New Soundgarden Album In The Works

artist: Soundgarden date: 01/22/2013 category: new releases
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New Soundgarden Album In The Works
Soundgraden frontman Chris Cornell has hinted that the band have started writing music for a new album. They're only one week into a North American tour to promote "King Animal", their first album for 16 years. Now Cornell has said "every time we're in a room we're coming up with something new," sparking hopes of a new album recording. So what do the band think of making another album? "I think the overall attitude about keeping it going and the way we want to treat it to keep it going is really good. There's nothing stopping us from continuing to make records and continuing to play shows, that's for sure," Cornell told Billboard. He says the Soundgarden camp has been feeling positive because they're performing for the love of it, and without any business agenda - though it could be a subtle way of responding to claims last August that their reunion is about making money. "We had a good experience making ["King Animal"], and since we've come back together everything has been kind of that way," said Cornell. "There hasn't really been any of the tension... I think that's as simple as us making the conscious decision to not be influenced by anything other than what the four of us want to do and not putting a business version of a timeline on it. "Our attitude is that we're doing this because we love it and because it matters to us and not for any other reason, and everything else kind of takes care of itself." Soundgarden's North American tour will continue into February, and plan to book more 2013 dates when scheduling for their drummer Matt Cameron has been arranged with his other band, Pearl Jam. Would you like to hear another new Soundgarden album? Did "King Animal" live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments.
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