New Metallica Riffs Sound 'Very, Very Exciting'

The album might be a long way from completion, but the band say something very special is happening in their new writing sessions.

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There's been a big rush of news on the next Metallica album, despite possibly taking until 2015 before we can hear it - but there's a good reason for the wait.

Metallica like to take their time and record the best album possible, and bassist Rob Trujillo has described the careful process that will lead them to making a "very, very exciting" album.

"There is a process of elimination and that's when we are going to take all the ideas," says Trujillo, "and we listen through and some don't make the grade, and most of the stuff you jam on and try a few different ways and revisit them maybe eight months down the line. So there is an extensive process of elimination before you get to actually writing that song."

He continued: "I can say that the ideas that I have been hearing and have been a part of, to me are very, very exciting and I see us making a great album. I feel in my heart that we are going to do something special."

Yesterday we reported that the album could take at least two years to be released, and not just because they're taking time over the music. The band have been keeping busy with other projects, including their forthcoming 3D movie which will be released in IMAX theaters in September.

Trujillo has seen a recent cut of the movie and says there's still plenty of work to do before the release, and suggests that the newfound attention that the movie brings them could make them even bigger stars than ever before.

"We're not finished, but we're getting close and I feel that the end result will be special," he said. "Now what this will do for us or where this will take us is unknown, you know, but I have a good feeling about it."

