Offspring Bring The Hits

The Offspring are to release their greatest hits album in early 2005 - and it will feature new material.

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The Offspring will release their first greatest hits album early next year. In addition to "Come Out And Play," "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" and "Why Don't You Get A Job," the collection will include new material, reports RollingStone. Earlier this summer, the band went into the studio with producer Jerry Finn (Morrissey, Blink-182) to record, albeit reluctantly. "I've gone back and forth about it," says frontman Dexter Holland, "and just decided that, unfortunately, the way the world works now, if you really want to get people to hear about a greatest hits record, you need that new song."

The band has also been reworking "Dirty Magic," from 1993's Ignition, as well trying out a Police cover. Holland won't divulge which one, but he admits that hitting Sting's high notes is no easy proposition. "I've been messing around with it in the car, like, 'Can I hit that?'" he says. "We're not doing 'Roxanne.' That's really up there."

The Offspring are currently taking their tour for their seventh album, Splinter, to South Africa. They play the Dome in Johannesburg tomorrow, and the Bellville Velodrome in Capetown on Sunday. As for U.S. plans, the band would like to join the Warped tour next year. "We've never done it, and I think it would be fun," Holland says, reminiscing about Warped shows they've attended. "We've run across everybody over the years, and I would be like, 'Oh! There's NOFX! There's Rancid.' It's like a big bro-fest."

The Offspring are also anxious to record another album of new material. "People think of greatest hits like, 'Oh, does that mean you're going into acting?'" Holland says. "But I really want to put out another record next year. All the new songs feel pretty good."

