New Opeth Album 'All Over the Place,' Mikael Akerfeldt Explains

"This isn't a death metal record." the frontman explains.

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Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt shared some fresh details regarding the band's upcoming studio effort, confirming eight new songs headed in "all over the place" direction.

Chatting with Metal Hammer, Mikael stressed that versatility is in fact one of Opeth's biggest strengths. "I have eight songs written and the direction is going straight into the territory of 'all over the place!'" he kicked off with a laugh.

Further explaining the matter, the frontman even confirmed an old-school Opeth vibe on one of the new tracks. "I think that's our strength, that we can do all these different things. We have a couple of calm songs, a couple of really heavy songs, one proper heavy metal song and I have one epic old-school Opeth song that reminds me of the first two records, with lots of riffs stacked up! I'm really happy with it all. I think we have something big on our hands this time."

Sticking to his guns, Akerfeldt said he doesn't feel obliged to adjust to anyone's music taste. Comparing the new material to the band's latest effort "Heritage," the singer/guitarist added (via Blabbermouth): "I can't say if 'Heritage' haters will love or hate this album. I don't want to accommodate anyone, like, 'Oh, sorry guys! We made a mistake! We'll make a proper record for you this time so you're all happy!' I don't think along those lines.

"This isn't going to be a death metal record," he added. "If you know me and what I like, it won't be such a big surprise. It's a metal record and a progressive record and something else too. Each song is representative of Opeth. It's what I want to listen to, so it's business as usual."

During a separate Decibel magazine interview, Mikael announced it's time for the group to go "'all in' with strings," noting influences from such acts as Goblin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

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    Alex011 was right.
    Somebody who predicted Opeth will say they're going "all in" with strings
    he predicted 6 songs, there's actually 8. The man is impressive. To be continued.
    As I see it, it's someone who thought that UG will rehash the same interview over and over, but that was an interview with Decibel magazine, this one's with Metal Hammer
    It sounds like a great mix of their old stuff with the softer side of Heritage/Watershed in places. Personally cant wait.
    I'm a bit worried actually, most "all over the place" albums I listened to were either weak or plain bad. And yeah, can't wait either
    I believe all Opeth albums are technically "all over the place" that is truly their style. No one does it better either.
    Shut the **** up about Heritage already. We know that most of you couldn't get into the album. If you like it, sweet. If you don't, no one really gives a shit.
    I'll restate the basic concept of this: Shut the **** up with this discussion and shit. No one should talk about things more than, "if you like it, sweet, if you don't, FU UUUUU". Damn debate and conversation to hell! Yup. :3
    While I see your point about discussions, I too am getting sick of hearing people bashing on Heritage all the time.
    You just have to accept it and move on. I don't like seeing the new Trivium hated on so much or the new Protest The Hero being loved so much, but I say my peace when I want and not let it get under my skin.
    Soo damn excited for this record. Opeth are my favourite band and everything they serve up is pure gold, from Orchid all the way through to Heritage. An "all over the place" attitude has always been there for *them* to say it's all over the place certainly means this will be a very adventurous record. Listening to an Opeth album for the first time is always incredible because you don't know what will happen next in each song... \m/
    HAHA another daily dose of Opeth as we all suspected. Great band. looking forward to this release.
    Opeth is the kind of band who you like if you have good taste. There is nothing whatsoever that they don't offer to fans. They have fantastic heavy albums and fantastic albums that never needed to be heavy. The most wonderful thing about Opeth is I can throw in Blackwater Park and be happy, but also throw in Damnation and be happy. If you don't like what they're doing, you're listening to the wrong band.
    I love Opeth but "Opeth is the kind of band who you like if you have good taste" lol quit jerking yourself off
    So someone had a very long interview with Mikael and UG is posting pieces of it each day in the news Besides that I am very excited about the new Opeth album.
    Hi Opeth people or otherwise. Sorry to crash the party but the only reason I signed up to this site was to complain about those stupid bloody z-glide adverts that are all over this site. It's so obviously supposed to be represented as a phallic symbol - a hot woman showing her breasts and fingering a flesh coloured guitar neck with her painted nails. Get a bloody grip! (Yes that's funny)If the product was that good it wouldn't have to go those sad depths. I hope it fails! Aside, Opeth are okay. I have all their records but the riffs lack bite. Too many sliding octave shapes, and virtually no groove. Before the hate sets in, I have all of their records on a flash drive from a guy who downloaded them.
    He speaks as if "all over the place" is a positive thing.
    Not sure why the downvotes, the whole "all over the place" thing is one of the things I hate about a lot of new albums these days. I also loved Heritage, looking forward to this one.
    Anty 7
    Yeah, it seems like this is going to be a collection of songs rather than a cohesive album, so to speak. Which sucks. I still think the music will be great. I really liked Heritage, even though it's one of their weaker albums. Some people have criticised the songwriting on Heritage as being too "copy-paste" and lacking flow, but only three songs are like that, Nepenthe, Haxprocess and Famine. The album does lack cohesiveness though. BTW, I suggest all the people that preferred Damnation (most of us I guess) to listen to the discarded tracks that ended up being bonus tracks: Pyre and Face in the Snow. They are excellent and very Damnation-esque
    I agree with you, people didn't hate Heritage because it wasn't heavy. They hated it because it was a bunch of half-assed ideas arbitrarily thrown together. Damnation is one of their most loved albums and it is even less heavy than Heritage. People like Damnation because it's *good*.
    Didn't get this impression at all, I just though it was a really cool collection of great prog rock tracks. If you're a fan of classic '70s prog rock, you can't go wrong with Heritage.
    So true. Heritage was so haphazard to me and the majority of the songs to me just didn't feel like they were finished yet. More like a bunch of rough ideas. That's why I didn't like it. More mellow stuff from Opeth is totally fine.
    Please, no more shitty experimenting. Just make a good prog death album ffs no more garbage like Heritage or even try to veer off your path. You're not allowed any more after that pile of dung that was Heritage
    "I don't want to accommodate anyone, like, 'Oh, sorry guys! We made a mistake! We'll make a proper record for you this time so you're all happy!' I don't think along those lines."
    lol sorry I just see Opeth then get scared they'll put another abomination like Heritage out
    Second Rate
    Why worry? They will put out another Heritage. You know what happens when metal bands start buying into their own hype. They think their every idea is gold and has to be shared with the peasantry, and then they mock and marginalize anyone who doesn't share the same opinion as somehow backward, uneducated, or some other such idiocy. The whole thing blows up in their faces, and then they run back to whatever scene spawned them with their tail between their legs by releasing an album so steeped in genre cliches that it comes across as overcompensation. Metallica did it with "Death Magnetic," Cryptopsy with their self-titled effort, and on and on. In other words... look for Opeth to release a brutal Death Metal album sometime around 2016 or 2018.
    Please, no more shitty experimenting . Just make a good prog death album[...] I don't even...
    Fuck innovation! I want a formula. But don't be too mainstream. But don't do anything new. But also don't do the exact thing you just did, I want to hear something new. That's what you sound like Jakinov.
    Definitely my favorite band. Still, I just couldn't get into Heritage, not because it was mellow, but because it just sounded so unfinished and rough. Here's to hoping new album will be mellow, heavy and everything in between but more complete like all their other releases.
    I feel like you can't really even guess at what this album will really sound like. "All over the place" could mean a lot of different things. He said there were some really heavy songs, and some old-school Opeth vibes, and some not-heavy songs.... just like all but two of their records. (There was nothing heavy about Damnation or Heritage.) So really, it could sound like Deliverence or Ghost Reveries or none of the above.