One Direction and Good Charlotte Working on New Music

"Their new album is crazy. Homies!" says guitarist Benji Madden.

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Pop punks Good Charlotte and young sensations One Direction have officially announced a collaboration on some fresh music.

"Great working with the Good Charlotte boys today!" 1D's Louis Tomlinson tweeted on Saturday (March 8). Guitarist Benji Madden was quick to follow via twitter, posting, "Good day today with Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, lotta laughs. Their new album is crazy. Homies!"

As Gigwise reports, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden previously posted an Instagram photo featuring his brother Benji, One Direction's Liam Payne and himself, clearly hinting at a studio collaboration.

Details regarding the new material yet remain to be unveiled. Benji's comment about the "crazy" album also remains somewhat vague, as it's uncertain whether the guitarist was referring to 1D's latest work or the upcoming material.

According to the official info, the latest One Direction studio effort, last year's "Midnight Memories," is closing in on the 1-million sales mark. As for Good Charlotte, the band released their latest album "Cardiology" back in 2010, selling over 50,000 units within the first year.

Great working with the Good Charlotte boys today !!

- Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson) March 8, 2014

Good day today w/ @Louis_Tomlinson and @Real_Liam_Payne lotta laughs #1D #Directioners their new album is crazy. homies!! #Noice

- benji madden (@benjaminmadden) March 8, 2014

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    Great. Never liked GC. At least now, my friends will not like them also.
    People often call Green Day or Blink 182 posers. But Good Charlotte and Simple Plan have always found new ways to pose or sell out.
    Add The Offsrping, Sum41 and all those Greendaylike bands...
    Green Day aren't posers. They simply aren't punk. It's not their fault a lot of people call them punk-rock...they just play their music and enjoy themselves while doing it. Nothing bad about that.
    I don't like them because their audience grew younger as they got older.
    I find it quite disturbing how obsessed UG seems to be with posting abundant One Direction articles on here. And they give us warnings when we flame
    Yeah its just weird. Does any regular user of this site really want any news about Good Charlotte and One Direction?
    they are selling out to get a more mainstream audience and more traffic through the site so we can enjoy more of that fantastic UG advertisement.
    I actually used to quite like Good Charlotte,The Young and the Hopeless was my first album/gateway to punk and is still nostalgic, but **** this one direction crap :/
    Seriously! Does anyone here actually care about One Direction? I guess I just don't get it.
    I think UG is secretly 1D's and Beiber's publicist or something to that effect. People complain about how rock is dead and the reason is A) music sites only focus on old bands and B) they post articles on musicians who have no rock bearings whatsoever and whom nobody likes
    Nero Galon
    GC are a Guilty pleasure but I suppose i'll have to keep that a lot quieter from now on -_-
    Young and the Hopeless was one of the first albums I ever purchased and will always have a spot on my computer
    I love GC's self-titled album and "The Young and Hopeless" ...After that they went super downhill...This is too far gone...I won't be listening.
    The Chronicles of Life and Death is an album that grows on you. I didn't like it when it came out, but it later became my favourite GC album.
    Yeah that album is nostalgic for me when I was in middle school but after that I lost interest.
    The Young and the Hopeless was fantastic, it was a solid album and I agree that since then it just hasn't been the same.
    Talk about desperately trying to stay relevant. This is possibly worse than Billy Ray Cyrus collaborating with that rapper to make Achy Breaky 2. XD such bellends.
    No no no, I don't think it gets worse than that abomination. If Billy Ray wanted to make headlines for all the wrong reasons he should just take some advice from his daughter.
    I saw the headline and thought, "it's a trick, they're trying to make us think they're working together but it's actually 2 separate bits of news" Well I guess I was wrong. But. It doesn't make this news any more interesting.
    Are these bands trying to get as famous as these douchers? Some rock bands are really starting to lose respect, it seems all they want now is fame, release shit music that the generic fans would love and cash comes rolling in. When's the music revolution taking place?
    Velcro Man
    Wouldn't you if you got offered a fat paycheck? I know I sure as **** would, though I'm tired of being dirt poor and don't care about some false integrity musicians are supposed to hold to not make money. I would write an album for Walmart if they paid me.
    Dammit. Here I was hoping that Cardiology was a one time attempt to imitate the record that made them famous and that afterwards GC would try to expand their sound like they did with Battle of Life & Death and Good Morning Revival. But it looks like that's not happening.
    When one of them said that there next album was going to be cooler for guys, I didn't expect that! GC have written some good stuff, so if it's like the more guitar driven songs they do, it could be a decent pop punk like album
    pop punk....give me a break . Please stop using these one word descriptions like "punk" to describe these urchins. They are no more punk than that chick from Canada, Avril that you keep putting the moniker on as well. Punk ended in the early 80's and there has been no punk since then. These under talented stars of today need to accept who and what they are and stop trying to identify with people from the past who actually had talent and were able to create genres of music...unlike the non talented musicians at present...
    If you're gonna be an elitist d*ck, at least have some idea of what you're on about
    I see what you're saying - Green Day, Good Charlotte, Avril Whatever... They don't quite belong in the same category as legitimate punk bands but punk didn't "end" in the early 80's it's just that particular brand of early punk stopped evolving and started being copied and repackaged to fit the music business. Plenty of brilliant punk bands have come and gone since then (plenty of sh*t ones too).
    I like how you rant about punk being dead and then finish it by bashing the talent of "punk" bands today. That's a good way to shoot yourself in the foot.
    Why is this even here?? 2 shit "bands" working together to make shit "music" Whoever put this article up should be fired
    I like the first 3 GC albums, especially TCOLAD. Fourth album had a few good songs but was mostly shit. Fifth album was complete garbage. Now they're working with One Direction. Fuck me.
    Nice try One Direction, ppl aren't going to call you "Good" Direction by doing this collab.