Opeth Announce The Roundhouse Tapes Release This Fall

Peaceville Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release by one of the metal world's greatest acts.

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Peaceville Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release by one of the metal world's greatest acts.

"The Roundhouse concert will always be a very memorable gig for us for many reasons, but most importantly it caught the band at the peak of the "Ghost Reveries" tour. I must say we're quite tight after 18 odd months on the road supporting the record. I'm extremely pleased we got it documented and I hope it will please our beloved fans as well. As an extra bonus we've decided to collaborate with one of our past labels for this release, the legendary Peaceville Records. Here's a toast to Hammy and Lisa for helping us back in the day as well as to the new team for preserving this pleasurable memory for today's music lovers as well as for generations to come." - Mikael kerfeldt.

'The Roundhouse Tapes' contains a captivating Opeth performance from the Camden Roundhouse, London, UK, on November 9th, 2006 (a gig which also featured Goth metal legends Paradise Lost), and sees the band in scintillating form churning out a selection of classics from their illustrious career. You know what to expect from Opeth: unrivalled composition; seamless progressive dynamics and boundless atmosphere from the mellow to the incredibly heavy, all sealed with the unmistakable vocal presence of mainman Mikael kerfeldt.

Since their formation in 1990 in Sweden, Opeth has risen to the forefront of the metal world over the years; bringing many aspects of progressive rock/metal to a whole new audience by combining soft acoustic ambience with complex, melodic & heavy guitar often familiar to forms of death/black metal, perfectly concocted into a completely peerless sound. A constant factor of their success is that the band have never been afraid to experiment with their song-writing ever since their debut album, 'Orchid', in 1994, all the while taking us through some truly magical & hypnotic soundscapes over the years.

Available October 22nd 2007


01. When 02. Ghost Of Perdition 03. Under The Weeping Moon 04. Bleak 05. Face Of Melinda 06. Night and the Stillwater


01. Windowpane 02. Blackwater Park 03. Demon of the Fall

Thanks for the info to Metalunderground.com.

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    should be a sweet cd, I cant wait to get it nice to see them paying respects to their old labels too. Shame about lopez and lidgren though
    oh god, it has blackwater park. yeah, i'll be buying this. also isn't it "night and the silent water"?
    great setlist (but only 3 songs on disc 2?) when, face of melinda, and demon will be sweet
    Yes Yes Yes!!! So pumped...
    TMA-2 wrote: also isn't it "night and the silent water"?
    Yeah.... someone must have had Still Life on their minds.. either way, one of my favorite opeth tracks. This will be good...
    Yes they're playing a lot of old material...I'll def be buying this one (as apposed to "acquiring off the internets"). And how about that new album we heard a few tidbits about so long ago?