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    Cool, but its been 5 years since they released Death Magnetic, we want some new stuff now
    u missed an album bro
    Which one did he miss?
    beyond magnetic
    W1LL P1L50N
    Mate it had 4 unreleased songs, do your research
    You're all wrong, except for thkoby, it was what's called a musical "collaboration", meaning it was an equal effort between Mettalica and Lou. It's not just a Lou Reed nor just Metallica album, it's a Lou Reed and Metallica working together to write and create new music album, and a bad one in my opinion. Click on the link and educate yourselves about what "collaboration" means if you didn't get that far in reading, vocabulary, and comprehension class yet ...
    haha, not that i disagree with you, just funny to see someone so serious sourcing wikipedia....
    Unreleased =/= New. Some of us had already heard snippets of these songs on the studio videos they were posting online prior to the album's release.
    Beyond Magnetic wasn't 'new' stuff. It was recycled old stuff from the Death Magnetic sessions or possibly earlier.
    That was a live album, not a release with new songs.
    They missed LULU. My work here is done. *flies away*
    Lulu was not a Metallica record. It was a Lou Reed album featuring Metallica as guests. If Megadeth does a song with David Dramian do you call it a disturbed/device/draiman song? It's a Megadeth song. If you bought cd's you would see on the side that it clearly say's Lou Reed featuring Metallica.
    That's such a cop out excuse. Metallica wrote all of the instrumentation for the songs. Only the vocals are provided by Reed, accompanied by Hetfield. If the album was any good, I bet fans would have no problem calling it a "Metallica album." It's just as Metallica as it is Lou Reed, if not more. And Beyond Magnetic is an EP. It's a new release, but it doesn't count as a new album.
    Wrong. It's both a Metallica album and Lou Reed album. They wrote the songs together. You wouldn't be saying this if it was in anyway good.
    just checked my copy of the album. says "Lou Reed & Metallica" not Lou Reed featuring Metallica. that would imply that the album is equally from both artists not Lou featuring Metallica as musical guests
    This is incredible. With these powers he could be... a superhero! Fight crime, protect the innocent... work for world peace. But first...
    WRONG! its an album that contains songs that were planned to be on death magnetic...
    Actually, it is in fact a Lou Reed album. Google it. They've said that since the beginning. Just because Metallica is playing the songs doesn't mean they wrote them.
    DUDE... im talking about beyond magnetic.. not stupid LULU... I was commenting on crazysam23_Atax's comment
    No it wasn't, moron. It was 4 unreleased tracks from the DM sessions
    Beyond Magnetic had four new songs. That was the whole point of it. Four songs, that btw should have made it to Death Magnetic.
    Beyond Magnetic wasn't a full album. It's an EP of songs that didn't make it to the track list of the previous album, Death Magnetic.
    Guys! Don't argue! Lets James Hetfield, I mean table, the issue until a later date. . .
    ...I wonder if there will ever be a day when something about Metallica can be posted on the internet without someone commenting about Megadeth. Dave Mustaine was in the band for 1 year, 30 years ago ...get over it!
    We can all wait for that day...but don't hold your breath. We can also wait for the day that a "Metallica sucks" comment won't be on a Megadeth page, again same advice. Until then however: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.
    Oh shut up! I don't want't to hear about it if I'm going to have to wait until 2015 to actually hear it.
    I hope they don't go Chinese Democracy on us.
    I think the only way that would happen is if it gets delayed like 10 years or so, everyone quits the band except Lars, and then he promises everyone free Mountain Dew with the album's eventual release.
    Darth Crow
    The last time they said this, the result was Lulu...
    Okay we get it, Lulu was bad but it doesn't need to be mentioned on every single article that has anything to do with Metallica
    Maybe they should just admit that they're busy with other things instead of trying to oversell the idea of how special and complicated their writing process is. They're not curing cancer... they're writing a late era Metallica album.
    It bears repeating: From 1983-1988 they released their best four albums. That's right Metallica - four great records in six years. Maybe taking your time to "get it right" doesn't work for you guys.
    And the great thing is, I think even they know that as their setlists these days comprise of many songs from that era. They are still a great live band, but they will never write another KEA, or MOP, it just won't happen.
    I agree. I think being young and broke helped those early metal/thrash bands make their best music. They were full of youthful energy, drunk, and easily pissed off -- that mixed with songwriting and musical talent was great for metal fans! Now their lives are too cozy and comfortable, which is great for them, but I wouldn't doubt if affects their drive.
    I personally can't wait. I know they're all pushing 50, have families, the movie, strenuous gigs and schedules etc. But I have full faith and trust that they will bring out a solid album that they'll have calculated to be the best they could possibly create. Good on them for churning out another record, I don't mind the wait I guess!
    "We're not finished, but we're getting close" I thought he was talking about their career there for a moment.
    i dont need to know every time they write a riff. let me know when the album comes out then I'll care
    I'm dying of Metallica thirst. Please, give me new material, or I shall perish on into the afterlife.
    I honestly hope Trujillo can come up with some "bass riffs" a la Cliff. Anyone familiar with Infectious Grooves will know what I mean, I guess.
    EEEEE *pentatonic wah solo* EEEEE (repeat until album is done)
    No Remorse, Ride The Lightning, Call Of Ktulu, Disposable Heroes, most songs off the Justice album, Don't Tread On Me, My Friend Of Misery, That Was Just Your Life, Cyanide, etc... Your argument is invalid, kid.
