New Queens Of The Stone Age Album 'Strangest Yet'

Josh Homme says the new album is deeper and stranger than their previous efforts, and has recruited some old friends to help out.

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The new Queens Of The Stone Age album is their strangest yet, according to frontman Josh Homme.

Homme said it's been a struggle to record the new album, which was originally promised by the end of 2011, but the result is ultimately "deeper, richer and stranger" than previous releases.

He was speaking to BBC Radio 1 (via Antiquiet) when their Masterpieces series featured QOTSA's 2002 classic "Songs For The Deaf", which recently appeared as one of our Top 10 Concept Albums.

Homme said the new album "sounds like you're running in a dream the whole time," by the end sounds like "a spoonful of sugar." With every other record, he would "pull every trick I know to wrap hooks in strangeness," but this time, "the final trick I have is 'no trick at all.'" Whatever that means.

Special guests will include Dave Grohl on drums, and Trent Reznor has been helping out with some electronic elements. Former bassist Nick Oliveri has also returned to provide vocals, though it's not clear how far his involvement will go.

The BBC Radio 1 'Masterpieces' session is available to UK listeners for one week, and offers some fascinating insights into the recording of their classic "Songs For The Deaf" album.

Could the new QOTSA record be a return to form for the band and become another rock classic? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    QOTSA + Grohl + Reznor = dream come true
    My thoughts exactly! And the fact that Nick and Josh were able to patch things up (even if only for a brief moment) just adds to the awesomeness!
    josh also appeared on the latest Mondo Generator album, which is Nick's project.
    Grohl was on another QotSA album, it was either Era Vulgaris or Songs For The Deaf.
    Can't help myself from thinking of Rated R and Lullabies to Paralyze... my hopes are getting even higher, if that's even possible.
    Trent, dave, and josh is the same studio? I wish I could just hang out in there
    Return to form? Era Vulgaris was an amazing album!!!!! Return to form... Pah!
    Era Vulgaris was pretty strange, so if this is even stranger? the person who mentioned Trout Mask Replica might not be too far off
    Wow, that photo must be at least 7 years old. Accurate and up to date as ever, UG...
    Man, i'm so excited for that new record. Josh and that LP, Tour and do another TCV-LP! Do it! And to your Bass-Player: Do a new Mini Mansions-CD. ...what a bunch of geniuses.
    There are only a couple of rock bands that in 50 yrs will be remembered. QOTSA are at 1st place.
    'Could the new QOTSA record be a return to form for the band...' A return to form? Um, from where? Last time I checked, Era Vulgaris was one of the best ****ing albums this century.
    While my own expectations are pretty good, I can't help but imagine the enourmous dissapointment, and raging shitstorm if the album sucked... But that's just a far out hypothetical situation - When you have people like Dave Grohl, and Trent Reznor on board, you know you're on to something awsome! But the best arugment against it sucking? It's... mother****ing... QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE!
    I wasn't a big fan of their last album, but every other album has been awesome!!! Looking forward to this!!!
    I always thought they were best at their strangest; I prefer Someone's in the Wolf to Go With the Flow.
    Hopefully after getting Dave, Trent and Nick they could get Mark Lanegan as well Regardelss i'm beyond excited in every way for the new record
    Sounds like Josh had writers-block block after TCV. Cant blame him. It sounds like he's somewhat depresed. Last Queens album?! Hopefully not...
    Why do you say he sounds depressed? Perhaps a bit cryptic, but would you expect anything different?
    Source for "last Queen's album"?
    I think he inferred that from Josh saying, "...the final trick I have is no trick at all". I really doubt this means Josh is retiring from the music business though. I interpret it as him saying that while previous records had lots of bizarre stuff, his trick was centering it all around catchy pop hooks. On this record he is making no attempt to temper the bizarre stuff around pop hooks. So... I'd expect a record hardcore fans will love, but likely wont have any hit singles like "Go With the Flow" or "Little Sister"