No Devotion Drop 'Eyeshadow' Promo

Welsh rockers launch track and announce US tour.

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Welsh band No Devotion have released a video for the track "Eyeshadow," Metal Hammer reports.

The band consists of former Lostprophets members Mike Lewis, Lee Gaze, Jamie Oliver, Luke Johnson and Stuart Richardson, who are joined by Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly.

Lostprophets were left in limbo following Ian Watkins' convictions over child sex charges, which saw the former frontman jailed for 35 years.

With the band's name tarnished, the remaining members decided to start a new project and recruited Rickly, who said his new band members deserved another chance.

Along with the new track, the band have announced a North American tour. They'll be supporting Neon Trees on some dates and headlining a number of shows. The tour starts on September 29 in Bakersfield, California.

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    It's interesting I suppose, but to be honest I was pretty much hoping for a LostProphets with less child molesters. It doesn't interest me and I doubt I'll be looking out for any other releases by this band, but I can understand why they'd want to take a direction completely different to LostProphets in order to distance themselves from all that crap.
    I think many fans share the same feelings. The music No Devotion have put out is good musically, but quite a leap from the rock sound we know and love. It's good that they're carried on, but since they went to a more pop sound, I wonder what would have happened if they went to heavy metal... one can dream.
    Mr Winters
    Not fan of the first song they released but this one is pretty good. I was hoping they'd sound more like LP though.
    Im not surprised for their new sound. I never expected they to sound similar to Lostprophets. This kinda reminds me of Angels and Airwaves, and that it's cool I liked it.
    Every article I read about this new band gives me the sense that Rickly feels like he's doing the rest of the guys a favour by joining the band. To be honest, I think he needs the rest of the guys than they need him. The music is okay... a bit boring and generic.