New Pearl Jam Album Almost Done

Guitarist Stone Gossard describes the sound of the new album, but won't reveal an exact release date. Can you guess it?

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A new Pearl Jam album is nearing completion, according to guitarist Stone Gossard.

Rumors about their 10th studio album have been rife, with some reports saying it could be out this year and others saying it will feature an experimental new sound - but the only thing the band will say for sure is that it's nearly ready.

"It's almost done and as far as what it sounds like, it sounds like Pearl Jam," Gossard told Guerrilla Candy. "You're going to hear some rock songs and you're going to hear some quiet songs and you'll hear some songs in between. That's all I can really say about it because we aren't talking about it yet so it doesnt make much sense for me to say anything."

Meanwhile, Gossard is preparing to release a solo album titled "Moonlander" on June 25. It's his first solo release in over a decade, and in a recent interview he said the new record has a new focus on "oddball riffs" and lyrics.

So there you have it: a new Pearl Jam album could be out this year, and certainly by 2014. But then again, we said that two years ago with Queens of the Stone Age.

Place your bets on when the new album will be released in the comments, and when the release date is finally announced we might come back to this post to see who nailed it. Closest answer wins!

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    Soundgarden,Pearl jam and Alice in chains tour One day
    It'll be out before Tool's new album, that's for sure. Either way, excited about both
    Darth Wader
    December 2nd, 2013
    Maybe December 3rd, 2013. Albums typically release on Tuesdays in the US. Second guess: December 10th, 2013.
    Darth Wader
    Yep you are right. Sadly, I looked at my calendar to make sure it was a Tuesday and still picked a Monday.
    Don't feel bad...I had to look at my calender to make sure the 3rd and the 10th were Tuesdays.
    Damn, another great band releasing an album this year... 2013 is a great year for music...
    There was enough good stuff on Backspacer to make me excited about this release. Hoping a few oddball Matt Cameron riffs make the list
    Darth Wader
    Matt Cameron plays drums...
    He wrote a large amount of the music for 'The Fixer' on Backspacer, at least the main guitar parts. He plays more than just drums :]
    kind of excited for this whole "new sound" thing. I thought all that weird stuff on No Code was quite cool
    Finally some good news. Jeff died, Tool are far from an album, but Pearl Jam are still kicking. I love them. I have to take out my flanel shirt from the trunk.
    New Soundgarden and AIC and now new Pearl Jam??? VIVA LE GRUNGE!! HELL YEH I LOVE ME SOME SEATTLE ROCK!
    ZOSO <(")
    "Oddball riffs, and lyrics" Does that mean that Eddies gonna the new 'table'?
    Other than Riot Act I have never felt let down by PJ. Super excited for a new release and they will deliver.