Nine Inch Nails Premiered New Song Live

Watch Nine Inch Nails' "Find My Way" from Fuji Rock Festival.

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Nine Inch Nails played their first live show since reactivating at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival and they used the occasion to debut a new song called "Find My Way," Noisecreep reports.

Footage of the performance can be seen below, with Reznor and his cohorts mostly seen in shadowy silhouettes against a blue backdrop. The stage lighting helped set the mood for the track, which is a haunting minimalist song with Reznor's voice, a few keys and a steady, hypnotic beat providing the base of the track.

The song is a far cry from the driving single, "Came Back Haunted," which many have compared to some of Reznor's aggressive work from the early 2000s. "Find My Way" feels more in line with Reznor's other project, How to Destroy Angels, though it does end with a NIN touchtone of increasing tension.

"Find My Way" is featured on Nine Inch Nails' forthcoming "Hesitation Marks" album, which is due in stores Sept. 3. Nine Inch Nails will be bringing their stage show to North American audiences this fall.

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