Nickelback Premiere New Single 'Edge of a Revolution'

A protest song from Nickelback? Streaming inside.

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Nickelback have officially premiered a brand new single "Edge of a Revolution," announcing their upcoming yet-untitled new album, due sometime this fall.

What makes the song distinctive are protest lyrics, the topic Nickelback haven't covered in quite some time. On the musical side, the track's based around a heavy-hitting groove and the group's signature tight production.

As reported, the band has recently switched labels and is now signed to Republic Records. The company's CEO Monte Lipman seemed rather excited about the fresh material, branding Chad Kroeger's writing "better than ever."

Following the yet-unscheduled album release, Nickelback will hit the road for an "extensive tour." Back to the new tune, check out Chad and the boys bashing Wall Street and calling for a revolution in the player below.

Meanwhile, the official lyric video has also surfaced. Give it a spin or two below.

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    I was hoping for faster song but this one still has catchy riffs inside. A little repeating from last album.
    Riffs kind of remind me of Pornstar Dancing by My Darkest Days which Chad is featured on. I still dig it.
    Was surprised. Really nice Guitar Sound. Somehow reminds me of a softer Version of the band Disturbed.
    14 year old me would have loved this, and I actually don't mean that in a bad way. I've matured out of Nickelback, but it's far from the worst thing they've put out. At least there's a small semblance of originality here, even if the verses sit just a liiiiittle too close to "Sad, But True."
    Not a big NB fan, but the song is not crap nor great. So, its a crepe.
    Glad to see that Chad can be inspired by more than asses/t!ts and heartaches. Sounds good to me. Sitting on the sidelines and cynicism are horrible change agents, because they don't work.
    Pretty cool song, really liked the band when I was younger, kinda strayed away from hard rock since then but I definitely wouldn't skip this one, catchy, groovy tune!
    country stations will be thrilled to have an edgy song they can over play.
    Not a fan of Nickelback, but not a hater either... I'd say the song isn't worth all the hate, but it doesn't exactly deserve the hype either.
    It's fun rock and roll. Is there a formula? Sure, but it's a formula that works and trust me, their shows kick ass. Is it as deep as Tool? Ha, not even, but they aren't trying to be. Just relax all the hate and nod your head for 5 seconds and maybe you'll get why so many like it. It's just a good time
    Got dragged to a Nickelback concert by an ex of mine a couple years ago. I went there not hating them but definitely not liking them, and my main complaint is that they played FOR.EVER. They played for at least 3 hours I swear. I love live music so I'm not quick to diss a concert, and all I can say is... I wish all bands played that long. If it was I band I liked I would have been PUMPED, but it seemed like a lotttt of overkill for me. Got to see lots of hot middle aged women flash their tits though, that was cool. Also, during 'Something In Your Mouth' the screens on stage showed some women in the front row who had apparently smuggled in bananas and whipped cream specifically for that song.....
    i came at this with an open mind. i wanted to be surprised. but it's awful. awful is really the only word that can adequately describe this steaming pile of shit.
    i liked the song sure it is not that innovative but it still is good rock n roll
    I always liked Nickelback. The Here and Now album was they're best in my opinion. This song isn't bad but it's not amazing.
    7 strings for no reason, horrid lyrics, and the rest sounds like every other nickleback tune. garbage
    What do you mean 7 strings for no reason? That seems like a stupid criticism. Why can't a performer use a 7 string guitar? Won't argue over quality of lyrics. It sounds like every other Nickelback tune? Well you could levy that argument against many bands. How many Cannibal Corpse songs don't sound like every other CC song? How many Michael Jackson songs don't sound like every Michael Jackson song? I laugh at some of the criticisms people throw at this band. Not because they don't deserve criticism of course, but because so many are silly. There are tons of real arguments a person could make to why they think Nickelback ain't worth your attention, but some people end up resorting to groundless claims.
    He's not saying it's garbage because it sounds like every other song (love Cannibal Corpse btw), he's saying it's garbage because all of (or at least a VAST majority) their songs are garbage. 4/4, power chords, booze, bad edited vocals, typical radio-rock song structure. Yeah, they get lots of money but that's because they play to the lowest common denominator who want catchy 3.5 minute songs that can be chugged out with minimal investment.
    I just came here to read the comments. So far, so disappoint
    Nickelback used to get so much hate on this site, now suddenly it seems like everyone's a fan.
