New Thin Lizzy Record To Come Out Under A Different Band Name

artist: Thin Lizzy date: 10/11/2012 category: new releases
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New Thin Lizzy Record To Come Out Under A Different Band Name
Thin Lizzy have been reunited without deceased front man Phil Lynott for over a decade now, and in their two most recent line-ups, have amassed considerable success on the touring circuit. However, as the band is set to release their first album of new material since the early 1980s, guitarist Scott Gorham has decided to lay the Thin Lizzy name to rest out of respect for their former lead creative force. As Blabbermouth notes, Gorham has released the following statement: "Out of respect to Phil Lynott and the legacy he created, we have decided that we should not release a new album under the Thin Lizzy name. It was a very difficult decision as we put a lot of time and effort into rebuilding the Thin Lizzy brand over recent years. Releasing a new album was the only way to continue this success. "We all know how much Phil meant to this band and the fans. "We have written 20 songs that we all feel very strongly do the band and Thin Lizzy name credit. We believe Phil would have been proud of them. "We always knew a new record was a touchy subject with some people and as such really want the quality of these songs to be heard by everyone without any judgment or prejudice. To that end, we have decided not to release these songs under the name Thin Lizzy. "We want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the years and to all our fans. We will release this material soon and you will be hearing some great new music with the classic Thin Lizzy sound intact. We will announce future plans early in the New Year." The band will cease touring as Thin lizzy at the end of this year, after they finish their scheduled European dates. Do you agree with the Thin Lizzy name change? Let us know in the comments section.
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