New Tool Album Is Not Finished, Band Explains

"Unfortunately, off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context," the statement reads.

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After the announcement of the new Tool album's completion had fans tingling with joy last week, the follow-up statement is bound leave them crushed, as the band's new record is not finished after all.

The group posted the exclusive info via Rolling Stone, saying, "Last night, Adam Jones, in a private conversation with fans attending the Portland Tool concert, joked that the band's new album was not only finished but coming out the next day.

"Unfortunately, his off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context. Work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know," the statement concludes.

Jones also personally addressed the matter via Twitter, adding, "FYI, 'The record's done and it's coming out tomorrow' is what I said yesterday, followed by 'just kidding...'"

So the album is not "100% done" after all, but the work process is clearly heading along. Meanwhile, the band is still busy out on the road with their first US tour in two years.

hello greg. fyi "the record's done and its coming out tomorrow" is what i said yesterday followed by "just kidding"...

- adam jones (@AdamJones_tv) March 7, 2014

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    If anyone did not see this coming ...
    Dammit, Greg.
    I guess Half Life 3 has just been delayed again then.
    At least Valve aren't teasing us by even acknowledging that there will one day be a Half Life 3 :/
    Next up: They were only joking that they were joking. The album is in store now! *keeps on dreaming *
    They had the ultimate joke. They actually haven't started writing yet.
    i definitely understand that songwriting takes a long time, especially in this genre... but almost a decade between albums? come on
    They haven't actually spent this whole time writing. They've just been doing other things for years and years. There was 5 years between Lateralus and 10,000 Days, but they didn't spend that whole time writing and producing the album. They took a bunch of time off, did other projects and things, and by the time they actually started real work on the new album, it was out a year later. I wouldn't be surprised if they only just started seriously working on this new album like 6 months ago.
    I won't believe the album is actually out even when I've bought it and listened to in 100 times. Also, should we just assume this is the last Tool album? At least that we'll see before we die?
    It probably will be, at this rate. Although, in an interview a few years ago, Danny Carey said that after the next album, they would start putting out new material more quickly, because they still want to do at least a few more albums, and at this rate, they'll get too old to do that. Then again, at that time, he also seemed to think this album would be done by 2011. So yeah, something has clearly changed, and I fully expect this album, whenever it comes, to be the last.
    screech n' moan
    Everyone should understand that this is NOT the band's fault, it's the jumpy journalist's fault for wanting to publish a story before knowing exactly what the hell they're talking about for the sake of being the first with the big story.
    I'm not really a Tool fan, but this still kinda pissed me off...
    Tool actually released the album 5 months ago under a fake name and are just waiting until somebody finds it hidden on the internet to acknowledge a release.
    lol this is newsworthy? who the hell has ever said "YUP WE FINISHED ALBUM AND ITS COMING OUT TOMORROW" Whos stupid enough to believe that?
    Jones' original statement read: "I can say an album is done, even if I'm not serious"
    So Rolling Stone is just as bad as, if not worse than, UG for omitting the most important details in order to gain views. Yeah this surprises me less than the actual news about Tool
    And let this be a lesson to all future journalists..... check with reputable sources directly. A website does not constitute a reputable source, especially one that copies it's text from craveonline.
    Actually, reading that back, that's completely justified... "The record's 100% done... and it's coming out tomorrow... Just kidding" - Which means, it's not coming out tomorrow? Come to think of it; I've never heard Adam Jones say anything remotely funny... Maybe he doesn't understand what a joke is....(?)
    Eugh.. Jesus, now I have to go tell my mate that he was right and I was wrong... "I'll believe it when I see it" he said. "But you can't get that wrong... They said '100% finished', so that's not vague"... Tool, you owe me 1 x cool point...
    Also, the only reason it took UG so long to correct this is because they don't maintain the website over the weekend. Everybody else (including the site that UG cited as its source) had this corrected days ago, since Adam Jones himself debunked it within hours of the original story going up.
    You should never have believed it in the first place. Even in the joke, which was taken out of context, Adam Jones never used the phrase "100% finished". His exact words were, "the record's done and coming out tomorrow. Just kidding." The "100%" comment was just pulled out of some terrible journalist's ass.