Nickelback Releasing New Album This Fall, 'Edge of a Revolution' Single Due on Tuesday

Label boss "blown away" by fresh material, calls the band "a legacy act."

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Nickelback have officially confirmed that their new album will be released this fall, also announcing the Tuesday (August 19) release of fresh single "Edge of a Revolution."

As Billboard report reads, the group has also switched labels and is now signed to Republic Records, whose CEO Monte Lipman was "blown away" by the new tunes.

"I've been a fan of the band since their inception," Lipman said. "Unfortunately, like many people, I had the opportunity to sign them and blanked, and missed one of the biggest opportunities of my career."

As the CEO further noted, "Chad [Kroeger] and the band's writing is, I think, better than ever."

Sharing a few additional praises, Lipman added, "For me, on behalf of Republic and this company, it's about how we can make a difference in their career. And that's what I convinced these guys - I said, 'You're a legacy act, and as far as I'm concerned, your trajectory is right into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I want to be a part of that.'"

Prior to hitting digital stores, the song will be exclusively premiered a day earlier (August 18) on Clear Channel. An "extensive tour" is also planned soon after the release.

As for the group's previous record, 2011's "Here and Now" sold 1.02 million copies to date according to Nielsen SoundScan. During the album break, frontman Chad Kroeger helped his wife Avril Lavigne write and produce her self-titled album, released last fall.

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    Fuck everyone, I love Nickelback. They sound too polished for the genre to most people's ears, but I don't think that's a fault.
    Music is music! People should either take it or leave it alone. If Nickelback makes you a miserable toss, then ignore the news headlines about them.. Simple as that
    Fuck the bandwagon haters, these guys rock. Especially The State and Silver Side Up.
    Back when I first started listening to music (12 or 13 at the time) Nickelback was my favorite band for a while (I will add I was really only very familiar with All the Right Reasons and the hits at the time). I don't necessarily understand why people hate them AS MUCH as they do. I emphasize that, AS MUCH. I realize people have different tastes, and if you don't like their music, great, good for you, pat yourself on the back if it makes you feel good. But, why are they the target of such a great degree of hatred? Seriously, somebody care to explain? Anyway, I think a lot of the earlier stuff sounds pretty solid, all the way up through All the Right Reasons. However, the last couple albums (what I've heard of them) sound really boring, uninspired, and generic to me. I will listen to the new single, but not planning on picking up any albums.
    You should pick up there last couple of albums, most of their best heavy work is on them. I loved their last album Here and Now.
    Silver Side Up is their best album. the long road is really good and then All the Right Reasons.
    Dark Canuck
    Those two albums really are great hard rock albums! I really hope they return to that style. Deeper tracks, screw this over-produced pop-rock crap.
    No, just look up lyrics to songs like Something in Your Mouth and you'll see why Nickelback get so much hate.
    Mr Winters
    People hate Nickelback simply because these days it's cool to hate Nickelback. It's a meme at this point.
    No they're baaaaad. I don't care how many times you tell me otherwise Jerry Cantrell.
    If you want to hate their music go for it, but you can't deny talented songwriters when you hear them.
    Agreed. The State is my favorite album from them. I even thought Dark Horse was up there with some of their best. Here And Now I wasn't too impressed with, but I'm looking forward to hearing the new stuff.
    im suprised they actually have the guts to make a new album because of all the hate. whatever. thumbs up to them.
    People only hate them because it's fashionable to hate them...and they're also Canadian from what I understand. Might explain why guys from the U.S don't like them much.
    Are you kidding? A few haters won't get in the way of their immense success.
    what if I told you they get hate for their more recent work?
    I don't mind Nickelback. They've definitely gone downhill since All The Right Reasons, but i'll definitely check out the new single
    I'm looking forward to it, cringeworthy lyrics and overused riffs but for some kind of reason I enjoy most of the songs from Nickelback.
    Cringeworthy lyrics?
    Something in your mouth. That song is indefensible. Absolute, vomit-inducing garbage. That said, there are some serious bangers on the early albums.
    I love Nickelback for their heavier songs. They pull out some pretty awesome ones but they also manage to mix them in with a few gay as **** ballads that don't really interest me.
    watch the album be released with total shift in direction, to technical progressive metal (with some death thrown in)... all of UG will praise Nickelback as their god. Nickelback and A7x, two bands that the UG community decides to give A LOT of hate to, but don't really know why or only know a small percentage of either band's discography.
    It's a rock band that writes loud rock songs for a good time. The concerts are loud and have lots of pyro and provide.. a good time. They aren't trying to be a super deep, ground breaking band, they're just a loud, fun, rock band, take it or leave it. It's amazing how so many of you felt the need to click on an article about a band you don't like just to post about how little you like them.
    This album is actually going to laser-imprinted onto an actual turd. That way you can also SMELL how bad it is, not just hear it.
    I don't hate them because it's cool. I just genuinely hate them.
    I love how when people mention their lyrics, they jump to Something In Your Mouth, Figured You Out, or Animals because they're a bit dirty. C'mon! I don't like their last two albums but they do have great tunes, especially on The Long Road. I know so many people who judge bands based off of the radio hits when the rest of the album is gold in comparison.
    It's not that they involve sexual innuendo. It's also that they're so extremely corny. I think Nickelback makes very catchy music. Just wish they'd put more effort into the lyrics.
    I'd have to say you haven't heard many of their songs. In my opinion, their lyrics are one of their strongest suits. Even if it's over-the-top, it's almost always well-written, and not corny.
    The lyrics to those songs are not hated because they're "a bit dirty." They're hated because they're awful, meaningless, childish, corny to the point that it's embarrassing... take your pick.
    Yeah. I've found many songs where the lyrics were well written and meaningful, they just never see the light of day because they're what defense the band has left although I did fell a bit embarrassed listening to Something In Your Mouth at first but then I just started to find it funny. People get butthurt over music and people insensibly bash music, just turn the volume up or change the song.
    I don't know why people complain so much about their music It's the vocals that make me want to punch random strangers in the face everytime I hear a Nickelback song. The music itself is generic at best but not nearly as atrocious as the singing
    I don't really hate them. I just don't respect them as much as I respect other bands. Personally their music isn't interesting to play or listen to.
    I'm sorry, but if you're a Nickelback fan, and they enhance your life… that's great… but you need to admit you have poor taste. Like choosing Burger King over a fine steakhouse.
    not a fan of nickleback, which sucks because im going to be forced to listen to every single they come out with on the radio a thousand times. so frustrating!
    I don't HATE Nickelback. Doesn't mean I seek out their music on a daily basis or anything. But when it comes on the radio, I don't really complain. To be frank, I actually quite like a couple of their songs. "Too Bad" was pretty good, I remember hearing it on the radio and wishing they had played that one more than "How You Remind Me".
    See… all the "you hate them because it's cool to hate them" is just bullshit. I hate nickel back the same way I hate lincoln park, or godsmack, or any of those shitty derivative post-90's sounding bands. I hate the way they sound. I don't care whether anyone else likes them or not, it's just a shame that people spend their money on shit music in general when there's better music out there. I mean, if you're a nickel back fan, and you haven't fully explored, say Neil Young's full catalog, then you're just an *******.