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    Way to go and slag off a good and important genre, "zakkzzy". Anyway i'll be picking this up for sure, i mean i own all the albums, and have liked them quite obsessivly for a long time, even though i know there not really "cool".. I think the label is controlling them to much, its clear from what it says in this article, i'm sure each member of the band has disagreements of where they want the band to be heading.. If you were to ask me what to put as the track listing, i would have pretty much ALL of ignition (espically "get it right" and "forever and a day".. there 2 best songs ever, along with dirty magic of course).. and 1/2 tracks from smash (obvious ones, i'm not a fan of 'come out and play' and the other dabbles in poppy crap), meaning of life from ixnay, gone away, then from americana it'd have to be "staring at the sun" and "the kids aren't alright", and from conspiracy, well, nothing probably, its the weakest of the lot.. And from splinter, the noose, and possibly "lightning rod".. Surely that part of offspring is much truer to themselves, and the fans, than "hit that" and "pretty fly".. Well thats my thoughts anyway.. PS offspring rule, you just have to listen to the right songs thats all!
    And what's the deal witha ll these bands coming out with GH cd's.They are not really nessasary.Stupid lables trying to grab some quck cash..
    yep... yep...
    ebashnitzil: offspring were good from 89 - 97, they're hollywood sellouts, like metallica [POSTED: 24 September 2004 - 213]| Yes. They sold out to the movie business... imbecile. Anyhoo, Dirty Magic i one of my favourites also. Am I the only one who liked Splinter?
    yeah the offspring kicks major ass!!Splinter is good but a bit short but doenst matter like the album! Keep on rockin guys!!
    Splinter was very very short, but hey i think it still kicks major ass. they need to put B-sides on their greatest hits cd, i hate listening to Huck It on a burned cd. the Offspring ***ing rules!
    I liked splinter even thought it was short IM GOING TO SEE THEM TOMORROW WOOO..
    The Nameless666
    yah offspring is my favrouite band, i have all their cd's and i will defenitly get this one too. they kick ass!
    everything post americana has been a disapointment. I think smash, ignition and ixnay on the hombre are 3 of the (if not THE) greatest hard/punk albums in history. when they went from hard/punk to pop/punk is when they began to disappoint me (tho i did like americana)
    The Offspring are one band who definitly need a greatest hits album, their LP's say the least.. I'm not saying they've never knocked out a good track, just that they're hard to find in amongst the samey pop-punk.
    just gotta say this: i hope noodles has some ignition-esque solos on their next new album..splinter was cool, but the lack of solos was a big dissappointment
    Chocodile Soup
    I went and saw them on Friday in Johannesburg and they were AWESOME! Well worth the 6 hour drive!
    the offsprings songs have declined in quality recently and the new album just does not compare to albums like ignition and the self titled album. It was too short and had more filler than any of the other albums even tho theri were only 3 poorer songs on it. this is not to say the album is bad cus even this kicks the pants outta most modern bands. u allso gotta consider the troubles the bad had whilst writing splinter (the departure of ron and runnin dry wen they decided to call the album chinese democricy) so we shud cut em sum slack. this GH album must be a double cd as their is just to much choonage by the offspring, and they rule much more live than on cd. but realy we all no that the are gods of punk rock
    The Offspring is ***ing amazing!!!! I will have to get this greatest hits album and I can't wait for the new studio album.
    Dude, i watched the offspring LIVE last night in Cape Town, South Africa!!! By far the absoloute BEST night of my life. OFFSPRING WILL ALWAYS ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!
    anybody who cares anything about free expression of opinions on these boards should turn their attention to "Simple Plan Less Simple" on the frontpage and read rankles' posts on what a few posters said...including myself.....opinions greatly appreciated btw.
    Dirty Magic...greatest song off of Ignition...THEY SHOULD PUT BEHEADED ON THERE!!!! or kill the president, since it got cut off of their first album when it was re-released. I'm definitely buying the Greatest hits album...and I'm soooo friggin' excited to know they're still going to do at least one more album..then I can go to a concert and try to meet dexter at least one more time. I met Atom at the last one, and saw Noodles before the show...he was, like, ten feet away from me. SOOO.. AWESOME! Anyways...offspring are my favorite band. Keep on rockin'!!!..
    Dirty Magic is the best Offspring song that ever lived. .. oh how I love Dexter and his works of art.
    but their new album was a bit lame,there were some good songs but it was dead short
    i hope it dosent have a parental advisory. my moms very picky about those but i have all the albums cept slpinter but that dosent mean i dont have em on my computer;0
    splinter was OK and even though it was short it felt like some songs were filler. but the offspring have always been one of my fav bands so i'll prolly get the greatest hits but damn, whats with all these modern bands releasing greatest hits?
    I liked splinter and all,I just think it could have used a few more songs.And what's the deal witha ll these bands coming out with GH cd's.They are not really nessasary.Stupid lables trying to grab some quck cash..
    All the new songs? Cool! It's about time they're coming up with a GH album, they've been around for a while now.
    YEAH! Offspring rocks above all other bands!!! The only thing is that I'm not that fond of "Best of" albums, but VERY GOOD to hear anyway.
    Their greatest hits were their early albums imo, but it'll be commercially successful tracks as usual with these kind of things. I'd be extremely surprised if anything off Splinter makes it though lol.
    yah, ill buy it. I love the offspring, even though splinter was a little disappointing. Im also glad that theyre still gonna come out with some new stuff! Offspring kick some major ass!
    RHCPhysco7: splinter was OK and even though it was short it felt like some songs were filler. but the offspring have always been one of my fav bands so i'll prolly get the greatest hits but damn, whats with all these modern bands releasing greatest hits? [POSTED: 24 September 2004 - 16:31]| Well they have been around 15 years now...
    offspring have always stayed true to their music that is why all they cds have been good. As long as they dont start trying to genre hop they'll continue to rock :headbang:
    omg!!! they're putting dirty magic on there!! *screams* that's my fav offspring song...w000t! i'm SOOO getting it!
    HAAHHA. YEEEESSS... Dirty Magic. The sign of a true hardcore Offspring fan. By far the best shit they ever recorded.
    I'll definately get this disc and their new album. The Offspring = the greatest punk band of all time