New Slipknot Record Won't Be 'Crap No One Cares About,' Says Corey Taylor

Slipknot frotnman aiming to make music that will last on the upcoming album.

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As Slipknot are in a midst of recuperating and setting their plans for next year's studio entrance, singer Corey Taylor stressed that he is looking to make music that will last, rather than just disappear in a couple of years.

During a recent Fuse interview, Taylor compared the current state of music to fast food industry, saying that "it's basically McDonald's trying to make music."

"It's like, 'Everybody needs another hamburger and fries. Here's a piece of crap that nobody is going to care about in two years,'" the singer said. "I hate that and I don't ever want to be that guy."

Taylor explained further, "I want to be able to let the inspiration come to me, because that's when you get the best stuff. And there's so much expectation on this anyway that the last thing I want to do is put the guys through that kind of bombardment. It's gonna be hard enough to enter the studio without Paul anyway."

The singer concluded on somewhat of a positive note, saying, "If we could all kind of go in and do it together, try to have fun with it, make it dark, make it crazy, make it beautiful, i think we'll have something very special."

The latest Slipknot release, "All Hope is Gone," saw its release back in August 2008 via Roadrunner Records as the band's fourth studio record. After selling around 240,000 copies in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Sammy Mantis
    How many articles are they going to milk out of this same interview clip? What is this, three now? Might as well go for two more, get a week's worth of news out of it. Go for it!
    I'm not exactly holding my breath for the new album. I know a week from now there will be an article saying that they aren't making an album, only to be contradicted saying that they are.
    matteo cubano
    Not sure if he's talking about songwriting in general at the end but...Beautiful isn't quite one of the words I'd use to describe anything Slipknots put out.
    m4ss3 m/
    Vermilion Pt. II, nuff said.
    Volume 3 got me through some of the darkest periods in my life. That album's unique blend of focused anger, rage, angst, fear, and regeneration is extremely beautiful.
    matteo cubano
    If anyone disagrees you don't understand what Slipknot had started out to be and their original message.
    Seriously, I agree 100%. Can't even believe Slipknot fans (at least I'm assuming, unless you're just here to troll the article, in which case, go be a douche elsewhere) would not name any or only name just a few songs of theirs that show "beauty." Just because it isn't as obvious at first listen, that doesn't mean there's no inner beauty in those songs. You just have to look deep enough into their meanings to find beauty even in the ones that appear ugly at first glance.
    matteo cubano
    I went through a huge slipknot phase last year and liked them a lot during high school. Drove 6 hours to see them in Ohio from Chicago cuz I had a family reunion when mayhem came through last year. But to me slipknot is a rejection of cultural standards of beauty (mostly) physically and built their lyrics and sound on the chaos and darkness in the human soul so I guess some consider that beautiful in a twisted way, I see it as a release of the ugliness we have inside so we don't have to always be holding it in and acting like theres only beauty in us
    I like this, a very interesting insight. I have led a fairly well-off, sheltered life, and I have never connected with all the "anger" or "angst" that a lot of extreme bands, and their fans, claim to possess and tap into when writing/listening to this music. I feel this is why I have never enjoyed much extreme music; I appreciate (literally)one or two Slipknot songs, and I believe my life story has contributed to that. Occasionally I regret this(not sure if "regret" is the right word), and I wonder if not being able to hear past the extreme vocals, dirty atmosphere, or dissonant chugging means I am missing something special, something beautiful that I might find meaningful. But I suppose that if my background and personality were different, I wouldn't connect with and appreciate much of the music that I already love. I love this about music, and art in general. Differing perspectives are fascinating.
    So it's not going to be like any of their previous releases then?
    Correction: like all of their Corey Taylor-era releases. Their first album, Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat is a classic.
