Nickelback Premiere New Single 'Edge of a Revolution'

A protest song from Nickelback? Streaming inside.

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Nickelback have officially premiered a brand new single "Edge of a Revolution," announcing their upcoming yet-untitled new album, due sometime this fall.

What makes the song distinctive are protest lyrics, the topic Nickelback haven't covered in quite some time. On the musical side, the track's based around a heavy-hitting groove and the group's signature tight production.

As reported, the band has recently switched labels and is now signed to Republic Records. The company's CEO Monte Lipman seemed rather excited about the fresh material, branding Chad Kroeger's writing "better than ever."

Following the yet-unscheduled album release, Nickelback will hit the road for an "extensive tour." Back to the new tune, check out Chad and the boys bashing Wall Street and calling for a revolution in the player below.

Meanwhile, the official lyric video has also surfaced. Give it a spin or two below.

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    I was hoping for faster song but this one still has catchy riffs inside. A little repeating from last album.
    Riffs kind of remind me of Pornstar Dancing by My Darkest Days which Chad is featured on. I still dig it.
    Was surprised. Really nice Guitar Sound. Somehow reminds me of a softer Version of the band Disturbed.
    14 year old me would have loved this, and I actually don't mean that in a bad way. I've matured out of Nickelback, but it's far from the worst thing they've put out. At least there's a small semblance of originality here, even if the verses sit just a liiiiittle too close to "Sad, But True."
    Not a big NB fan, but the song is not crap nor great. So, its a crepe.
    Glad to see that Chad can be inspired by more than asses/t!ts and heartaches. Sounds good to me. Sitting on the sidelines and cynicism are horrible change agents, because they don't work.
    Pretty cool song, really liked the band when I was younger, kinda strayed away from hard rock since then but I definitely wouldn't skip this one, catchy, groovy tune!
    country stations will be thrilled to have an edgy song they can over play.
    Not a fan of Nickelback, but not a hater either... I'd say the song isn't worth all the hate, but it doesn't exactly deserve the hype either.
    It's fun rock and roll. Is there a formula? Sure, but it's a formula that works and trust me, their shows kick ass. Is it as deep as Tool? Ha, not even, but they aren't trying to be. Just relax all the hate and nod your head for 5 seconds and maybe you'll get why so many like it. It's just a good time
    Got dragged to a Nickelback concert by an ex of mine a couple years ago. I went there not hating them but definitely not liking them, and my main complaint is that they played FOR.EVER. They played for at least 3 hours I swear. I love live music so I'm not quick to diss a concert, and all I can say is... I wish all bands played that long. If it was I band I liked I would have been PUMPED, but it seemed like a lotttt of overkill for me. Got to see lots of hot middle aged women flash their tits though, that was cool. Also, during 'Something In Your Mouth' the screens on stage showed some women in the front row who had apparently smuggled in bananas and whipped cream specifically for that song.....
    i liked the song sure it is not that innovative but it still is good rock n roll
    i came at this with an open mind. i wanted to be surprised. but it's awful. awful is really the only word that can adequately describe this steaming pile of shit.
    I always liked Nickelback. The Here and Now album was they're best in my opinion. This song isn't bad but it's not amazing.
    7 strings for no reason, horrid lyrics, and the rest sounds like every other nickleback tune. garbage
    What do you mean 7 strings for no reason? That seems like a stupid criticism. Why can't a performer use a 7 string guitar? Won't argue over quality of lyrics. It sounds like every other Nickelback tune? Well you could levy that argument against many bands. How many Cannibal Corpse songs don't sound like every other CC song? How many Michael Jackson songs don't sound like every Michael Jackson song? I laugh at some of the criticisms people throw at this band. Not because they don't deserve criticism of course, but because so many are silly. There are tons of real arguments a person could make to why they think Nickelback ain't worth your attention, but some people end up resorting to groundless claims.
    He's not saying it's garbage because it sounds like every other song (love Cannibal Corpse btw), he's saying it's garbage because all of (or at least a VAST majority) their songs are garbage. 4/4, power chords, booze, bad edited vocals, typical radio-rock song structure. Yeah, they get lots of money but that's because they play to the lowest common denominator who want catchy 3.5 minute songs that can be chugged out with minimal investment.
    I just came here to read the comments. So far, so disappoint
    Nickelback used to get so much hate on this site, now suddenly it seems like everyone's a fan.
    I don't really like them, but wasting my energy bashing them is pointless and a waste of my time. Besides, there are probably way worse things out there. Nickelback just, for whatever reason, became the easy target of the decade. There's nothing left to say, really. The next time you want to bash something that has nothing to do with you, try and put that energy into something creative. (not calling you out specifically, just 'you' as a general sense)
    Ever heard of Blood On The Dance Floor? If not, don't look them up. They are the ****ing worst. Believe my word on this. If you do decide to look them up, prepare for actual ear-bleeding and mass destruction on your eardrums.