New Michael Jackson Album 'Xscape' Will Feature a Song About Child Abuse

Pop icon's new posthumous effort tells the story of 12-year-old leaving home and turning to prostitution.

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As one of eight fresh unreleased tracks on Michael Jackson's upcoming posthumous effort "Xscape," "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" tells the story of an abused 12-year-old who leaves home and turns to prostitution.

In one of the verses, MJ sings, "She wrote that she is tired of step-daddy using her/Saying that he'll buy her things, while sexually abusing her."

As Mirror reports, some fans claim that the tune, featuring the repetition of the "save me from this living hell" phrase, was written as a direct response to sexual abuse claims made against Jackson.

As reported, the album is due on May 13 via Epic Records featuring Timbaland at the head of production. Check out the list of confirmed track titles below.

"Xscape" confirmed tracks:

1. Xscape
2. A Place With No Name
3. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
4. Slave to the Rhythm
5. Chicago (She Was Lovin' Me)6. Blue Gangsta7. Love Never Felt So Good

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    "Do you know where your children are" was written and recorded during the recording sessions for his album Dangerous which was released in 1991. The first allegations of child abuse was not until 1993, so obviously this song is not a "direct response to sexual abuse claims made against Jackson" as the media makes it sound like.
    If people really want a response to the allegations, they should listen to Scream. DYKWYCA actually sounds like it's been remixed for Xscape, sounds pretty good actually.
    Ok MJ may have a whole load of songs in the vault. But jeez they're milking it like it's no tomorrow. Is this his third album in five years?? As to the supposed child abuse song thing. You'll get the people who'll jump on it saying 'Look he was a peado' and you'll get the ones who say 'He was misunderstood' Regardless, let the man just rest in peace
    It's actually the second posthumous album. And hopefully it'll be better than "Michael."
    I probably counted the anniversary albums. I will say this giving it to Timbaland to produce to try and give it a 'modern feel' will likely backfire.
    "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" Probably what the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office asked the parents after they dropped their children off at the Neverland Ranch.
    Before people say shit like "he was a pedophile!" Jackson was abused and hit by his father when he was young, so don't talk out of your ass.
    I'm so on the fence with it all. On the one hand, I'd like to believe he was just misunderstood and confused due to the abuse he suffered, partly just because people are so quick to jump to the worst conclusions and I'd like to see them proven wrong. I also strongly believe that the parents of the kids were just out to screw as much money out of Jackson as possible. On the other hand... it looked bad, really bad, you can't deny that. We'll probably never know the truth now, anyway.
    Milking the cow, Jackson family and co, because you sure need the money.
    Or maybe they just want the music out there? Can you imagine if one of UG's favorite bands died tomorrow? A lot of people would prefer to hear the never-released material than go without another new Metallica song for the rest of their lives.
    Vash_15, yeah, but you know, somebody just has to complain. Rotenn: If you don't want it - Don't buy it.