin again...
    For sure! I couldn't agree more. The distortion that he seems to use as en energy enhancer just makes his latest productions hard to listen to.
    Nah it's mainly the fact he just compresses the shit out of every track. But yeah, if it wasn't for the production on that album it would have been a damn solid record.
    I love how everyone blames Rubin for the compression done at the mastering stage which he hasn't had a part in.
    The mastering engineer (Ted Jensen) is on record as saying that the mixes were distorted by the time he got them, and has distanced himself from the project. Also, Johnny Cash's Hurt has the same type of distortion during the end chorus. It's either Rubin, or the mix engineer, but I'm not sure if a common engineer was used during Death Magnetic. You can also compare the waveforms of the album version against the Guitar Hero version, where the compression is hugely apparent. Also, Ulrich told Blender that some creative control regarding the final product had been transferred to Rubin.
    Yeah, he does compress everything. It would sound a lot more powerful, imho, if he just compressed things sparingly.
    He's been good to RHCP, but it just wasn't right for Metallica. Althought Josh was way to quiet on the new album.
    they seem to take the feedback they get in the internet more serious... so they also know what the people didn't like about the production of death magnetic... and they will make it better! i'm pretty sure the next album will kick ass...
    way better than Bob Rock though. i wouldnt mind them using Rick Rubin again. i just hope they change the drums and maybe up the bass a little
    They only choose Rubin because he is a dick and does not assist them during the recording, which gives them a lot more liberties.
    Yeah, I agree. I only wish James would quit wailing like its opera. I like the growling, low pitch singing way better.
    guys, Rick Rubin wasn't responsible for the shitty production of the album. I'm pretty sure he even says it in the making of videos that the tracks were already horribly compressed and distorted and everything when he received them. So don't blame him!
    He was the producer it's his job to oversee the whole project. Even if he wasn't directly responsible, it's his fault for not actually being involved to prevent things like that.
    Yeah sure that's why all his other work sounds like over-compressed shit as well. Get some bluish green toilet food for Rick to chomp on & let's get started. He can sit down stroke his beard and watch Hetfield and Phil have an exhibition mudfight to settle the score once and for all... With a Battle on the Moon. Chink
    This, one thousand times over. Musically it'd be great, but the mixing and tone could be a lot better. I miss the 80's/Black Album tone
    Retitled: Metallica's Next Album To Sound Like Shit
    Explain. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.
    Sorry... Retitled: Metallica's Next Album To Sound Like Shit, Because Metallica Is Shit.
    This is exactly why you don't deserve respect from people. You can't even try to respect yourself, ballf*g.
    LOOOOOL going to the internet for respect is like going to wal-mart for a les paul.... I dont come here for your respect, i come here because metallica is worse than Hitler AIDS.
    That's why they're millionaires, and you're sitting at your computer mocking their happiness and success.
    How can they be happy releasing garbage year after year? They may say they're happy, but they're dead artistically, and that's the saddest thing that can happen to an artist of any type. Also, success is a relative term, depending on how you measure it. Sure they've released some ok music, and sure they're rich for it, but at the end of the day one of them is still Lars Ulrich and the others are an alcoholic, a caveman, and a surfer douche who has a wah pedal surgically attached to his foot. TALK ABOUT SUCCESS!!! edit: Never mind, Mind_Reader, I see that your favorite bassist is Troy Sanders, so for that reason alone, I hope I didn't offend you. Mastodon is pretty damn good.
    You seem to be like some loose cannon of a person without a good moral foundation upon growing up. I understand judging by your baseless and tasteless insults, and as a result, the number of down-votes you are getting day after day after day. Poor Timmy.
    Is that the most educated opinion you have? If so, please feel free to not comment again.
    Not the most educated opinion, just the most fitting one. Also, I just commented again.
    'Why didn't somebody say to turn the snare on ?' I love how he slid that in there.
    Death Magnetic - Good album, rubbish production but at least he swapped the trash can drums he used on St Anger for real ones on it
    yes. hell, i would love production like ... And Justice For All (as long as the bass guitar is audible)
    OT but... Have you noticed that ugly old guy with a guitar on UG's frontpage? Damn! they need to get rid of that and make a better, more relevant background.
    Waht?! Eric Clapton? Your an uneducated dick!
    WOAH WAIT UP! I don't even know that guy, and i'm sure most of the people out there don't know him at all. Geez! I bet he sucked anyway cuz he's not that popular.
    I hope you are just trolling. Else you are the most ignorant person I ever heard of...
    Ignorant just because i don't know the guy? WOW cruel words. I googled him, and found out he's the guy behind Tears in Heaven. But people like Slash and Kurt Cobain are more worthy to be on that frontpage. And why the f*ck is he carrying an E. guitar, when all he does is acoustic? A poser that seeks attention.
    ... Seriously? He's easily one of the most famous and original guitarists there is.
    hes the guy behind Derek and The Dominos, Cream, Yardbirds, Blind Faith..... serioulsy EC is probably one of the most famous and respected guitarists ever.
    Is this guy for real?? :/ I bet you think Alexi Laiho and Jack White are more respectable guitarists than Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore. Go the **** back to school :/
    trollolololol kill yourself. that is Mr Eric Clapton. having him on the front of a guitar based website is an honor
    @rolandroi - Dude, that's f*cking Eric Clapton. I'm guessing you're one of those people that come to Ultimate Guitar but don't actually play guitar.
    Eric Clapton is considered the greatest electric blues guitarists of all time, above SRV, Albert King, and B.B. King. Ya, he deserves front cover.
    I wouldn't say above SRV. I'm a big Clapton fan, but SRV's tone and playing style/skill will always be way ahead of his. Now with songwriting, that's a different story....
    If they're motivated to keep playing fast and not get all artsy again, then bring it on
    Fuck... when Metallica got creative it was the best thing that ever happened to metal. I love And Justice for All, the whole album. They really constructed each song with careful thought and skill. They proved that metal doesn't have to be screaming and fast rhythm.
    I was actually thinking of the Load/Re-Load era where they got wildly inconsistent. The Justice album/tour is when I got into them