New Motorhead Stream 'Queen of the Damned'

Hear a song from their 21st album which proves Lemmy and co still have plenty of energy left in them.

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NOTE: Can you developers figure out how to get the embed code for the song from this site? If so, please tweak the article and host it on our site. Motorhead are streaming a brand new song titled "Queen of the Damned" from their forthcoming album "Aftershock." You can hear the song below (via Loudwire) - make sure you head back to post your opinion on the new song right here. "Aftershock" will be the band's 21st studio album, and they'll set off on tour to promote the new effort from November 7 in Switzerland. US fans can look forward to buying the album on October 22, with a European release the same week. Sadly, their native UK fans have to wait a further month for an official retail version - but judging by the sound of the new stream, it'll be worth the wait. The new album is said to be full of energy, which is a far cry from the state of frontman Lemmy's health this year. Hopefully he's well onto the road of recovery after facing serious illness this year. What's your thoughts on the new Motorhead song? Have they still got it? Let us know below, and hit 'Like' if you enjoyed it.

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    I think that the vocals are much better in this song than in the previous ones which we've already heard. And that bass intro...legendary!
    i wonder if this will b Triple H's wife, Stephanie's new theme entrance music in WWE??? i bet so... "Time to Play the Game....muhahahaha"
    That would be sick considering he's been coming out to "King of Kings" on a regular basis lately. Fitting.
    Awesome! So good that they've always stuck to their signature sound. If someone had told me this was a hidden track on "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith," I would have believed him!
    Unpopular opinion: ***insert positive statement followed by criticism here***
    Holy ****. All the songs we have heard from the new album just sound so classic already. The sound is just perfect. Perfect!
    I can name that band in one note. heh heh. Seriously, I thought this was Katy Perry when I first heard it. Sounds just like her