Next Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Collaboration Will Be 'Different'

Alison Krauss is certain the second disc will not be a carbon copy of the duo's Grammy winning debut.

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The follow-up to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's Raising Sand album is still in the formative stages, but Krauss is already certain the second disc will not be a carbon copy of the duo's Grammy winning debut.

In an interview with the U.K.'s Telegraph, Krauss said, "It'll be different, as if we hadn't made the first. I love being in the world of the unknown."

Krauss, who recently began sessions for the next Union Station album, said she's always seen a strong connection between rock and bluegrass, especially with regard to vocals. Citing Paul Rodgers and Scottish rock singer Frankie Miller as people who "reminded [her] of a Ralph Stanley type of singing blue collar, hardworking," Krauss went on to say her feelings about that connection were reciprocated by Plant.

"When I first met him, at a Leadbelly tribute, I saw that big hairdo," she said. "I said 'Robert,' he turns around, he's got these glasses on, and he goes 'There you are.' And the first thing he starts talking about is Ralph Stanley."

Revealing that she and Plant have had listening meetings about potential material for the next disc, Krauss said the Led Zeppelin frontman remains wildly passionate about music.

"We were riding around making the [first] record," she said, "and he goes, 'Do you think something's wrong with me? My kids say, We want a real dad, can't you be a normal dad?' I'm like, 'They're going to be waiting a long time.' He's like [she speaks at double speed], 'Listen to this, this Egyptian singer, can you believe it, blaaaah' Just crazy. That's a really infectious, wonderful thing to be around."

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    A lot of Led Zep fans will probably be hoping the new album sucks so Plant goes back to singing for them, but I liked Raising Sand and I think the next album should be good too. Plant and Krauss both seem to enjoy it anyway.
    Anything Plant touches turns into Gold I loved Raising Sands. I can't wait for this one!
    Ralph Stanley > this crap. Paul Stanley sounds NOTHING like Ralph Stanley. Krauss doesn't even play bluegrass anyway.
    I quite enjoyed Raising Sand, though I thought the pacier numbers were the best, my favourite being Fortune Teller. Will probably pick this up when it's released, Raising Sand is one of my fave albums to just chill out and relax to.