New Michael Jackson Album 'Xscape' Coming in May, Produced By Timbaland

Eight previously unreleased songs from the King of Pop set to drop on May 13, details inside.

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Epic Records and Michael Jackson estate have officially announced the release of late King of Pop's new posthumous release "Xscape."

Consisting of eight previously unreleased songs, the record is scheduled for May 13 release featuring Timbaland in charge of the production duties.

"Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with," Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid stated (via Billboard). "We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world."

You can pre-order the album's deluxe or standard edition starting today (April 1) via iTunes.

Apart from Timbaland, additional production work was done by Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Jerome "Jroc" Harmon and John McClain. More info should drop soon, you can check out the front cover below.

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    They so good at milking they should work on a dairy farm
    The irony is your comment was way funnier than the actual article
    What irony?
    One of the definitions from Merriam Webster irony: a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected. He was saying it was ironic because one would expect an entire article to be funnier than a single comment. However, I don't think this was an April Fool's joke. Or was it?
    I thought it was an April Fools joke yeah. Apparently not though...
    In a way I think they should just let the man rest in peace, but at the same time I'm actually kind of looking forward to this.
    I bet this album is a fluke and will get released to the sound of 30 minutes of mayonaise
    What an atrocious album cover. The teaser they put up didn't sound promising, unfortunately. I quite liked the previous release, Michael, actually. Probably gonna end up buying the new one anyway, though.
    This gonna be real. Knowing mj he pretending to be a hologram. He wanted this to come out april 1 to get folks talking. Mj is not dead! He saw that bruce lee ad and got an idea. C'mon yall mj liked to prank folks. This is his doing.
    Remember that song "apologize" that was a song way before timbaland added "AYYYYY AYYYYY AY" into the song? And then it became a single because he was involved, yet did absolutely nothing and made tons of money from it?