    I don't really like them, but wasting my energy bashing them is pointless and a waste of my time. Besides, there are probably way worse things out there. Nickelback just, for whatever reason, became the easy target of the decade. There's nothing left to say, really. The next time you want to bash something that has nothing to do with you, try and put that energy into something creative. (not calling you out specifically, just 'you' as a general sense)
    Ever heard of Blood On The Dance Floor? If not, don't look them up. They are the ****ing worst. Believe my word on this. If you do decide to look them up, prepare for actual ear-bleeding and mass destruction on your eardrums.
    millionaire crybabies calling for a revolution... such rebel. very brave. wow.
    Money isn't the only thing.... Social injustice, prejudice, war profiteering etc. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you don't have a right to want the world to be a better place
    Yeah, and singing about it sure is going to make it happen, too, right?
    Raises awarenes, does it not?
    does it really? it's not like I'm thinking "yeah screw the man" when I listen to those king of songs. I usually think "this song is pretty cool!" Yes I know what the song is about, but that's where it ends for me. So it might raise awareness, but it doesn't raise any actions.
    For you, maybe. Others hear what's being said and think critically about it and apply their conclusions to their lives. John Lennon wrote protest/anti-war songs that gave the Nixon administration a scare because of how much influence he had on the American public.
    Epi g-310
    10,000 protesters on the lawn of the White House are why we didn't drop nukes on Vietnam. Musicians are among the few that can draw that kind of crowd. That none have had the kind of influence in recent years that they have in years past doesn't mean it can't happen again.
    That was in the 60's and music had a much bigger impact than it does today. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, and I like the song, but it's just not going to be the "revolution" they sing about.
    Then you're one of the simple minded ones that get catered too by bubblegum music. That's all there is to it.
    Would you be saying the same thing about Rage Against The Machine? Or are you just hating because it's Nickelback.
    Any political band, that doesn't turn words into actions isn't changing a damn thing. Changing awareness doesn't eliminate the problem and awareness is temporary.
    Do you say the same thing about RATM?
    The guys in RATM, or at least Morello and Zack de la Rocha, are pretty politically active though, I can't speak for Nickelback, but at least RATM seem to try and back what they're saying. Though there are plenty of knuckleheads out there who think music alone is enough to start a revolution.
    @ EvilAlienSquid Bet you would have a different attitude if this were a Foo Fighters song, huh?
    matteo cubano
    they weren't born millionaires, but the song is pretty bad and i have nothing against nickel back. but your criticism is pretty ignorant
    It's funny. When I saw the song title I sang the words in my head what I thought it was gonna sound like. It sounds just like I thought lol. But hey, props for singing about something different. However, the music of Nickelback is about as anti-progressive or innovative as it gets. If you enjoy them and that doesn't bother you.. then good for you! Another side note; I guess you know you made it big when the world hates you one day and the next day they're all defending you lol
    Not a bad song, I'm excited for the next album, after that abomination of an album that was Dark Horse, they really redeemed themselves with Here and Now. Love this band!
    I liked their last one even less than Dark Horse, but I actually liked plenty of their stuff up to that point, and even those albums have some vaguely redeeming qualities.
    Nickelback, the call of duty of music. Extremely popular, yet extremely shitty
    Or... People enjoy those games. You don't get gamer intellectual superiority because you have "classier" taste. Eye of the beholder, my friend.
    See what I mean folks?.....I insulted the nickelback crowd and at the sane time the casual gamer crowd. You know, the guys who buy madden, call of duty, and FIFA every year because they just don't know any better. Sad really
    Do tell us more about how your music and video game tastes are much better than the average person's. We have never heard such claims here on UG.
    lmao! wow, i thought out of any band out there i was playing it safe insulting nickelback, one of the most hated bands on apparently they have a bunch of closeted fans or casual gamers got pissed because the new halo and angry birds isn't out yet
    EvilAlienSquid, First comment on here bashes them for being millionaires and writing about revolution. I am not a Nickelback fan, but since when is there a sacred list of topics to write songs about depending on how successful you are? As "millionaires", should they just be writing about what millionaires do/experience? Also, they became millionaires by appealing to the masses. If they started writing music strictly about their current status in life, they'd limit their fanbase. And whether or not they invoke any social change or bring awareness to a certain issue is irrelevent. They felt like writing a song about something they clearly had personal feelings about, and they did. Pretty sure that's art. Bash them all you want for being poor writers, etc... But it's ridiculous to question their subject matter simply because they have found success.
