New Muse to Drop in 2015, Band Focusing on 'Real Instruments'

Matt Bellamy confirms "raw rock" conceptual album and musicianship focus.

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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy confirmed that the band's new record will have to wait until 2015, likely giving fans a bit of a disappointment for the prolonged wait. However, the direction band decided to take made a great portion of fans ever so happy. As reports, Bellamy and co. will once again focus on "real instruments." After admitting venturing away toward electronica domain with recent efforts, Matt commented: "We're gonna veer back towards just musicianship again and focus on our own instruments - guitar, bass and drums and try to make that sort of a focus. It's probably gonna be a bit more of a raw album and definitely more rock I'd say." Discussing the tentative release date, Matt also dropped a major hint of the album being a conceptual one. "The main focus - we're gonna record a bunch of music, probably like a conceptual album of some kind," he said, just to focus on the unpredictable state of music business. "The industry's moving so fast, you don't really know," Matt noted. "I don't think we'll be ready to put out another album 'til probably early 2015 or something and I think around that time we'll just look at what's going on, make a judgement at the moment." The latest Muse studio effort, "The 2nd Law," dropped in early October 2012 via Helium 3 Records.

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    it will have guitars and instruments and stuff?it will be an edgy album then!
    It may also be emotional.
    Next week: Justin Beiber lists Muse as one of favorite bands
    This guy would not know rock if it came up to him and hit him in the face...on another not....guy needs to grow a chin.....
    Good. Music has always been used to express emotion... music has become empty lately.
    Nah there's been plenty of music made for the purpose of context. And a few cultures in ancient history that actively avoided using music for instant emotional effect.
    Everybody around here says stuff like "It´s good to see them go back to their instruments" WTF? they never went away from their instruments. Muse always used synthesizers. And they always played with real instruments live. By the way, The 2nd Law is a great album in my opinion.
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    What makes a synth a fake? They are human designed, they were hand-built for many, many years. I would understand if you were using a keyboard to make oboe and cello sounds, but synths are no more real or fake than a bass guitar with a buttload of fuzz plugged into it.
    Yeah, I'm really sick of people claiming what 'real instruments' are. Just the term 'real instruments' is stupid. Far as I care, anything that makes music in some shape or form can be an instrument,whether it be a bunch of sticks being hit together or some electronic sounds from a computer.
    Muse has always featured electronics and it's part of the style that they have carved for themselves. Why are people perpetuating this notion that The 2nd Law was some was some kind of betrayal or fall from grace? It was ****ing brilliant.
    i really only liked the first half, it started slipping towards the end, still a good album though.
    The only reason people didn't like The 2nd Law is because they're close-minded towards anything other than rock. Even if you don't like Muse, if you just open your ears and listen to it, it's a fantastic album.
    Yeah that's not true, I love when bands incorporate other sounds into their albums, but this one just missed the mark in my opinion. The 2nd law is average, at best. Just my opinion
    I thought it was good, minus Unsustainable, Isolated System, and Big Freeze.
    Unsustainable was one of my favorites off the album. It's heavy as hell, even if it's not coming from "conventional" instruments.
    Took me a while to warm up to it but 2nd Law did eventually grow on me. And there are some genuine rock moments on it. Still, I'm excited about this "raw rock" concept.
    My favourite quote: Matt also dropped a major hint of the album being a conceptual one "...we're gonna record a bunch of music, probably like a conceptual album of some kind," Where did you get that idea from?
    "[P]rolonged wait?" There's been a new Muse studio album every three years since "Black Holes." This is par for the course.
    They can take as long as they like if they're going back to instruments! I can wait for a masterpiece!
    I love their stuff, saw them last year live for the first time and they blew my mind! What an awesome live performance! Cant' wait for this new album.
    great to see them go back to real instruments. is madness wasn't so much eletronic it would be one of my favourite songs ever
    As much I enjoyed The Resistance and The 2nd Law, albeit a lot less, I just want them to make some songs in a similar style as Stockholm Syndrome, Dead Star, Fury, Futurism and Citizen again. I loved that epic side of Muse that managed to mix synths and orchestration while still sounding like a pounding three piece rock band made of guitar, bass and drums.
    Sooooo stoked for Muse to return to their crazy energetic rock roots!!! 2nd Law was a good album, but I find myself never listening to any songs of there. Sing for Absolution!!!
    With every Muse record I'm most amazed by how consistently they keep the bar raised. The greatest of bands can be accused of that.
    Every 3 years they have released an album, I hope they stick to the ritual
    that was the only thing that annoyed me a bit. the electronic soft opera style. but he has some KILLER riffs in his songs. i'm really looking forward to that album \m/
    Dr Sin
    Meh. About the third time they've said this now! Not that I'm fussed either way, it will be amazing regardless, I just wouldn't count on it.
    Another amazing Muse album will be on earth so humans can chill out and 2015 it is not acceptable.
    unsustainable should have been the opener on second me chills
    I couldn't even bring myself to listen to all of The 2nd Law, so this is definitely great news for me
    For real? I mean yeah, it definitely had to grow on me, but by refusing to listen to music from a band you like just because it wasn't exactly what you wanted is preventing you from broadening the spectrum of what you like.
    Before every album they say they want to go more rock and raw. But once they step into the studio they magically become interested in stadium anthems again. Just saying, don't get your hopes up if you want to hear another straight forward rock album (they've always been a bit more grand-scale anyways). I'd be totally fine with something like the middle section of Unsustainable though.
    Didn't he also say something about playing small-scale club shows before the last album? Before immediately going back to melting down stadiums?
    This is Matt Bellamy's way of saying "I'm sorry we've turned into a Skrillex tribute band in the recent years"
    Average mainstream garbage band. Always were.
    Their guys are neither "average", nor "mainstream". Unless, of course, you're the kind of person who only listens to one particular genre and considers everything else "pop trash"..