New Pearl Jam Might Resemble U2 and Pink Floyd, Says Guitarist Mike McCready

artist: Pearl Jam date: 04/10/2013 category: new releases
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New Pearl Jam Might Resemble U2 and Pink Floyd, Says Guitarist Mike McCready
Pearl Jam axeman Mike McCready recently sat down with the Grunge Report to discuss the group's forthcoming record, supposedly set for a late 2013 release. According to the guitarist, things are cooking up good in the studio and the album is already taking up certain shape and form. "The sessions went really well, they went very quick. We were with Brendan O'Brien, and he was kind of whipping us into shape. We all teamed together to bring in another section of songs, we started this project 2 years ago. We just recently finished another 7 or 8 from that or so, we're listening to them to see which ones are going to end up ultimately on the record," McCready said. "We're close to the end zone right now, football analogy! There might be a few [of my compositions] on there. Not necessarily like 'Inside Job,' but there's one I'm very very proud of." As far as the current musical direction of the Seattle five-piece goes, the guitarist made some perhaps unexpected comparisons with U2 and rock titans Pink Floyd, adding that there will be a lot of things happening on the record. "I think the fans will hear what we are and where we are at now, it's going to be to their liking I think, it is to us. We haven't figured it out exactly what everything is that is going to be on this record. Some of the standout tracks on there are pretty amazing. Matt wrote a really cool one that's kind of ethereal meets U2ness, I wrote kind of a punk rock one and a Pink Floyd thing, so there's all these kinds of things going on. Ed has written some beautiful numbers, some kind of garagy type stuff and then also some beautiful lyrical kind of things. We'll put all of those things in the Pearl Jam thing, and hit mix, and mix it up." McCready also discussed the possibility of recording a live studio album at a certain point, saying the band could take "even more of a left turn" than on "No Code." The follow-up to 2009's "Backspacer" was recently described as "experimental" and inspired by various music forms from punk to prog rock. Although Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger was said to be working with the band, he later went on to deny any kind of involvement. As far as the individual band members go, McCready is currently also a member of the yet unnamed supergroup with Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, while the frontman Eddie Vedder recently teamed up with the Queens of the Stone Age during their performance on the Lollapalooza Chile festival.
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