    "Here's a piece of crap that nobody is going to care about in two years,'" the singer said. "I hate that and I don't ever want to be that guy." Newsflash: You ARE that guy. Aside form his Slipknot stuff, what music fan remembers anything this guy has done in the past few years? Unless you're a hardcore fan, I doubt you remember anything. Horrible writing, mediocre pseudo metal and tired Nickelback-esque hooks make for very forgettable music, Mr. Taylor. Unless of course you're Nickelback. Then you somehow make millions selling crap.
    Not holding my breath for this album, but if it turns out to be good I shall buy it.
    Maybe they could quit wearing silly masks
    Tell that to Kiss, Ghost, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, GWAR, Behemoth, ect. I'm not a big fan of stage personas and masks, but hell if it isn't great marketing.
    I should clarify- I like the bands I listed, and was defending the fact that they wear masks. I worded my post strangely.
    The masks dont even come into picture when you switch on their audio cd or their mp3 at home.
    Where has the all the Slipknot love come from? I swear that up until recently, people were flaming them all the time.
    That could be realted with them having put all their shit together and started to work again.
    This frat dog needs to go away. He's an abscess on the Sound City record... how did he get on there? Slipknot were and are stupid nu-metal.
    Obviously never heard Vol. 3 and All Hope Is Gone. No way are those albums Nu-Metal.
    Vol. 3 is definitely more Nu-Metal than Iowa. Nu-Metal is about experimenting and doing stuff no-one else would have done, and if. vol. 3 isn't just that, then I don't know what is. Iowa is way more straight forward and less experimental than vol. 3 or the selftitled.
    Or their first two for that matter, which would illustrate an even stronger point... Seeing as how All Hope Is Gone is the closest thing to nu-metal that they've released... Which still isn't even very "nu-metal" in some aspects.
    Yeah despite that it has more guitar solos than any other of their record, and solos were such a staple of nu metal, right?.
    I agree completely. I honestly don't know what anyone sees or ever saw in this band.
    Nero Galon
    Great energy and pretty melodic stuff. Thats me anyway.
    true dat. Personally, i can't think of another band who is that energetic live, though they are less crazy nowadays. Can't blame them, they've been here for over 20 years. I am happy that its definite that they're writing a new album. It was too annoying all the contradictions of a new album before...
    Slipknot is more of the good Metalcore. They actually have some pretty cool stuff. I just hate how the scene nowadays ruins their image. All these emo kids liking it just because they think it's the heaviest it gets, then you show them old school Death Metal like Massacre or Morbid Angel and they lose their minds and get scared.
    Um, Corey,everything your band has put out since you joined has been "crap noome cares about". First you rode Korns coatails, adding pop choruses to go along with your ever-so-cute merchandised masks and jumpsuits, and now you try to pretend you're a real "respectable" metal band. Sorry Corey, noone over 15 is buying it anymore.
    I mean, you can dislike Slipknot according to your taste, but saying everything they've released is "crap no one cares about" is just ridiculous- they have a gigantic fanbase. Can't people just listen to the music they like and leave other people's tastes alone, or is that just wishful thinking that will never happen? Then again, you're probably trolling, which is even worse. If you're going to make fun of children under 15, stop acting like one.
    Gigantic fanbase? You say that like it makes them respectable. One Direction has a gigantic fanbase, but they're clearly a 1-hit wonder boy band.
    So what? Did you even read the comment he is replying?
    They've been in the limelight for 15 years and more recently have headlining or co-headlining major festivals worldwide with nothing but a reputation to promote for the past four years. So, yeah, people have cared, care now, and will continue to care whether you like them or not.
    The new Slipknot album will be crap that I won't care about. Just like all of their previous albums. If you don't like my opinion don't get offended. But I really don't like Slipknot.
    I just hope it will be more groovy or thrashy and less, well you know, 'nu'.
    I think it would be extremely difficult to write if I was in their shoes. Think it would be for the best to go back to the basics, something with an edge. There should be plenty of lyrical ideas to write about.
    If history repeats itself, which it usually does, this album is gonna be crap no one cares about not too long after its release just like all of the other albums they've released in the past.
    I'm actually not sure where my expectations are for this one. They're good musicians who have 3 fairly solid albums. But AHIG was such shit. Guess we'll see.