New Yes Album On The Way

artist: Yes date: 09/28/2010 category: new releases
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Over the past decade, progressive rockers Yes have released what seems to have been a plethora of live albums, compilations, and DVDs. The people associated with the band have also been touring extensively over the past few years, whether as solo acts, reunion groups, or side projects. Yet despite all of this activity, there has been no new material written in almost ten years released under the name Yes. Finally information has been released regarding a new studio album, which will be the first since the release of Magnification years ago in 2001. The new band will feature a lineup change with Rick Wakeman being replaced by his son Oliver Wakeman, and Benot David (of Mystery fame) taking Jon Anderson's place. While it may seem shocking - or at least unfortunate that Jon Anderson won't be performing or be a part of the writing process, legendary guitarist Steve Howe comments on the issue saying this is the lineup that actually ... does the work. We're the perpetuation, the continuation, and the saga of Yes. The band has plans to enter the recording studio later in October, and have already started writing material throughout the past year or so. The group hopes the album will be out early 2011, but as of now there are no definitive dates. It will be interesting to see if Yes will be able to keep their same renowned style and sound with a different lineup, and whether or not their new material will have been worth the ten year wait.
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