    I think the feeling is that since they're millionaires, they could be doing more to fight things like social injustice and government corruption. Like taking part or leading an actual movement and donating significant time and money if they think this is a really important issue. Instead it probably looks to most people like they're just cashing in on political activism buy putting out an album that'll cost $13 and going on a world tour where tickets cost $100, making them millions.
    Eh... I get what they're trying to do but I feel like they touch on those themes on such a surface level that they might as well not have brought them up at all. I get that they're trying to be a more mainstream rock version of Rise Against, but Rise Against puts far more thought into their protest songs than this.
    Heck, anything that lyrically isn't about drinking, partying, sex, drugs, or "having a good time" is a step up for Nickelback. Still not great, but a step in the right direction. Rise Against has pretty good lyrics though, yeah.
    I don't hate this band because of a bandwagon; I hate them because they're so formulaic. But maybe hate is too strong a word.
    Name your favorite bands, and we will show you that they all have a formula or two.
    Fair enough, that's just poor word choice on my part. It has more to do with the fact that if you took away kroeger from the music, there would be nothing special about the music they write. And I'm not saying kroeger is special or anything
    You could say that about most vocal driven music. Take away the vocalist/ songwriter and the band is nothing. Hell, you could say the same about other bands (who are quite arguably better musicians and writers). Would Opeth be the same without Mikael Akerfeldt? Would Megadeth be the same without Dave Mustaine? Would Metallica be the same without Hetfield. The point I'm trying to make is saying that a band sucks because without a single key member they would be nothing is silly. Also, many bands that get tons of love by the same people who bash Nickelback are just as, if not more, formulaic as Nickelback, such as AC/DC, Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, etc. The formula is not necessarily "bad" in and of itself, it's just that many people find Nickelback to be the epitome of cliche. Everything about their music is designed that way. For fans of the band (which are numerous), this is not a problem, and in their minds is their biggest strength. They basically took all the elements of mainstream rock that the majority of people liked to listen to and formed the majority of their catalog around it. To many people who prefer more "heartfelt"/ original ideas this is offensive, but to fans of the genre it's the ideal band. It's really all perspective; do you like music designed precisely to be enjoyable based on what the majority want to hear, or do you want to hear music that comes from an artists mind?
    kill it
    i am not a big nickelback fan but you are incorrect. kroeger is special, nearly everything the guy writes is a hit. the guy is a genius at writing modern rock radio hits. there are a million musicians that will say this is an easy thing to do, they are wrong. i bet you couldn't, but by all means prove me wrong and write a number 1 hit multiple times.
    Cringe inducing lyrics, and the music isn't much better. Classic Nickelback, I'd say.
    Can't stand this band and their attitude. I don't hate them because of some sort of 'trend' to hate them, I hate them because they're arrogant bastards who thinks everyone has to love their music. Plus their music generic mainstream shite imho.
    When have they ever acted like that?
    Ever since they became popular.
    Example? I've seen them parody themselves on a couple of occasions where they acknowledge the hate and just laugh. They don't seem to take themselves too seriously and understand that they aren't genius artists. They are rock musicians who play rock music to people who like their music. They release radio hits. I've never seen them act like giant egoists. They just seem to have fun releasing music that people buy (and who wouldn't enjoy making millions by performing music). This is not a defense about their music. You can think it's mainstream shit and I'm not going to argue, but to call them arrogant seems baseless to me.
    I don't care for his voice, it make it hard for me to really listen to the lyrics.
    One of the best bands in the world. "Gotta Be Somebody" has the top 10 riffs in all of guitar related music.
    Remain Wise
    Good to see Nickleback using their fame to spread a good message and not some shitty garbage about getting drunk on a Thursday afternoon or whatever
    I don't like it when Nickelback make songs with serious lyrics. They're totally hitting their spot with songs like Something in Your Mouth