Next Bon Jovi Album Will Be 'A Big Rock Record' With Social Commentary

Bon Jovi's upcoming album "What About Now" will cover serious subjects about the modern world, says frontman Jon.

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Bon Jovi's upcoming album "What About Now" will cover serious subjects about the modern world, says frontman Jon Bon Jovi.

He describes the work as "a big rock record" but adds that it includes "a lot of social commentary" including the global economic crisis and unemployment.

"It's a moment in time," he explains (via Classic Rock). "That moments in time almost forced the record to come out otherwise the time will pass and the subject matter becomes dated.

"Theres a little more telling tales with some of the songs. Just because companies are going out of business doesnt mean people arent able-bodied parts of the workforce."

Bon Jovi says the current crisis facing the music industry doesn't worry him, and he looks at the situation as an opportunity to do things the way he did when the band started out. "You write a song for you. If people love it, they'll find it," he states. "Then what happens is out of our control but it's not frustrating."

The band have been revealed as the first headliner in a new two-week festival in London's Hyde Park. British Summer Time will include four main shows led by big names, but the event will operate with smaller events throughout the period June 28 until July 7. Bon Jovi appear on July 5.

Festival operators AEG say there will be no problems with low volume or cut-short sets, both of which were experienced by previous licence-holders Live Nation. That firm has cut a deal to hold events including Hard Rock Calling, formerly run in Hyde Park, at the Olympic Park.

Referring to last years Hard Rock Calling, at which the PA was cut off during Bruce Springsteens Beatles jam with Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi says: "We know Twist And Shout, and well make sure we play as loud as 11. Well turn it right up and let them deal with that. Hopefully the authorities know the words so they can sing along instead of carting me off to jail."

"What About Now" is released in March.

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    Doesn't sound much different from his other albums. Still, they're a fun band I suppose.
    Come on guys, respect the old bands. They change our life, probably Bon Jovi didn't but we must respect them.
    Richie Sambora inspired me to pick up a guitar and play. Though I currently play Thrash Metal. I still have to give respects to this band to laying down the foundation in my appreciation for "real" music.
    Next Bon Jovi Album Will Be 'A Big Rock Record' With Social Commentary
    Bon Jovi and A Big Rock Record feel strange on the same sentence...
    Bon Jovi telling the world it's in bad shape while he drinks champagne from a diamond encrusted chalice. Moron
    Should he instead write songs about how much money he has? Springsteen has written songs about societies' downtrodden for years, and he has millions. Mellencamp, etc... You can empathize with people without having to be in their exact situation. Check out Jon's Philly Soul foundation or his work to get homes built or his pay what you can soup kitchen, etc... before you comment. You are clearly not a songwriter.
    To hell with his foundations. Oh look at me I'm helping BS He cares about his own wallet.
    When you make statements with no further info to back them up, it's goodbye time. You are the reason they should filter the people allowed to comment on here. I'm sure an IQ test would disqualify you immediately.
    I bet everything I have that Jon has done a lot more for his community than you. He has put his money and fame to good use instead of just becoming another greedy famous guy.
    rhoadesrules - presumably Tim Larkin's other account to bash rock acts. Now, everybody say, "Hi Ballbag!"
    i posted those comments just to prove a point here at work. thank you all for proving it