New Music: Linkin Park Streaming New Album 'One More Light' in Full

The record was officially released today.

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New Music: Linkin Park Streaming New Album 'One More Light' in Full

Linkin Park are streaming their new album "One More Light" in full, marking today's official release via Warner Bros.

Guitarist Brad Delson told UG about the band's significant stylistic change on the album:

"I would say the only real through line in our career is we're always evolving and pushing the envelope as musicians. That's what inspired us to start a band in the first place was to take risks.

"So whether we're taking risks by making an experimental metal record like 'The Hunting Party' or taking risks by turning our creative process on its head and just focusing on songs, it all comes from the same spirit of never wanting to settle and always wanting to try to make something great."

You can give it a spin in the embedded player below.

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    They started the album off with the horrific, cliche, annoying and way over-used chipmunk voice? And this is how they are doing things differently? By using the exact same things that every other pop artist is using today? How edgy...
    I see your point, however, this was recorded over a year ago, and that Chipmunk crap is something i've only been hearing for around 6 months or so - still not great, but also not necessarily rising coat tails
    I'm not one to listen to too much pop music, so that could be, but I think that's also a symptom of the real problem with this record: they let other people write it. Those are the same people writing the same type of songs for all of the other pop stars. By definition things are going to have a lot of similarities. Those writers fall back on the same tropes and techniques, trying to capitalize on the current trend in music. To me selling out is chasing trends in music instead of writing music that you want to write. It comes off as a cash grab instead of genuine, and that's a shame for a band that originally created their own genre.
    "We like to push the envelope and pour ourselves into our music" and "We decided to let other people write our songs for us this time" just don't mesh in my mind. I'll give it a listen as a longtime fan, but I'm not expecting much.
    What did the people in the band who play instruments do while they were making this...?
    If you watch the making of any of their past albums you'll see that the way they work is very different to a lot of bands. Brad doesn't just write guitar parts and sit back. They all pitch ideas and record different instruments to find the right sounds. Also, especially in recent albums can a lot of "synths" are guitars that are HEAVILY effected to sound like something else. It's not all distorted crunchy power chords, there's a lot of processing going on.
    And to top it off they hired third party songwriters.  Six guys in a band who barely play any instruments hire a song writer.  It more closely resembles a workplace IT department. 
    Look, there is a complete lack of guitars on this (with the exception of Talking to Myself), and that is a shame, however, to be honest, a different way to look at this is Linkin Park was never a "guitar" band. The melodies, beats, personalities and vocals were the initial draw for this band.  Are these phenomenal songs, not really, but having heard the majority of the Linkin Park's discography post Meteroa, none of this is shocking, there are elements of what is happening here throughout the years, they have just gone ahead and made a full on pop album here. I cant say that that i felt the urge to turn this off while listening, its very poppish - but i hear some strong melodies and vocal deliveries here and there, Not gonna hit the right target for them, probably going to remain the oddball album for them, but i did listen with an open mind, and unlike The Hunting Party i didn't really skip around, its more an album you can put on and not think to much about, and take that for what its worth. Not earth shattering, but there are far worse things to listen to. The next album will most likely be very different 
     Not earth shattering, but there are far worse things to listen to. 
    Kinda sad that this is what we have to settle for, from a band that brought us some killer tunes back in the day.
    I don't like to give my opinion on something unless I've given it a fair chance. I just listened to the whole thing and would probably give it a 5/10. As an old school LP fan, I tried to approach it with an open mind, but it's just not for me. There are some songs that aren't bad, but I can't help thinking that the song should have been mixed differently or performed by someone else entirely. The title track is interesting, but none of the tracks stand out. It's just a boring record. I will await Corey Taylor's thoughts....
    After they said they wanted to get back to rock n roll before making the Hunting Party, I don't know why they went this way. I really have no idea what they are after.
    Is this one of the worst things I've ever listened to? No. But Is it one of the most boring stuff I've ever listened to? Yes
    I had no idea Linkin Park could get any worse than they already were, well they succeeded 
    Strange, I feel like I've heard this already..... like a billion times already for 10 years straight
    There is guitar on the album, but heavily processed so you can barely hear it. That's not the problem though. It's not good for a pop record or good for a mainstream attempt which is the real issue. Sounds like a band that is trying to imitate whats popular, and being incredibly generic as a result.
    Song 'Invisible' is my favorite. Decent album if you're used to new LP sound.
    Its really not that good but if it means seeing one less Metallica article a day Ill take it.
    So I'm trying to give it a fair chance (especially since I am doing a review of it) but I have to be honest, it's doing nothing for me. It sounds like the band is saying "let's prove how grown-up and mature we are by making music for current teenagers". I have no problem with the band changing, "A Thousand Suns" is actually my favourite album of theirs. And let's be real, the majority of their career has been spent doing music that sounds nothing like their first couple albums. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are older than most of the people who will listen to this new album. So it's entirely fair that their new music isn't going to sound like their old music and I don't expect a return to their first couple albums. But this music is not exciting. It's not fresh. It's not bold. It's not creative. It's boring, middle-of-the-road pop music made to sell to the kids who listen to pop broadcast radio and not much else.