New Pearl Jam Record Will Be 'Way Better Than 'Backspacer,'' Says Guitarist Mike McCready

artist: Pearl Jam date: 05/13/2013 category: new releases
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New Pearl Jam Record Will Be 'Way Better Than 'Backspacer,'' Says Guitarist Mike McCready
The new Pearl Jam release is steaming up to be a good one, and guitarist Mike McCready isn't afraid to say it. As the most informative member of the Seattle five-piece when it comes to new album details, McCready once again went on to discuss the upcoming record, describing it as "way better" than the group's previous effort, 2009's "Backspacer." When asked about the release date of the yet-untitled record during a recent KIRO Radio interview, the guitarist commented, "I've been told by the powers that be I can't say anything yet because we are just mixing it right now. [The powers that] are basically the five of us and our manager, we sit down and talk about - honestly, we don't have a date for it yet." "[Just] know that it's going to be way better than 'Backspacer,' I think. It's just different," McCready added. "It's going to be great. I'm very happy about it and we're not done with it yet. I'm not sure when it's out, but it should be out someday [laughs]." According to the latest info, the new record is "almost done" and should most definitely hit the stores by early 2014. As far as the album's sound goes, it was initially labeled as experimental, just to be more thoroughly described by McCready as somewhat of a mix between legendary Pink Floyd and Irish rockers U2. "I think the fans will hear what we are and where we are at now, it's going to be to their liking I think, it is to us," the guitarist told Grunge Report. "We haven't figured it out exactly what everything is that is going to be on this record. Some of the standout tracks on there are pretty amazing. Matt wrote a really cool one that's kind of ethereal meets U2ness, I wrote kind of a punk rock one and a Pink Floyd thing, so there's all these kinds of things going on." "Backspacer" came out back in September 2009 via band's own label Monkeywrench Records. As their first Billboard 200 chart topper since 1996's "No Code," it was ultimately certified as Gold by the RIAA in January 2010.
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