New Tool Record Coming in Early 2014, Says Drummer Danny Carey

The band is also rumored to be working on a movie.

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One of the most anticipated records in the music world finally got at least a tentative release date as drummer Danny Carey confirmed that the new Tool album will most likely drop during early 2014.

In an exclusive Loudwire interview, the stickman also revealed that singer Maynard James Keenan is still absent from the studio, but will likely join his bandmates in the near future.

"It's still the three of us right now and four of us it will be soon, you know, just working on all our parts and working on our compositions together," the drummer said. "Stylistically, we're trying to push things in different ways, but it always comes out sounding like Tool no matter what we're trying to do. We're working everyday on it and it's going really well, so I'm hoping we'll get into the studio by the end of the year."

When asked about the possibility of a 2013 release, Carey seemed quite uncertain as he basically ruled out any chances for the record to drop during the current year.

"I doubt it. Right now, since we haven't started tracking stuff at this point, it'll be hard. We could have the record finished by the end of the year - that's a possibility, but the logistics of getting it manufactured and getting the record company in line and all this stuff, I doubt we'll be able to get it out before Christmas. We'll see how it goes. Most likely, it'll be early 2014."

Meanwhile, rumors regarding the possibility of Tool making a movie have also surfaced online. As Antiquiet reports, the band's recent statements regarding their involvement in the "biggest project of their lives," along with the prolonged new album release might be somewhat of an indicator that the four-piece is in fact producing a film.

So essentially, Maynard's statements about the band not releasing a new album in 2013 have now been confirmed without a hint of doubt. As far as Carey's work is considered, the drummer is also busy working on the new Volto! record.

