New Shins Album Announced

artist: The Shins date: 12/15/2006 category: new releases

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The new Shins album, Wincing The Night Away, is set for a release date of January 23rd, 2007. It is being produced by Joe Chiccarelli and is being release under the label Sub Pop Records. In an interview with Billboard, the band's lead singer James Mercer said that the band is "stretching out" with the new album and that they have used their longer recording time to further their ideas. Full track listing: 01. "Sleeping Lessons" - 3:58 02. "Australia" - 3:56 03. "Pam Berry" - 0:56 04. "Phantom Limb" - 4:47 05. "Sea Legs" - 5:22 06. "Red Rabbits" - 4:30 07. "Turn On Me" - 3:41 08. "Black Wave" - 3:19 09. "Spilt Needles" - 3:45 10. "Girl Sailor" - 3:44 11. "A Comet Appears" - 3:49
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