New Paramore Album Is 'Inspired'

Hayley Williams has told fans that their new recordings are "the most inspired and liberating experience we've had in the studio so far."

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Paramore have updated fans on their recording sessions with new producer and bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen, describing it as "the most inspired and liberating experience we've had in the studio so far."

Justin was formerly with Nine Inch Nails and Beck, but singer Hayley Williams couldn't be happier that he has now joined the Paramore camp.

"At this point, we have recorded one song with Justin. That time in the studio was easily the most relaxed, inspired, and liberating experiences we have had in any studio thus far," she told fans (via NME). "We are huge fans of his work not only as a producer but as a musician, writer and musical director. He wears all those hats well and with a lot of humility."

Hayley adds that sher songwriting has matured since recording "Brand New Eyes" in 2009. "I am laughing things off a lot more easily these days than I was at 19, when I wrote the last album. Even the songs with the more serious subject matter feel less toiled and troubled. Musically, I am most inspired by the personality captured in every instrument. That, to me, is actually what is making up this newer sound that is happening."

The band have four shows scheduled in the UK, including a headline slot at Reading Festival in August. It will be their first UK appearance since founding members Josh and Zac Farro left the band.

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    New bassist? So I take it that the original bassist has been promoted to guitar lol.
    I doubt. Anyway...
    Bozjoarmstrong wrote: and Hayley Williams has just inspired me to go fap.
    "including a headline slot at Reading Festival in August" Weird putting a headline band on second from top.