Obama, Slash, Pharrell Featured in Foo Fighters' Official 'Sonic Highways' Trailer

Also, pre-orders have kicked off! Details inside.

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Foo Fighters have officially unveiled the official trailer for their upcoming HBO documentary series "Sonic Highways."

As reported, the show is set for an October 17 premiere and will serve as an announcement of the band's new album, due out on November 10 under the same title.

During the video, frontman Dave Grohl insists that the recording environment is a crucial factor for the final musical outcome. He further noted that the whole process, which saw the band traveling and recording in eight cities across the States, was not just about the most ambitious Foos album thus far, but about making a "love letter to the history of American music."

Apart from the Foo fold, the clip also features appearances from the likes of President Obama, Slash, Pharrell Williams, Joan Jett and more.

The band had previously unveiled the full track listing, along with nine different album covers available in a limited series only. More info here, give the trailer a look below.

UPDATE: The length of new tunes was recently unveiled by iTunes, confirming that despite Grohl's announcements, the new album won't be the longest effort in the Foo catalogue. And speaking of iTunes, pre-orders have officially kicked off! More here.

"Sonic Highways" Track Listing

1. Something From Nothing (4:49)
2. The Feast and the Famine (3:50)
3. Congregation (5:12)
4. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness (5:44)
5. Outside (5:15)
6. In the Clear (4:04)7. Subterranean (6:08)8. I Am a River (7:09)

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    Obama will be featured on the Washington DC track right?
    I think Obama should do a rap verse in that song
    shut up, you're racist.
    I don't get how this is racist either, rapping is done by lots of different cultures and races so, I don't see the problem. It's just a joke
    It's people like you who perpetuate social problems by focusing all attention on the problem and who disallow any sort of fun which will ultimately tame the race problem. Obama is a rap fan and a cool black guy... I think that would be hilarious is he did a rap. Just like it would've been hilarious if Bush did a country song.
    This match is freaking amazing and hilarious. It also has guitar in it somehow. The riff reminds me of Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters. The match is so crazy though
    One word: EPIC.
    Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway You will never understand it cuz it happens too fast And it feels so good, it's like walking on glass It's so cool, it's so hip, it's alright It's so groovy, it's outta sight You can touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet
    People on UG like this song? Oh man. It's on the soundtrack to Burnout Paradise and I always thought it was neat
    Going to be one of the best releases of this year, hands down. The Foo's may have just done it again. So excited.
    Cant wait for this to come out
    I just got to thinking about it, if any band should have put out a "movie" like what Metallica did, it should have been Foo Fighters. Grohl is a bit theatrical in himself, and mainstream music today is closer to them than Metallica. Granted neither band should really have done it, but I think the Foo Fighters would have been more successful, plus we all know dave has to feed his ego every now and then.
    I really like where this is going, not meant to be bashing, but: 1:36 - totally sounds like DIO - Holy Diver, only the second part of the riff is missing.
    I totally agree. I wonder if he got permission, or nobody will care?
    Name all the rockstars in the trailer, let's make a list!
    A list? Let's make it a challenge!
    Butch Vig Rick Nielsen Slash Willie Nelson Dolly Parton Pharell LL Cool J(?) Billy Gibbons Bonnie Raitt Macklemore Joan Jett Paul Stanley Rick Rubin Dan Auerbach Carrie Underwood Chuck D Joe Walsh Josh Homme Buddy Guy Barack Obama ...Oh, and the Foo Fighters. Edit: Btw I know I missed a ton of others but at least I got something, right?
    That riff is such a rip off of heaven and hell. Is that a joke? or did he do it on purpose?
    I heard Chuck D and Pharrell will be on this show. Will that mean they make appearances on their album?
    I'm really excited for this. Something from Nothing is already sounding like one of the best tracks I've heard all year.
    Always interested to hear what Ian MacKaye has to say about music. Definitely going to check that episode out