New Trivium Will Be Heavier

artist: Trivium date: 03/06/2012 category: new releases
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New Trivium Will Be Heavier
Trivium say their new album will be heavier than any of their previous records. Frontman Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto told Loud magazine (via Blabbermouth) say they want to make an album so good that they they "don't need a f--king single". To achieve this, they've learnt to reel back their creative output and focus on quality over quantity. "We're learning that writing with a more focused vision musically is the way to go," says Paolo, "rather than writing 40 songs and being all over the place musically. But it's definitely going to be a heavier record." Paolo says they took too long to record their 2011 album "In Waves". "We had like two years and we wrote an album over the course of two drummers, so when we started writing we were in a different headspace than when we actually recorded," he said. "My only critique of the whole process of 'In Waves' is we demoed too much." Corey says they were left with too many lyrics and song ideas with their last record, and found it hard to manage. Is this a concession that the band were not satisfied with "In Waves"? "If you spread yourself too thin, a song that could be great might not get enough attention," admits Corey. "So that's why with this [new] record, it was like, we don't need 30 songs. If we get 12 or 13 great songs and from day one just focus on those, we can just make 'em like motherf--kers." Are you looking forward to the new Trivium record? Can you tell that something was missing from "In Waves"? Share your views in the comments.
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