New Smashing Pumpkins Has 'Led Zeppelin Vibe'

artist: The Smashing Pumpkins date: 05/22/2012 category: new releases
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New Smashing Pumpkins Has 'Led Zeppelin Vibe'
Smashing Pumpkins drummer Mike Byrne says the band ditched click tracks on their forthcoming album "Oceania", giving the record a live Led Zeppelin vibe. Byrne says the process was a challenge, but the album is much better for it. "I'll be honest there were moments I was banging my head against the wall but I think the overall feel of the album benefits from it," he told Rhythm magazine (via Music Radar). "I enjoyed having a freedom and pocket on the record, it's got a Zep-vibe in that way." The drummer described the process of finding their drum sound with Billy Corgan who produced the album: "Typically we dance between kits because we have an extensive collection of vintage kits out there. Recording on Vistalites sounds like a weird move but they sound so distinct," he said. "We landed on a Grestch USA Custom and used that through the whole recording along with a variety of snares. We spent three days dialling in the core set of sounds." At one point, Byrne fell upon some luck while recording the opening track "Quasar": "We spent all night honing the parts and didn't do a single take, just ironing out every fill. The next day we came in and did the check your tones take and by the time I was finished they called me into the control room and we'd done it on the first take. That was the happiest surprise of the three weeks." "Oceania" will be released on June 19 with EMI Records. It will be part of a 44-song project titled "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope". Hear a live version of "Quasar" below:
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