The latest Tool album, "10,000 Days," saw its release over seven years ago, back in early May 2006. With 564,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Waiting for a Tool album is like foreplay with no promise of a climax.
    Huh. so I guess all these years my girlfriend has just been preparing me for the new Tool album.
    If you're lying to us, Danny, I will find you and kick you square in the nuts.
    "Most likely". He said.
    Don't mean to sound condescending, but can someone tell me why these guys are held in such high regard? I personally find their music bland.
    Why should it have to be explained to you? It's not like you're suddenly going to read something someone's written and think 'oh, ok, my bad. They aren't bland to me anymore!' If you don't like them, fine, whatever, good for you, A lot of people my like what you like, some might not. It's called differences in opinion.
    It doesn't have to be. I never demanded an answer, I just wanted to hear other people's opinions out of curiosity. Y'know I like to keep an open mind, I've just never been told what people see in them. It's not an attack, chill.
    I love Tool because everything from vocals to bass, drums and guitar all have a clean, unique sound that is not overly compressed and sounds very organic. The time signatures also canstantly change (much like Rush) that flow through the songs geniusly. Maynard is also one of my favorite singers because his voice is incredibly versatile, he can scream a note endlessly and it sounds f*cking amazing. No band gets my adrenaline pumping like Tool. Also, check out a Perfect Circle while you're at is!
    Depends how much you focus on rhythm, their style is very percussive and rhythmic in comparison to the band you deemed your favorite (ac/dc) which is straight 4/4 24/7. I never liked Tool until i sat down and listened to a whole record (10,000 Days) with headphones on. All of a sudden it clicked and i loved them, same thing happened to me for Nevermore.
    All good man, everyone has different tastes. nothing wrong with that
    for me, its the lyrical content, the various layers to one song, the videos, the insane music to go along with the vocals. it all just fits, to make the experience a great one.
    When you write a song and a concept album (Lateralus) where the time signature of the song and the order of the songs on the record are based on a mathematical equation (the Fibonacci sequence) that explains math's intricate relationship with nature, the infinity of time and space and man's place and growth as a universal being, I'd say you deserve to be held in pretty high regard. (And the music kicks ass).
    The answer you're looking for is this. I also can't stand listening to Tool, however I respect them. The reason people love them is because the music they write. Though it may not be catchy, it takes mad skill and knowledge of music to write what they do.
    Go read their lyrics. It's what they're saying that's revolutionary and blah blah blah 99% of the time.
    For me, TOOL never clicked and then all of a sudden it did and I went out and bought everything they did. Love TOOL!
    They take a while to really REALLY comprehend, but at the most basic level of how they operate they seem to be pulling off a modern Led Zeppelin, I mean look at how much they got us talking about there so far nonexistent album, it pays to keep your fan base on guard and vigilant when your writing music that demands that much attention to understand. It's melodically simple but much with pink floyd there's much more power in the spaces they leave than any technical shred riff I've ever heard.
    These men are living god's. Their music has inspired and transitioned millions. It's emotional, smart, brave, scary, angry yet happy all when it needs to be. Aenima One of their earlier albums, get it listen enjoy. Realize the full range of emotion you will exhibit. If you smoke herb or take some shrooms this album is a hell of a ride. Then delve deeper to undertow. Its a pretty raw album. But it kills any thing thats come out in the past 12 years. Take a trip on up to a box set Salival. A lot of live tracks but Push it (live) Is orgasmic. It is with out a doubt the single best live performance of any song in the last 30 years. So almost at the pinnacle of their career Lateralus. Jesus what the hell. This album if you want a full blown studio album ****ers here it is. I think i am done going through the albums for you but seriously bland? your ass is the only bland thing here buddy.
    There's some really smart and really dumb people on here. The ones respecting other people's opinions are the smart ones and the condescending ones are the dumb asses. You seem to have an open mind, if anything, that's what Tool is about. I tried listening to them when I was younger and it didn't click. It seemed bland and repetitive compared to say Megadeth or Metallica, it didn't have flashy or catchy riffs or any kind of solos. It was when I was into my 20's and had been playing guitar for much longer and understood more complex rhythm patterns that I realised just how complex their music was. And I don't mean in the way say Dream Theatre is complex. It's not just about technicality but it's about feel. Maynard's voice sounds so primal, stripped of any preconception of what 'good singing' is supposed to sound like. Danny Carey's drums sound ancient and tribal, hypnotic even. Justin's bass guitar sounds mythical from how much depth there is to his tone, he has 4 times as many effects pedals than the guitar, it pops out so much that you mistake it for the lead guitar sometimes. Adam's guitar is where it's confusing because it's fairly simple yet so psychedelic. In the mix of all that chaos, somehow, coherent songs come to life. The lyrics are amazing but it's not the most important aspect. It's the experience of listening to the songs. It takes you on a journey through your psyche and you use it for whatever you need to sort through in life. You use their music as a Tool to achieve whatever goals you're aiming to reach. That's what I find is so amazing about them. They're one of the best bands to take you on that sonic journey within. Their music can be very spiritual and so just like with religion, people can take a very lofty attitude to the people who don't 'believe' what they believe. Those people are pathetic. You should give Tool a good listen if you have time, but if you don't like it, you don't like it. That's cool. AC/DC is a top notch band as well.
    Ok, downvote me for asking a question but don't answer it... What's that gonna prove?
