New Pennywise Album Out In Early 2008

Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge gave a brief update on plans for their long-awaited follow-up to 2005's "The Fuse".

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In a recent interview at the Warped Tour, Fletcher Dragge, guitarist of long-running Epitaph act Pennywise gave a brief update on plans for a new full length from the band.

According to Fletcher, the band has approximately 60 new songs and will spend the fall "arguing" over which thirteen to include on a new album. Though the plans are tentative right now, they hope to release a new record in early 2008.

A 2008 release is slightly longer than the band's usual pattern which has been to release a new album every two years, going back to 1995. The band's previous record, "The Fuse", was released in 2005.

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    The Fuse was lame and uninspired, and the one before that was good enough to be their last album. Nothing to see here, go back to listening to good music, such as BR.
    @ Jau The only thing more repetitive than the last Pennywise albums is Bad Religion.
    YES!!!YES!! Pennywise is so tight. hopefully this album will be. just being part of the bro hymn or **** authority experience alive is enuf to shut all haters up
    Don't get me wrong, pennywise has done some great shit, and like I said, From The Ashes was for the most part great, but The Fuse just felt like a by the numbers album without meaning; it felt like they were attempting to do About Time but go confused along the way. If pennywise experiments and makes their sound better then the next album should be worth it.