New Metallica Riffs Sound 'Very, Very Exciting'

The album might be a long way from completion, but the band say something very special is happening in their new writing sessions.

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There's been a big rush of news on the next Metallica album, despite possibly taking until 2015 before we can hear it - but there's a good reason for the wait.

Metallica like to take their time and record the best album possible, and bassist Rob Trujillo has described the careful process that will lead them to making a "very, very exciting" album.

"There is a process of elimination and that's when we are going to take all the ideas," says Trujillo, "and we listen through and some don't make the grade, and most of the stuff you jam on and try a few different ways and revisit them maybe eight months down the line. So there is an extensive process of elimination before you get to actually writing that song."

He continued: "I can say that the ideas that I have been hearing and have been a part of, to me are very, very exciting and I see us making a great album. I feel in my heart that we are going to do something special."

Yesterday we reported that the album could take at least two years to be released, and not just because they're taking time over the music. The band have been keeping busy with other projects, including their forthcoming 3D movie which will be released in IMAX theaters in September.

Trujillo has seen a recent cut of the movie and says there's still plenty of work to do before the release, and suggests that the newfound attention that the movie brings them could make them even bigger stars than ever before.

"We're not finished, but we're getting close and I feel that the end result will be special," he said. "Now what this will do for us or where this will take us is unknown, you know, but I have a good feeling about it."

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    Cool, but its been 5 years since they released Death Magnetic, we want some new stuff now
    u missed an album bro
    Which one did he miss?
    beyond magnetic
    W1LL P1L50N
    Mate it had 4 unreleased songs, do your research
    You're all wrong, except for thkoby, it was what's called a musical "collaboration", meaning it was an equal effort between Mettalica and Lou. It's not just a Lou Reed nor just Metallica album, it's a Lou Reed and Metallica working together to write and create new music album, and a bad one in my opinion. Click on the link and educate yourselves about what "collaboration" means if you didn't get that far in reading, vocabulary, and comprehension class yet ...
    haha, not that i disagree with you, just funny to see someone so serious sourcing wikipedia....
    Unreleased =/= New. Some of us had already heard snippets of these songs on the studio videos they were posting online prior to the album's release.
    Beyond Magnetic wasn't 'new' stuff. It was recycled old stuff from the Death Magnetic sessions or possibly earlier.
    Beyond Magnetic wasn't a full album. It's an EP of songs that didn't make it to the track list of the previous album, Death Magnetic.
    That was a live album, not a release with new songs.
    They missed LULU. My work here is done. *flies away*
    Lulu was not a Metallica record. It was a Lou Reed album featuring Metallica as guests. If Megadeth does a song with David Dramian do you call it a disturbed/device/draiman song? It's a Megadeth song. If you bought cd's you would see on the side that it clearly say's Lou Reed featuring Metallica.
    That's such a cop out excuse. Metallica wrote all of the instrumentation for the songs. Only the vocals are provided by Reed, accompanied by Hetfield. If the album was any good, I bet fans would have no problem calling it a "Metallica album." It's just as Metallica as it is Lou Reed, if not more. And Beyond Magnetic is an EP. It's a new release, but it doesn't count as a new album.
    Wrong. It's both a Metallica album and Lou Reed album. They wrote the songs together. You wouldn't be saying this if it was in anyway good.
    just checked my copy of the album. says "Lou Reed & Metallica" not Lou Reed featuring Metallica. that would imply that the album is equally from both artists not Lou featuring Metallica as musical guests
    This is incredible. With these powers he could be... a superhero! Fight crime, protect the innocent... work for world peace. But first...
    WRONG! its an album that contains songs that were planned to be on death magnetic...
    Actually, it is in fact a Lou Reed album. Google it. They've said that since the beginning. Just because Metallica is playing the songs doesn't mean they wrote them.
    DUDE... im talking about beyond magnetic.. not stupid LULU... I was commenting on crazysam23_Atax's comment
    No it wasn't, moron. It was 4 unreleased tracks from the DM sessions
    Beyond Magnetic had four new songs. That was the whole point of it. Four songs, that btw should have made it to Death Magnetic.
    Guys! Don't argue! Lets James Hetfield, I mean table, the issue until a later date. . .
    ...I wonder if there will ever be a day when something about Metallica can be posted on the internet without someone commenting about Megadeth. Dave Mustaine was in the band for 1 year, 30 years ago ...get over it!
    We can all wait for that day...but don't hold your breath. We can also wait for the day that a "Metallica sucks" comment won't be on a Megadeth page, again same advice. Until then however: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.
    Oh shut up! I don't want't to hear about it if I'm going to have to wait until 2015 to actually hear it.
    I hope they don't go Chinese Democracy on us.
    I think the only way that would happen is if it gets delayed like 10 years or so, everyone quits the band except Lars, and then he promises everyone free Mountain Dew with the album's eventual release.
    Darth Crow
    The last time they said this, the result was Lulu...
    Okay we get it, Lulu was bad but it doesn't need to be mentioned on every single article that has anything to do with Metallica