Nine Inch Nails Reveal 'Hesitation Marks' Tracklist and Credits

The upcoming effort by Trent Reznor-fronted band features some exciting guest appearances. Check them out here.

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Nine Inch Nails revealed the tracklist and the credits of their upcoming album "Hesitation Marks" due to release on September 3, Rolling Stone reports.

The album was produced by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. The new LP features such guest musicians as Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew and famed bassist Pino Palladino (the Who, D'Angelo).

Nine Inch Nails have already released one track from "Hesitation Marks," "Came Back Haunted," and are set to make their live return on June 26th at the Fuji Rock Festival. Appearances at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands will follow, along with a massive North American tour this fall.

"Hesitation Marks" tracklist:

01. The Eater of Dreams 02. Copy of A 03. Came Back Haunted 04. Find My Way 05. All Time Low 06. Disappointed 07. Everything 08. Satellite 09. Various Methods of Escape 10. Running 11. I Would for You 12. In Two 13. While I'm Still Here 14. Black Noise

The album credits are:

Produced by: Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Alan Moulder Mixed by: Alan Moulder Mastered by: Tom Baker Artwork by: Russell Mills Art Direction by: Rob Sheridan

Additional Musicians:

Pino Palladino Lindsey Buckingham Adrian Belew Eugene Goreshter Alessandro Cortini Ilan Rubin Joshua Eustis

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    Lindsey Buckingham..... that's Fuckin Awesome! can't wait to hear his style of playing mixed with Nine Inch Nails
    It's cool that they got Tom Baker to work on this, I didn't know Trent was a Doctor Who fan!!!
    Don't think many people here will understand
    I'm a Doctor Who fan and I don't even understand...
    I hate doctor who and I thought the same as shimrra676 when I saw the name Tom Baker.
    It's very interesting to see there's a track called "Everything", considering the fact that Trent had his record label called Nothing.
    Never thought I'd ever see LIndsey Buckingham appearing on a NIN record. Cant wait to hear that
    Adrian Belew is practically a member of the band, since he's done so much work with NIN, especially on Ghosts.
    I love NIN, but unfortunately was disappointed with Came Back Haunted. It had the same general feel as The Slip, which was an overall disappointing album. Hopefully, this album turns out to be the comeback everyone is hoping for. Album art is pretty cool though.
    Personally I loved Came Back Haunted, at first I was like "wtf is this"? Dance music? But it really started to grow on me and the principle of headlining the single with a catchy riff is really the same as focusing on a hard hitting guitar riff to draive a heavier song as he's also done, it can be a great tool if used right and NIN knows how to do it right. Same goes for The Slip, Discipline, Echoplex and Head Down for example relied on repetition to work and NIN used that to as a tool to express numbness and cycles in his life. Neither of his latest releases will be as enduring as The Downward Spiral or The Fragile I think but they still won't be left cold by Trent's genius!
    Same here. Came Back Haunted actually gave me a weird Black Eyed Peas vibe that really put me off.
    same man, I hope its a really different album to the slip maybe some songs that could be the downward spiral or the fragile influenced
    I thought came back haunted sounded more like a left over from with teeth mixed with the how to destroy angels stuff. I would be perfectly happy with another "the slip" or "year zero" though as I really loved both those albums. as for downward spiral and fragile influence, I wouldnt hold my breath. That time and sound for Reznor has long been and gone. With that list of different artists involved though I'm sure it will be a very interesting album and have its own overall sound and feeling just like every NIN album so my hopes are high for this.
    matteo cubano
    ya i just thought it was alright, and not bad, but it didn't stand out to me at all, nothing particularly interesting in it, catchy chorus, melody sounds like i've heard it in a bunch of NIN songs already, idk, I hope for better.
    The stuff that I have heard from the album is awesome. The chorus on "Came Back Haunted" was a little bit mediocre, in my opinion, but the song was overall pretty great. I'm so stoked for David Lynch to direct the video. Also, the fact that Adrian Belew is now a part of the band is pretty flippin' awesome! Nine Inch Nails rules my socks.
    Just wrote an article about NIN on my music blog. Feel free to take a peak at =]
    No matter which NIN album this one will compare to, I'm just excited to have a full-length on the way. And yes, I've watched the seizure-inducing "Came Back Haunted" video at least 20 times this week.
    GUYS! Sometimes professionals say; "If you are not growing, you are dead...." This is true to real music. All professional and mature musicians change their conceptual aspect and taste when they release new album everytime. NIN is one of them. A very profound and complex music. NIN's new album will also be very different than previous records. So we don't need to compare it with ex-records. And observe the new conceptual aspects instead. NIN is one of the greatest experimentalist in the music it brings something new to the table which will be case with HESITATION MARKS...
    I used to have this bootleg called "Rusty Nails" which had an album cover that felt similar to this. This one's obviously better.