New Metallica Recording 'Soon'

The studio has been booked for their next album recording, and suggested Rick Rubin could return as producer. Are you excited?

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Metallica have scheduled their next album recording, and plan to start soon, though it might not see a release until 2014.

Kirk Hammet told Rolling Stone (via Blabbermouth) about how they're waiting on other projects before they can get started, but once the road is clear they can focus on making a new album.

"Right now, we're kind of preoccupied with dealing with this 3D movie that we shot up in Canada last month. So that's kind of taking our time right now - that's the priority, to deal with that. But once we're done with that, we're going to start hunkering down and putting riffs together. That's all going to happen soon", he said.

Hammet suggested that Rick Rubin, the producer behind 2008's widely-criticised "Death Magnetic", would once again be at the helm: "I really don't have an answer about Rick Rubin, although his name certainly comes up".

Metallica are free of their contract with Warner since their last album, which frees them up to experiment with releasing the album on their own terms.

James Hetfiled says it's a good feeling to be free of their contract. "We've learned a lot about record companies, the goods and evils of the business and this and that", he said. "It is what it is, and when it becomes time for us to either renegotiate or shop around or do things ourselves or something like that, we don't know. There's nothing but options, which is great".

Do you have high hopes for the new Metallica record? How would you feel if Rick Rubin was confirmed as producer? Let us know in the comments.

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    Lulu 2 please
    Legend Jedicsc
    This is gonna get so many down likes for no reason
    No, the reason is because people don't like lulu and there are a bunch of "open minded" people who try to force it on most people who think it sucks.
    No compression... Please!
    What scrymusic said... I liked Death Magnetic, but the compression ruined it for me.
    It wasn't really compression, more like brick wall limiting with the extremities that they did it to. They actually digitally distorted an analogue distorted guitar but limiting it like that. But yeah, some compression is needed, like the black album level. The Black Album was the best sounding out of them all imo, but not the best song wise.
    TTP Penguin
    I really like all of metallicas albums (I've not heard lulu though) so I'm not going to be one to say "please be thrashier" etc, I'm just excited that they're gonna be recording something! I do hope they choose a good producer for it though, as much as I love death magnetic, it's hard to listen too at some points.
    Stay away from "Lulu." Please. If can save another poor soul from hearing that terrible waste of time, I'll feel I've made a difference in life.
    Rick Rubin? Not him again. I say they should bring back Flemming. MOP all over again!
    Eclectic Lizard
    I didn't know Death Magnetic was "widely criticized." I know lots of people had complaints but I think it was more well received than not.
    For the love of god, they better not get Rubin and his recording team again. As someone above said, I think Andy Sneap would be a much better choice
    sneap is by far and away the best thrash producer on the planet. listen to the last few exodus albums and its obvious. metallica has the money, they should wise up and get sneap
    In other news, James Hetfiled a lawsuit against UG's management for misspelling his name.
    By the day, I'm getting more and more convinced that the Ultimate-Guitar news writers are absolutely trolling and flaming us for INTENTIONALLY misspelling words. Remember the article about the Sound City soundtrack where Lars was interviewed... "Richie Black'wood'" Darn!
    Rubin's fine i guess, but for the love of god, DO NOT BRING BACK Bob Rock!!!!
    Screw Rick Rubin. Why not Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage to do the sound?
    Bring back Flemming Rasmussen to produce to get back to their metal roots.
    I'm probably gonna get flak for this but I'd like to see them really shake things up and use Butch Vig, I know he doesn't commonly do metal albums but he does make really good sounding albums, his sound is sonic, like kick you in the face powerful, and they should only take like 2 or 3 months and just knock it the **** out already, they usually take so long like 9 months to a year to record and I think that causes them to over analize and **** with shit so much it getsz watered down and weightless, i'd like to see them go in and record new songs like they recorded garage days rerevisited, It sounds crazy but I think it would blow people out of their seats, come on tallica shake things up a bit in the right direction!!!
    James Hetfiled?
    Other day: Megadeath. Today: James Hetfiled. Tomorrow: Ultime-mate Guitar. ...