No Doubt: New Album Inspired By 80s' One-Hit Wonders

artist: No Doubt date: 02/18/2010 category: new releases
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No Doubt: New Album Inspired By 80s' One-Hit Wonders
As the group hinted at a new release before, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani has revealed that their new record is influenced by 80s' music. The frontwoman continued to explain the group's first album since 2001 is inspired by one-hit wonders from the decade. "The last few weeks we've been listening to the worst of the 80's, in the sense of bad but good," she said. "Pop songs, one-hit wonders, nifty songs, things like that. You just go back and find things that you love, and try to figure out how they made them." The new record is scheduled to be released later this year and is still untitled. Its process has been slow since the group reunited in 2008 and Stefani has been pregnant with her second child. "They were doing stuff before, but things are kind of starting over," said Stefani. "We might re-visit some of that stuff, but it's the same old chase. It doesn't matter how we get there - we want to get there, we will, and we're having fun doing it." No Doubt's last album was titled Rock Steady and had a major reggae influence as it featured collaborators such as musicians Lady Saw and Bounty Killer and producer/songwriters Pharrell Williams and Prince.
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