New SOAD Record on the Way?

"The next album is coming," says drummer John Dolmayan.

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Drummer John Dolmayan of System of a Down once again gave a vague answer regarding the band's new record, confirming that SOAD still aren't specifically working on new material.

When asked by ZDF Kultur about the new album, the drummer jokingly answered, "The next album is coming."

After a brief pause, he continued, "It's coming at some point." As the interviewer directly asked him on whether the four-piece is working on new tracks, Dolmayan commented, "No. Just in our heads."

In the past few months, SOAD ranks were buzzing with drama as singer Serj Tankian kept denying any new album hints his bandmates dropped.

The latest words of "Hypnotize" follow-up came once again from Dolmayan during the finish of last month's SOAD performance in LA. "Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f--king album!" the drummer shouted. Serj was quick to differ, simply saying that the new record is not it making.

However, the frontman also underlined that he most definitely has the desire to record with SOAD again at a certain point, noting that otherwise he "wouldn't be discussing it at all."

"We have to make a record when we think it's time, not anyone else," he said during a Raddit AMA session. "I am not opposed to making a System record at all. It just has to be the right time for us all in the band."

"Hypnotized" was released in November 2005 via American Recordings, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with over 320,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.

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So what do you expect from the new album, and when exactly do you think we might get to wrap our ears around it?

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    Can't wait for update "Serj Tankian: There will be no record yet".
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    At this point, I won't give a shit about anything SOAD news has to say until a new album is actually out.
    From now on, I'm just going to assume that any news about RATM or SOAD is going to be, "Are they getting back together? The world may never know!"
    More System Of A Down news: That part is kind of confusing. But im all ears when new record comes out
    I'm telling you, they're in cahoots with Tool. It's gonna be an SOAD/Tool double album.
    Maybe Metallica and Necrophagist will have a guest appearance, i'm sure they will announce it in the new Half Life game!
    What this implies is there will be no record because it's not the right time for everyone (Serj) right now.
    Jacques Nel
    Maybe their almost finished and want to keep us guessing? [Cough] Fat chance [Cough cough]
    At this point, I highly doubt they will release anymore albums. There has been a lot of fuzz regarding the topic and Serj's answer is always "No" and if he doesn't want to make another SOAD album well, you just cannot force him to do it!
    After this long a break from recording and writing, it'll sound almost like a different band anyway. We're not too far away from it being a decade since Mezmerize/Hypnotize came out, after all.
    They should start calling themselves System of Roses or Guns & Down and replace half the band with people wearing KFC buckets as hats.
    I feel that if they didn't write about possible RATM, SOAD or Slipknot albums the site would shut down
    My god just let them be... when they settle the disputes they have among them, the good music is gonna come, until then, dont put your noses into others business...
    "New SOAD Record on the Way?" No. Please, no.
    You don't want one? Don't listen to it.
    I'm not going to listen to 10 seconds of this new album deliberately. My problem is with the scene kids who blast this abhorrent garbage on their mobiles right next to my ears.
    i'm getting real tired of UG hinting that the record is finally being made yet saying the same thing... that its not being made. seriously, cut the crap and just tell us when it IS finally started. jeez
    Is anyone that excited? And don't get me wrong I'm not trolling here or trying to get anyone going but their last album was ages ago and it was just a decent album, nothing like their first three.
    im kinda lookin at it like SOAD will have a new record but i should just be patient. so, ill stop reading these till the title of the article is a little more solid!
    Dammit UG. This is exactly what you did with Slipknot during the "Will Slipknot ever play live/write new music again" era a few years back. This is overkill.