New Motorhead Single Leaks Online

Listen to "Heartbreaker" now.

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The new single from heavy metal giants Motorhead has leaked online, HenneMusic reports.

The song, titled "Heartbreaker," is the lead single from the band’s upcoming "Aftershock" album. As you would expect, it sounds like classic Motorhead. Check it out below.

In other Motorhead news, former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan has recently been talking to Rock Science about his friendship with Lemmy, noting that the front man’s command of the stage is age defying:

"You look at Lemmy and you go 'he’s mightier than five 20 year old guys doing the same thing.' He can kick anybody’s ass ... you hope they never change. Oddly enough, you hope for a new Motorhead record to sort of stay the same ... somehow.”

"Aftershock" will be available on the following dates:

Oct 18 – Germany Oct 21 – Europe Oct 22 – North America

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What do you think of the new Motorhead song? Let us know in the comments.

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    Headbanging after 10 seconds = That's Motorhead and that's good !
    Way Cool JR.
    This kicks major ass! It has an awesome classic sound to it. Certainly looking forward to this new album.
    "As you'd expect, it sounds like classic Motorhead." Is this the nice way of saying it sounds like Ace of Spades?
    brill as always.
    Please say you didn't just say brill as in brilliant?
    he totes did, what a loser
    Isn't it though? I think it sounds ab fab.
    This is starting to get so horr
    I think it isn't comparable to the oldest songs also it's pure Rock n Roll