    Funny, I've said the very same thing last week on a Metallica article and got a holyfton of downovtes. Well, UG, I guess...
    Could this be a sign that they are stumped for ideas? Musically, 'Death Magnetic' was dense for me and at times it's really hard to listen to all the way through. I mean, churning out riffs is easy, but most of them probably wouldn't be worth listening to or fit for songs. We'll probably never hear another 'Enter Sandman'-quality riff from these guys. I believe they may have hit a creative block with the fact they've been involved in other projects recently outside of their comfort zone such as the project with Lou Reed, the 3D film and the Orion Music + More festival which suggests that maybe they're stuck for ideas with the band 'Metallica' as we know it. I have a feeling that the band is slowly becoming a nostalgia act. Whilst the release cycles have grown longer throughout the decades, I can understand that aging takes it's toll even on the members of Metallica, one of the Big 4 of thrash metal. With that said, we would be lucky to see another release and we should be grateful for the huge back catalogue that they've given to the world of music. Here's hoping the release arrives sooner rather than later and that it's something the band and fans can enjoy and be proud of. Blode.
    melodic breakdowns, get the singing how it used to be before the black album, not all this yeahhah shit, write the solos with a melody, don't just play any old thing because it fits - get the sound back from before load, not this scratchy, tinny shit, and don't write an entire song based on one empty riff, stop trying to re-find your sound, know what you used to be good at, and stick to that - then you're on to a winner...seriously doubt any of this will happen though...
    "don't write an entire song based on one riff" Why not? That's how Black Sabbath came up with their best ever hits!
    Good afternoon Mr Williams. I understand your requests and concerns with the band Metallica, their growth as band and the change in their sound however I am fairly certain Metallica will not take any of these into account for their next record. Blode.
    gut cassidy
    its nice to see them not rush and take their time instead of forcing out an album, which they easily could have done and made millions.
    Awesome, can't wait to hear how many palm mutes are on that open E string..... don't use Ab though, Slayer needs that one.
    They should just stop. As someone else said, no one takes them seriously in the metal world anymore.
    Fuck me a Lulu and Chinese democracy mention already! Lulu I enjoyed btw, horrific in a good way. But yeah every comment they make isn't news. Billy Corgan is talking about over saturation and this site reports on 3 Genres if that and less bands...
    ""Now what this will do for us or where this will take us is unknown, you know" I see visions of them starring in a prime-time sitcom & Lars hosting a cooking show. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
    how is this even news? talking highly of a few ****ing riffs they've made that may sound cool but are still not only a fraction of the way through making their next record!
    I think you're getting so many down vote's for poor spelling. Try "Megadeth sucks".
    I don't think anyone takes them seriously anymore. Besides, how will they find their old sound when almost all of it was stolen? And what wasn't was Cliff's work. And they didn't only steal from Mustaine, they stole a lot of stuff from a lot of unknown bands. They're not a band, they're thieves.
    You gonna back any of those claims up or just expect people to blindly believe that nonsense?
    Listen to Diamond Head's Sucking My Love and Dead Reckoning,and listen to Saxon's Princess of the night solo section and try and guess where Seek and Destroy came from! Listen to GBH's Give me Fire, Motorhead We Are The Road Crew and Venom's Witching Hour put them in a melting pot and you have Whiplash. Four Horsemen is just Detroit Rock City(I recall Dave admitted this) Fast part of No Remorse is just the riff from Venom's Black Metal with a slightly different ending. Intro to Creeping Death is just part of Number of the Beast using the same chords as Saxon's Eagle has Landed. Angel Witch's Angel of Death chorus appears in For Whom The Bell Tolls. The last vocal part of Fade to Black is just Sabbath's National Acrobat riff. They're just the few I can recall off the top of my head. Real surprised no one's tried to sue them!
    So, a band just starting out played things that sounded very similar to the bands that influenced them, mostly on their first two albums? No, that NEVER happens.
    Sure it happens with other bands starting out, I never said it didn't. I just merely highlighted the obviousness and frequency of it with their material. The Princess of the night part is more than just similar it's the same.
    also trapped under ice and creeping death riffs are from Exodus. Though they are Kirk's riffs so yeah. I guess no problem here. Just mentioning
    Yeah the Impaler riff was Kirk's to use but the "die die" part and riff he added to Creeping Death wasn't. Gary Holt didn't mind him using it but wished he'd just asked first.
    I don't think you really know what their old sound is, if you think that Load and Reload (which had several covers, iirc) are their old sound. Their 1st 4 albums certainly didn't contain anything that Metallica hadn't written themselves.
    We bitch and complain every time a Metallica article gets posted, yet here it is, with more comments than any other article so far today.
    Surely they're approaching the limit of the number of shitty pedal point pentatonic riffs in E that can possibly exist by now?
    Is the album going to be in the key of e minor again? or are they going to change it up for once?
    It's funny how he uses words like "we" and "us" Spelled correctly, "James" and "Lars" What a waste of a good bass player.
    Eh. The main riff from Broken, Beat, and Scarred was one of the best they'd ever written. Are these riffs that good? I doubt it.
    E|-000-000-000-000-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0| ???
    Just so we're clear, I don't actually think Metallica only plays such riffs, and that I think Metallica plays some good music, although I'm not a big fan of them.