No Doubt Unveil New Album Details

No Doubt have revealed the tracklisting for their long awaited comeback album "Push and Shove".

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No Doubt have revealed the tracklisting for their long awaited comeback album "Push And Shove".

The album is the California band's first for over 10 years, with their last album "Rock Steady" coming out back in 2001 and has been confirmed to feature a total of 11 tracks.

The band's recent single "Settle Down" serves as the album's opening track, with rumoured inclusions "Undercover," "Easy," "Heaven" and "Dreaming The Same Dream" also making the cut.

"Push And Shove" is due for release on September 24 in the UK and on September 25 in the US. It was originally due to be released before Christmas 2011, but the band revealed in September of last year that they had pushed back its release date so they could "make sure it's the best album we can possibly make".

The band worked with super-producer Diplo on the title track, with the rest of the album produced by Mark "Spike" Stent.

You can see the album's artwork at the top of the page.

The tracklisting for "Push And Shove" is as follows:

01. Settle Down 02. Looking Hot 03. One More Summer 04. Push And Shove 05. Easy 06. Gravity 07. Undercover 08. Undone 09. Sparkle 10. Heaven 11. Dreaming The Same Dream

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    It's nice to have Gwen back after she went off to do her solo stuff. Gives us old fans of No Doubt something new to enjoy after all these years.
    Im hyped to hear it, but also a bit vary. I didnt really like most of Rocksteady, and Gwen Stefanis solo material was dreadful imo. After hearing the single, im a bit concerned that it will be too poppy and overly produced, while i would prefer them to either do some old-school or evolve the sound they found on Return of Saturn.