    A lot of people find AC/DC bland, doesn't mean they aren't still held in such high regard. Just because you're not a fan doesn't necessarily mean they should only been seen as mediocre
    Fair point, but I've never heard AC/DC (my favourite band ironically) been hailed as musical auteurs or progressive geniuses or anything like that. I just want to know what people see in these guys is all.
    Tool are more complex than ACDC ever had, and their music has more personality, too. Tool are a creative maelstrom.
    I didn't care for them either for a long time. Then I deleted all of their songs without lyrics. The songs started to grow on me and now I like them a lot. They are extremely complex, and each instrument seems to be playing something completely independent of the others, but somehow it fits all together beautifully. Some people may hate on me for not taking the albums as a whole, but I know what I like
    Dude if you dont get it its because your place in the evolutionary system is way to low. you should just stick to "metal core and gore" Tools music is not just music. They open up new ideas new ways of thinking and explore so many emotions all in one song! I mean I wouldnt expect normal listeners to understand things like The Fibonacci sequence, or like next step genetics like in 46&2. so so much more to their music then the common rock sound you hear spewed on the radio "Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here" -MJK
    Tool is good and all, but bashing the underground realm and then the mainstream portrays ignorance on your part. There are masses of bands that I consider to be vastly more talented and succinct with their music and message than Tool (Cynic, BTBAM, Opeth, Meshuggah), without the sanctimony and arrogance that comes along with it. tl;dr- Tool is cool, but don't be a fool.
    Dont pay attention to Tool fans, even Maynard hates them. I can understand why you might think they are bland. They don't really deviate much from their overall sound so on the outside it can seem repetitive. But where Tool's beauty really shines is in the subtleties of their music, for example: The use of mathematical sequences in their music (Lateralus and its use of the Fibonacci sequence), their use of odd metered and poly time signatures (they like 5/4), how the drums sometimes follow themes or melodies rather than keeping a backbone beat the whole time (schism), how the lyrics use graphic metaphors to describe human nature (stinkfist), their use of poly rhythms and syncopation (rosetta stoned), the overall musicianship of each of the members as well as the overall production of their albums, the art associated with it (check out alex grey) and the lyrical themes like DMT and the third eye (third eye) are all big reasons why the band is so renowned. Check them out, they are a really good band and pay particular attention to the detail. This short description is really just the tip of the iceberg but i think it is a good start for the unfamiliar listener. If you are interested in pursuing them further, start with any of their last three albums, which are 10,000 days, Lateralus and Aenima respectively and read some album reviews before or during the listen in case you don't pick up on some of the more intricate details . Im sorry you were met with so much hostility, and don't pay attention to the tool fans that are giving you a hard time. Tool is progressive in a lot of ways and could be called " a thinking mans prog band" more or less, and for whatever reason their fans like to act like they are all in on some kind of big secret or something. Just listen with an open mind and enjoy!
    Just an aside, I haven't downvoted you, and my comment certainly wasn't an attack. That's the problem, there's no tone to judge with the internet.
    Yeah, that wasn't directed at you, I just expected a maelstrom of downvotes is all.
    They're held in such a big regard because their music induces tons of people into ear orgasm. Seriously mate, just a matter of tastes. There's nothing wrong with your ears because you don't like Tool.
    To JMZ08: You were respectful in your initial question when you started with "I don't want to be..." and I think it was a valid question. I've met a few people who feel that way about Tool. My best explanation is by way of comparison. In high school (80 to 82 for me), I was into Rush--I mean REALLY into Rush. That was a time when they became a bit more mainstream and many were liking them because of a song or two. I was into every freaking note they played. What some people thought was just another band was almost a way of life for me. I figured I got it, and they didn't! Hardcore Tool fans are similar. They are kind of a cult following. I compare Rush fans to Tool fans in may ways. You know what is cool? When at a Rush concert, guess what band they play on the PA during set up and intermission? Yes, TOOL! Those who love them love them A LOT! Hope that helps you understand
    Considering this may or may not be their last record they will make together as a band, they can keep on "dragging" it out. The longer this takes, the more epic the actual CD will be. Complete faith and confidence with these guys everytime! Also movie wise. If they compile a greatest live song set from all their years of playing I'd be stoked! You know they got hard drives filled with all sorts of Live recorded goodies
    I remember skipping their show back in '08 due to final exams or something, thinking "aw, what the hell, surely they'll come around next year, or in any case the year after that..." Ah, to be young and naive
    This will surely be the last one, or at least the last one they'll be able to do a lot of touring around. Another break like this and Danny will be in his 60s, and probably unable to put the strength into playing a set like that every night.
    I'm also pretty sure it's gonna be their last record. Not only because of age, also because Maynard seems to have completely lost interest in Tool. But hey, until they say they're quitting, I'm still gonna have a sliver of hope.
    i don't know, he is in really good shape or at least he was in 2010. i do think this will be the last work they do for a long time though, maybe not forever.
    Danny's pretty fit though, I'd be more worried about Maynard to be honest. He's lost his fire that was the source of lyrics for Tool...That said, he was really enjoying himself on the tour they did this year which is why I think he's going to finish it now.
    I think they can probably put out one more after this one, but if it really turns out to be the "biggest project of their lives" they might want to consider ending it on a high note